Tuesday, March 09, 2010

1st day out of the "cave"!

And out of the darkness he came, 
             like a bat out of.....

fuzzy face
After a 2 week luxurious stay down in our lower level walk out ( #2 sons old bedroom) recovering from TKR (total knee replacement), hubby was given, well actually his physical therapist gave ME reassurance, that he could slowly handle the stairs with a cane and escape the confines of the "cave", dungeon,  hole, the dark and lonely place... and many lovely titles we called his recovery suite, and join the light that is the upper level we call home! At least he did not look totally like the fuzzy fellow on the right.

The "upper" level is the place where our bedroom is not to mention the kitchen where all the food is.... hug refrigerator image so he no longer has to wait ever so patiently... errr, ahem... while I, the captive nurse, run up and down the stairs for the gazillionth time to get yet another tasty delight he really wanted... I believe I have been in rehab along with him, as my legs and hips have been screaming at me when I try to sleep saying "just what the heck you been doing lady!!'" ( but I can use the exercise).

Now the recovery suite really isn't that terrible, but it is in the back of the lower level that is the part of the house that is also under ground, so just one small window... and Great-grandma's antique bed which made it an attractive guest room... But the old bed boards broke not once but twice!
spooky groans
Thankfully, good old buddy Frank came over with extra boards and screwed that baby back together... whewww... still a tight squeeze for 2 adults and all of hubby's medical contraptions,  but at least the fear of being swallowed by my Great-grandmothers ghost was over! Hubby still will have to visit this cavern of horrors for daily exercises and 3 to 4 times a day on the CPM and electric ice cooler.

So back to beautiful day 1 of sunshine, scratch that.... light filled windows from overcast skies after sleeping in his own bed and full of smiles ( no Mr. Grumpy Pants today!!) fully dressed and moving (with a cane) under his own power is...

                      Happy hubby !!! 

out of cave happy

On a side note, after he first sat in his comfy recliner he tenderly asked...
"did you miss me??"
 while caressing the worn brown leather.....

Oh, remember that little fuzzy fellow from the beginning ...   I was happy hubby looked more like him, after 2 weeks of Mr. Grumpy Pants!
As he could of looked more like this guy ...

big creepy eyes

It sure felt like it to me esp the first few days!
   (((shudders in memory)))
  My cave-man nightmares hopefully are over !

Happy Word-ful Wednesday !!


  1. LOL Can I borrow that recliner? He looks COMFORTABLE! :) I am laughing at him caressing the leather haha I'm sure he missed IT more than IT missed him LOL

  2. Wow! prayers that he recovers well and quickly!


  3. Glad to see he's doing well after the surgery!

  4. Great WW to celebrate his continued recovery from the surgery! He looks very pleased to be out of the "cave", I sure would be too.

    supercoupongirl AT gmail.com

  5. Yay for no grumpy pants. LOL

  6. So glad that your hubs is making a full recovery. I say when he's all better he needs to wait on you for a few weeks!! ((HUGS))

  7. lol, I'm glad to hear your hubs is doing better! He'll be running around before you know it ;)

  8. That is great he is on the mend and moving around.

  9. He does look quite cheery! I'm so glad he's at the end of recovery!!!!

  10. LOL Hubbies and their chairs! Welcome back from the abyss.

  11. K, those eyes freak the heck out of me! YIKES!

  12. I hope he has a smooth recovery! He looks like he;s in good spirits.
    Good thing he didn't look fuzzy.

  13. omg, the photo of the eyes is freaking me out!

    Hope your hubby's recovery is speedy quick!

  14. Looks like he's recovering....well. :)

  15. ITS A SOOT GREMLIN!! i can has it?

  16. Hope he's back to himself soon! At least he looks comfy lol.

  17. Glad he's doing better!

  18. Great WW post and glad to know he's recovering well! Now, go treat yourself to something nice! How about a pedicure or massage!

  19. Happy to see you out of the cave in time for spring

  20. I hope he recovers quickly...I am looking at knee surgery down the road and it scares the crap out of me.

  21. That's pretty funny

  22. I hope you all make it through this!

  23. So- you all broke the bed boards...twice?


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