Monday, November 23, 2009

Deer Hunting Season Opener in WI....

Doe Shot on Opening morning !!!

Warning, if you tend to get all gooey when seeing deer up close,
    get ready ....

for the Aaawwwww factor!!!!

She was shot right from our front door, by hubby, still in pajamas, early opening morning. Snacking on what delectables were left in a rock flower planting bed not more than 20 feet from my doorway. Hubby had plenty of time to grab his 'weapon' of choice and take steady aim and shoot away! One shot was all that was needed, but he took another just in case. She did not seem to mind, keep on munching and even looked up at seemed to smile... then took off in search of more tempting morsels.
Hopefully to make it through winter and give birth to the next generation.


  1. Wow I would love for amimals other than Opossums to come to my front door.

  2. Opossums & raccoons are nasty & dirty... Yuck... ( I don't think baby opossums are cute, I am mean hey)

    But she is pretty ...


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