Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Ladies Room {overheard, laughs and snickers} dishwasher

 Sometimes a girl just needs to buy herself something!!

   My friend Jennifer has an unique problem....

Seems she recently bought something for her for the house, something that was more for her comfort than "his and hers", something that was a bit pricey, but her husband does not think it is at all necessary. A dishwasher. I normally do not post things for sale, or stuff like that... but I had to make an exception to help a girl-friend out...

Here is her "ad" ....

Dishwasher for sale

 HI  Everyone,

 I feel terrible for asking, but I need your help.
And who other than friends and family, can I really ask for help?
 I urgently need to sell my new dishwasher.

My husband is not happy that I've wasted money on this particular model and insists that I get rid of it ASAP. sigh .....

 So, to keep the peace in our home, please consider making an offer.
  All offers will be considered.

Would make a great gift to yourself!!!

 If not interested, forward to your friends for me: Thanks!

photo below .....
    Kind of an expensive model but look at the features!

So what do you think????
Know anyone who could use this dishwasher??

If we can't help a girl-friend, who else can???


I would love to hear your comments on this situation....
should Jen have to give up her dishwasher?


  1. Yes she should give it up...I want it LOL!!!!

  2. oh wow. ill take him LOL

  3. HOW MUCH? I would buy that in a heart beat. or even 1/2 of one!

  4. OMG - when does the bidding war start?

  5. Yasmine O12:22 AM


  6. I want one! So what is the current bid at? lol

  7. LMBO! wow! I really do need a dishwasher, but I would find myself in that sink too, I am afraid....

  8. I need a new dishwasher like that!

  9. holy crap that is hilarious! I'll take him.

  10. I think he needs a bigger sink : )

  11. LMAO

    That was great Faythe!

  12. Tell her I will buy him!!!! I have a big closet to hide him in when the husband is home!

  13. Lol, now that's the kind of dishwasher I'm talking about! ;)

  14. lol too funny!
    I left you an award on my blog!

  15. Now THAT's a Dishwasher!

  16. LOL, wow. That would make dish washing fun ;)

  17. LOL, I had no idea where that post would lead.

  18. LOL, I'll take that dishwasher off her hands! :D

  19. Tee hee hee. I like that Faythe :)

  20. lol, that is soooo funny!

    i'm thinking my husband won't let me have that particul model either.

    omg, i can't stop laughing!

  21. Oh, yeah! This particular model looks just fine to me. Just can't understand why her hubby would have an issue with it. lol


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