Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Garden of memories...

December 14, was a hard day for a small community of Mom bloggers that I call friends. Shellie, a blogging and military mom lost her 2 year old son, to accidental drowning. This small community, at MomDot.com gathered like a family, so she would not be alone, until her husband can come home from training for re-deployment overseas. I do not know Shellie personally, but as a mother I can feel the common heartbreak for such a terrible loss.
I humbly offer my condolences.
I wrote this poem from the heart, for anyone who needs comforting.
Prayers and healing hugs.

Bryson Ross,
forever an angel to watch from above.

God's blessings.
To Shellie Ross and family, for Bryson.

Garden of my Memory...

Somewhere in my memory
there is a garden that I tend...

Every blossom, sound or fragrance
recalls a time and feeling spent.
Many are vibrant, buoyant, full of song,
others gray from tears and heavy with sorrow.

The garden of my memory has needs,
wants, desires... affirmation.
Petals soft and caring,
or hard and tossed with thorns.

The garden of my memory,
like any of earthly splendor-
Needs furrow and rain, before the sun-
to nurture, grow and embrace.

You see this garden holds my seeds of life,
That I have known, fostered and produced.
Intact with past and present, every bloom, sound or scent,
Evoking every moment, compassion or regret.

How well I tend my garden the future will bestow,
My memories, my garden
As one, succeeding any breath or horizon -
much like the sun,
that eternally shines when no one longer sees.

Faythe M. Anstedt ©Dec.2009

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  1. I can't imaging what Shellie is going through. My heart aches for her.

  2. that was beautiful

  3. precious post seems to share the same feelings all of us are having

  4. Beautiful Poem thank you for helping spread the love

  5. A very sweet post!!


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