Tuesday, April 15, 2014

9 Easter time Humor

With the Easter holiday quickly approaching, I thought I would share some silliness to off set the serious tone the holiday can imply.

Warning : the images below will not be politically correct nor are they rated "G" for kiddies.  Enjoy ! ...

does this bring back any memories for anyone?

  and the naughtiest for the last ...

Did you have a favorite or hate them all?

  Have a Hoppy Easter

   until next time ...

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

21 Happy New Year 2014!

  Another year comes to an end,
with a baby New Year right on its tail...

I leave this year with some thoughts
and quips to ponder upon.

Anyone else feel the same way??

I often feel like I am going in circles~

I believe that what you earn, you value more ~

If you are a survivor of these barbaric times,
 like I am, say Aye!

Maxine always seems to read my mind~
Hallmark© image

For all the time we forget to add them up~

If you are on a pub crawl,
a chocolate binge or
just spending a nice night in, be safe ~
I am grateful for all of your visits,
Comments and thoughts you share!
Wishing you and yours a healthy, 
Happy New Year!

Until next time ...

Thursday, December 19, 2013

12 Holiday Wishes

  The Holidays are quickly upon us.
Here are some simple thoughts to celebrate the light and goodness we all can find and celebrate, with high hopes into the new year ahead.

May your home be filled with joy and happiness no matter what holiday or season you are currently surrounded in.

  Until next time ....

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

23 ♪ and mourning doves in a bare tree ...♫

  Well, winter is really making itself known around these parts. Lots of freezing temperatures and penetrating to the bone wind chills, brrrr!

After a recent snow storm I spied this flock of puffy mourning doves right outside my kitchen window, I could not shake the old holiday song of "Twelve days of Christmas" out of my head. What do you think?

     ~ ♫ ♪  ♪ ♫ ~

♪ 5 turtle mourning doves 

you can click on any image to see it larger

The days have been lean on sunshine and fat with clouds and snow flakes.
Winter weather, though not official by the calendar, is definitely here.
Stay warm my friends!

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Until next time ... ♫

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

22 Happy Thanksgiving!!

  Thanksgiving wishes from the 
wild turkeys and I!

 We are so happy to be visiting you and not resting 
on a big plate on your table!

 I thought this quote appropriate, especially since we just 
honored the 50 anniversary of John F. Kennedy's death

This Thanksgiving Day, let's remember what we truly have to be thankful for. Let's take a good, hard look around us and realize that while we may not have everything we want, what we want is not always what we need. 

- Unknown

Wishing all my friends, family and readers a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving. I so appreciate all your support, readership and your comments.

    Until next time ...