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MN State Fair, past & present...

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  Summer was fleeting this year, it really never felt like summer....
The weather was crazy ~~~ all over the place and maybe, maybe 3 days of what I remember summer weather feels like, hot, hot, sunny and of course some nasty humidity. No I did not miss those long stretches of humidity but I like the heat and the sun of course!

We celebrated the end of summer the last 2 years by going up to Minneapolis to see the grandkids and go to the wonderful Minnesota State Fair. There is lots to see and experience, and somehow we never get to see everything! And of course there is always the famous food on a stick... from corndogs to Walleye and bacon ! all kinds of sweets.... and lots of Milk and milk products including ice cream and other frozen goodies and dairy products. There is the huge slides and giant group bungee cord whips, that was fun just to watch... I do not think I am ever going to brave enough to try that! And lots of rides and games.

So I thought it may be fun to share some photos from last year and compare them with this year just to show how much the boys have changed ....

sooo starting with 2008 State fair....
  We decide it is easier to rent a wagon then try to maneuver 2 strollers or a double stroller, since Collin was walking much better last year we wanted to encourage him to explore that... so mom and dad bought him a cute little monkey backpack/leash ... of course the monkey was a hit and we did put it on him the day before we went and let him see how it works, but once we are at the fair and he sees how the leash part can interrupt his running... well ... Then that monkey wasn't so fun, "I want monkey off!!" but can't do that... safety first! Of course those little legs got tired a lot so Buppa would carry him from time to time. He would ride in the wagon with Sammy for awhile or when he would take a little snooze, but his preferred mode of transportation was in Buppa's arms...!

Last year we visited the local 4-H visit the farm experience. You walk through the process of little exhibits on different aspects of day life on a farm. From picking out corn seed, planting the seed, harvesting, and then feeding a cow and seeing what the cow uses the food to produce, Milk! Then you can touch the cow and try to get some milk ( not a real one, too risky for the animal and child) but it was a full size cow-manikin! Collin liked the planting and harvesting... but when it came time to see the long awaited, much anticipated Cow... he gets in the little barn each exhibit is in, Dad shows him where to feed the cow and asks him if he would like to milk it. Collin looks up... And "sees" this large black and white "thing" .... you can tell by the look on his face and then the 'No, no, no!!' and trying to get far, far away... this attempt at 'Farmer Collin' was not going to happen! He did get to see the hay harvest and pick up little bales of hay and take them to the storing area for winter feed... we did make it through the rest of the inside exhibits where the finished "cow" products and different foods raised on a farm are shown and home-made goodies sold... so the mean scary cow was forgotten pretty quick , I think....

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We have gone with family friends the "Cravers" the last 2 years, last year they had their son Mackean and "mom C" was expecting ( any day!!) #2 addition... What a brave mom! So close to delivery and walking the fair and of course eating the goodies... She never once complained about carrying the extra load. As we stopped at a 'Wild Fish' food on a stick station across from the farm experience we sampled different fresh caught wild fish from Minnesota lakes... all on a stick of course! we are sitting and chatting at a picnic table, Collin and Sam are a little snoozy... all the sudden... where is Mackean ?? looking around... are you hiding under the table, NO, oh oh...

  It was an all parent alert! We all scatter different directions, with the 2 moms staying with the boys at the food stand and the rest of us searching... I went through the whole farm exhibit dashing, heart pounding and calling his name and asking the attendants if they had seen this little blond hair moppet... I am almost done, out of breathe, I am sure you all know the feeling when my cell phone rings.. He is found!! Hooray! He was just poking around a couple of tables away, but could not hear his name being called. His mom and dad gently but sternly explained that he should always stay in sight and close by, he is a few years older than Collin and understood but was a bit scared himself. But we were all happy it was a good ending. We were extra happy we had that monkey backpack/leash on Collin!

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The day ended with all of us pooped out and we headed for the mega-bus back to the park and ride area we left our car... Collin totally passed out on Buppa, while Sam was awake and smiling.

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Minnesota State Fair 2009...
Another beautiful day for the fair ! This time we met the Cravers' at the Fair entrance. And an older, wiser Mackean and now officially 'big brother' to baby Olivia, an adorable little girl. Just a few days away from her big "first" birthday!
And now we had two little monkeys on monkey backpack/leashes ( dad thought wisely to have the same kind so there would be no fighting) and we rented a wagon again. Sam was walking, more of a lurching-running... zoom - zoom - zip! So we did our best to keep them both in the wagon as much as possible. Buppa was on strict orders not to carry anyone this year, as he was still recovering from his heart surgery in April... and picking up heavy little boys is not a good thing as it pulls and stretches on his healing muscles, scar and ligaments, we don't need this new device to dislodge itself or pull loose a wire.

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We saw different exhibits this year and tasted a few different yummies on a stick... And it was a pleasant experience by all with no missing boys to track down!! Hooray! we made sure we went through the baby animal barn this year and got to see a new momma sow with all her tiny tiny day old piglets! They were in a huge incubator together out of reach of hands... they had big mirrors and cameras with screens placed around so everyone could see. They also had the 4-H showing of the younger animals in the center arena going on, so occasionally someone would be herding a big pig or goat past with a long stick or you could see the bathing station were a soon to be seen animal was getting all spiffied up before their big premier. And of course the cages were all along the rows where the rest were waiting for their big show. Some were friendlier than others, they would press their noses close to the gates and you could touch them, some would back up ( or child would back up...) and some seemed happy to be visited with and talked too. For there being so many animals it was surprisingly not to smelly. The kids in 4-H were very vigilant in keeping the stalls clean and getting rid of waste products. It was a nice get close and meet an animal you don't normally see living in a city ☺. The Fair had a convenient washing up 'people station' just before you went outside the building for sanitation and getting rid of any other nasties you may of stepped in or touched. A great idea! It also kept the lines to the restrooms not to crowed.

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We ended another Fair visit tired and worn out. It is actually nice taking the mega-bus back to the park and ride. You get to rest before you have to drive the rest of the way home. The park and rides are a convenient, less stressful way to get to a busy packed fair grounds. I would recommend it for any large event.

We didn't stay as long this year as last, with Sammy being just over 1 year and Collin 3&1/2 they got tired and antsy quickly. Plus so did we! Here is Sammy napping, you can barely see his macho "Oink pig" tattoo on his upper arm.

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The only thing that Buppa really missed is he forgot to get roasted corn on the cob this year... and wouldn't you know it... we never had any all summer and he is still carving it! Hahahaa. Poor Buppa.

I hoped you enjoyed our little trip to the Minnesota State Fair and hopefully next year we will have another exciting ( but no lost kiddos) visit to share with you!

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  1. Snoozing Sam looks like he he is recovering from a very busy day.

  2. Aww love the tuckered out look.

  3. Everyone looks so pooped from the day!


  4. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I love fairs the smell of funnel cakes. YUM!

  5. The state fair is always a great time! Unfortunately we learned that this was the last year for our state fair here in Michigan. Guess we'll have to stick to local county fairs instead.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sounds like fun! Those pics are so cute. I wish we had fairs like that close to where we live.

  7. LOL! Looks like a fun filled day!

  8. super cute pics of the kids. I know in Oregon some years it didn't feel like Summer. I for one am tired of Summer and ready for something else


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