Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wombat Day 2014 !

It is here!
The tenth anniversary of Wombat Day! October 22, 2014.
So follow me and celebrate!

Who wants a big slice of chocolate cake and some winegums?

Lets stop over by Peter's " Wombania " site where all the wombies will be dressed in their party best. Where there will be lots and lots of chocolates of all kinds, winegums galore and more goodies than you can count!

I am heading over now, as I can never get my fill of delicious chocolate, YUM!
Those funny, playful wombies can eat fast, but are willing to share.

See you there ...

Until next time ...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

HALLOWEEN in the Ladies Room ~

   The Ladies Room ~
     {overheard, laughs and snickers} Halloween edition

It is that spooky time of year,
when ghouls and goblins appear.
They haunt houses looking for treats and threaten tricks.
So what happens after they eat their fill???
Well, they head to the ladies (or gobbly-mens) room ☺


Ready for some naughty treats???

I don't have to worry about my "lead" foot with this beauty
click to enlarge any image

Maxine [©Hallmark] always know the right thing to say

perfect costumes for this subject {winks}

The best one for us curvy ladies...

Keep the treats at the doorway in-case someone comes calling (chocolate is my favorite, what is yours??)

Are you ready for Halloween?
(Only sweet treats means no tricks)

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Monday, October 06, 2014

Falling grape vines on a spooky tree

Chill is in the air,
cold nights paint colors on the leaves,
frost will soon kiss the pumpkins,
As autumn falls away ~
(Faythe M. Anstedt - 2014)

  My grape vine and hops  covered  spooky tree is starting to dress its last finest before going into winters slumber.
Shall we gaze upon harvests call of color changes?

let your eyes climb up from greens to reds and yellows
click on any photo to enlarge

dangling dazzling reds adorn the top of the spooky tree

wild grapes await a nibble amongst some just turning grape vine leaves

red and gold grape vines pull away the bark of the spooky tree
look close and you can see the tiny roots left on the tree itself 

We have had a few sunny fall days surrounded by mostly cold, wet and gray signs of winters dregs soon to come. The nips of chill has slowly been changing the greens of summer into the glorious colors of autumn before they fall into masses on the ground.

How has your weather been treating you?

Until next time ...

(if you wish to see and learn more about my
 spooky tree click HERE.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hops towards autumn

  The signs of autumn are appearing.
The chill in the air has arrived early. Early enough that we had to turn on the heat.
That does not make me happy.
With the cooler and wet summer there is lots of vegetation that has spouted and already falling over into moldy allergy prone heaps. Making for itchy eyes and sneezing days ahead.

One area I can show this week is the ripe hops growing in my neighbors and mine yards. Neither of us brew home-made beer, but it makes a good growing vine for shade or trailing coverage.

So lets hop on to, the autumn preview!

fat (ripe) green hops 
click on any image to enlarge

fat hops head hanging heavy on a on trellis (good for shade)

hops in the process of drying

hops seed head, nice and dried
these will fall to ground and self seed and grow more plants, if wanted

If you would like to read more of what I have written on the history and uses for hops click HERE.

Is autumn showing its head in your part of the country. Or you in the part of the world where the new season will be spring?

Until next time ...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

9-11 , thoughts for a day of Peace.

  Another anniversary of 9-11 is here.
My heart is still heavy, as if it just happened.
I have been saying lots of prayers that this anniversary goes by uneventful.
Let us all hope it ends that way.

Never Forget

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To read some of my poetry and see more images just click on the 9-11 in the category/Tags right side bar search cloud. Thank you.

Prayers for Peace
and an very uneventful 9-11.