Friday, March 12, 2010

Prayers for Penny

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Tonight a tiny 11 month old precious girl lays in a hospital bed that has been her home for 2 weeks. What started out as what was thought a small bump to her head ended up being a parents worst nightmare.... rushed to emergency room, vials of blood, doctors and nurses running around, tests upon tests.... and to be told your little baby girl who only just a day or two before was laughing and playing to her favorite Sesame Street show has cancer! A rare awful cancer, and it is attacking her whole body.
This is the story of Penelope, or Penny as she is lovingly called. Prayers are asked for. Please continue to read.

It is called Neuroblastoma and it preys on children. An awful cancer that can and will invade a baby or child's body normally starting from the adrenal gland and scours it's way throughout the spine and nervous system. It hits with out warning in many cases, as it did with Penny. One day laughing and then the next acting listless and developing black marks under both eyes as if she was just in a heavy weight title match. Little did her family know little Penny's body bad been battling against a very big heavy weight - cancer. The word alone makes many cry, but to a parent to hear that your baby, child has it is almost unbearable.

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Penny's family has gathered together to help and pray. Also trying to find out as much information on this disease Neuroblastoma as possible. Support is helpful, but it can't give a comforting embrace to a baby in pain and full of confusion as to why mommy or daddy can not hold her or answer why her arms are spread out and banded to restraints so she can not pull out the life saving drugs and fluids she so desperately needs. Luckily Penny's parents have insurance. The bad part is it only covers 60% of what she needs and nothing for the drugs and continuing treatments she will need if she is strong enough to recover from the 2 surgeries already scared upon her tiny body. The family has been able to set up a not-for-profit org site for donations . The link is at Penny's blog set up by my online blogging friend, Rhea from Mommyto3monkeys and cousin to Penny's mom at

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Your prayers are gratefully excepted. I request you go to Penny's blog and read about her story. It is accessible through the links in this story or in either of the buttons in my left side bar or in this post. Please feel free to leave the family some encouraging thoughts, and if so inclined donate to her health fund. Every penny counts.
I also want to mention that this horrible disease just this week also took the life of another little angel, Layla Grace her story can be found by clicking on her name.
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My heart and prayers go out to both of these brave families and to both beautiful baby girls.

Rhea has been tirelessly trying to aide her family in this cause, and has asked her blogging friends and others to blog, tweet or visit Penny's blog for information and ways to help. She has been organizing a fund raising auction to help with the ever present rising health care bills and will have more information on Penny's or Rhea's blog. Rhea has had many generous donors already, and hopefully through visitors to blogs like mine and the rest of the blogging community more items and funds will be offered. One such company is a custom jewelry site called  The Pretty Peacock, who has generously offered free shipping and $5.00 from any piece bought using the code : PENNY so please check this out as well.

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Thank you so much for taking time to read today, and for going to Penny's blog today to learn about her story and offer prayers and support. I thank you and so does her family.

Healing Hugs and Prayers


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  1. Thank you Faythe for the beautiful post. I appreciate it so much!!

    BTW - the Shipping code for the Pretty Peacock is PENNY not pennies4penny.

    THANK YOU! You Rock!

  2. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Such a touching story. It teaches us that nothing should be taken for granted and to appreciate those we love every moment.
    I am going to see what I can do to help as well.

  3. Minnie8:59 AM

    My heart and prayers go out to your little angel Penny. Remember that God is beside her holding her hand. Don't lose faith, miracles do happen!


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