Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Digging for Spring, part 2!

Wow the weather has been goofy since last week!
And with it came...  Color!!

I heard on the radio today that "we"
( as in south eastern Wisconsin) are officially going to have a
  heat wave for the next couple days!
So spring will be sprouting all over the place, and quick!
If the weather guys are correct... ?

first off, thank you for all the guesses 
 and comments for last weeks post...
I had fun and I hope you did as well, and will join in again today!

Last weeks answers, I can now show that have "POPPED" 
 out of the ground are,

many colored crocus
click on photos to enlarge, please ask to copy

beautiful multi-colored crocus!!

crocus blooming

It was very windy today and about 60 degrees...
so if we get the higher winds tomorrow as predicted I fear most of these beauties will lose their pretty petals, so I dashed out to snap them to share, just in case!!
I was also playing with a few dials on my camera, and did these in macro setting... not something I have done before.
How did I do? Any tips?

This variegated little guy was just peeking his head barely
 out of the dirt today....

variegated purple crocus
click to enlarge, ask to copy

The last photo clue of greens, last week, were Jacob's ladder 
 and spotted nettle, a vine.
They will not flower until later this summer.

Many of you were guessing Iris (like below)...
they are poking out their more wider leaves,
but will not flower until later this summer...
    this is an family heirloom Iris.
from last week and very messy ...

messy iris bed

today and a bit more groomed after digging out
  and already taller!

iris plants popping up
click to enlarge, ask to copy

I have crocus and iris planted in a few other places,
but thought I would just compare the same sites from last week...

Now for this weeks guess....

Anyone have any ideas ????



click to enlarge, ask to copy

a hint... it is another cold weather zoned perennial...
I have still been digging, who knows what else I will find?

Wishing you all who celebrate a very peaceful and happy Easter/Spring .



  1. I love spring when all the plants start comming up. I have some flowers that I forgot were there just pop out of the ground.

  2. Looks like your yard will be beautiful this spring! I'm so jealous of your upcoming heat wave though!

  3. Oh, jealous. We are getting a huge snowstorm tomorrow in Utah. This, after 4 straight days of 60's. So much for going out like a lamb.

  4. Oh, I can't wait to get something in the ground. Want to come help?

  5. Those are gorgeous. My daffy's have buds, but none open yet.

  6. The crocus are gorgeous. Thanks for taking the time to document the growth from week to week. It's a great learning experience.
    those last leaves look really familiar I was going to say geraniums or nasturtiums but they are not quite s smooth.

  7. I'm jealous of your greenery. Ha! I'm green with envy. :)

  8. I love crocuses ... a wonderful sign of spring!

    Happy WW! Come check out some of my photo submissions for the Disney Treasures flickr group: http://tinyurl.com/ya7rk33

  9. I love flowers, here they would get mowed Happy WW

  10. I love Crocuses and the violet one is beautiful.
    My WW link for you

  11. We have those same purple ones and now I know what they are. We didn't plant them and this is the first year they've come up. My daffodils have come and gone.

    Happy WW~ and enjoy the heat wave!

  12. Great shot of the crocus! (Crocuses? Croci?) We're a little too far south for them, so I'm not sure of the nomenclature. I have heard that you can refrigerate them like we do tulip bulbs and then plant them. Maybe I'll give them a try next year as they are gorgeous!

  13. Finally! Flowers...Some of mine are just starting to poke up their heads, but we still have a bit of snow..

  14. Anonymous9:38 AM

    If the weatherman said it...I will wait and see. Love your beautiful color. We still barely have green pokes, but I'm happy to wait til its warmer and I am outside more to enjoy.
    Hope you have a knee pad for your digging.

  15. Yeah for Spring!! I wish I could start my garden already. Sadly I have to wait until the mid of May so nothing freezes :)

  16. Lovely photos. I've got crocus and daffodils right now, but spring is having a hard time getting here. We just had a big snowfall in the nearby Sierra and it's freezing here in Reno.

  17. How beautiful! I love seeing the flowers pop up. Spring is wonderful! Happy WW!

  18. It's spring here in Oregon too, but we're still in the 50's. Of course, we're still in the rain cycle (10 months out of the year).

  19. Primroses?

    Your crocus (plural: crocuses, croci)are beautiful. We pretty much have hot or cold hereso don't get to share the beautiful spring flowers you have access to.

  20. Thanks for the compliments :) But I just stuck them in the ground, God & nature did the rest!!
    Some good guesses so far... but not
    geraniums, nasturtiums nor primroses, but great guesses, right shaped leaf!

  21. Gorgeous flowers cant wait for mine to bloom..;) Happy WW!

  22. Lovely flowers! I can't wait to have a garden full of flowers here!!


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