Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ever have one of those "moments"

Screaming, hair pulling, bloody murder, 
no more, vent, rant, 

It is one of those days, weeks, Years! Maybe someone just said the last word to make you snap. You are tired of always being the nice one, and then getting dumped on over and over... 
Your boss came over 5 minutes to "I need the weekend now" time and gave you a ton of work that needed to be done last week, and he and most of the staff are well on their way to happy hour and your stuck... again!

I am normally not one to automatically tell someone when they hurt my feelings, or that they where rude, mean, out of turn, stepped on my sore foot, just walked right ahead of me in line after almost knocking me over and not even an 'excuse me' person... 
I tend to bottle it in. Well it is not healthy. But while trying to be polite, or liked or 'invisible' you just stay quiet and stew on it (meanwhile your blood pressure is slowly getting ready to blow!). Well I found a place where you can still be a "nice" and "likable" person and get those screaming meanies out of your head and blood stream and feel better about it by letting it out!!!! And not be known as the neighborhood crazy  b*tch!

That place is "Letters to Breathe"

Have you ever had something to say to someone but couldn't because of the potential repercussions? Maybe your boss is a jerk, or your neighbors dog got into your trash can again- at Letters to Breathe you can read and submit anonymous letters to anyone, about anything. 
There are no limits or rules (which means there is some cussing on the site). You can let it all out and not even worry if it is politically correct!

There are letters to the deceased, to ex-lovers, to companies, even to God.  Submitting a letter is easy and free, and always anonymous- you don't even have to put in your email address, and even if you do it is never public. No more need for public name calling, back-stabbing or snipers with baseball bats taking aim at someones knees.

make my day

Reading and commenting on the letters is also a great therapy, you may see others in your position and be able to offer advice or support. You may not agree with a letter, feel free to say what you feel- even in the comments.  Being able to get these things off your chest by commenting or submitting a letter can help you to finally 'breathe' again. 

Isn't it nice to know you have a secret place to "Let it all out" and know that so-and-so will never know, and if they come across your diatribe, they will not even know it is about them ( yea, I wouldn't go using anyone's Real Names, a.k.a. Mr. X) unless they happen to recognize themselves, but they still won't know who wrote it and who left comments agreeing that they need a B*tch Slap and... I think it is time for me to head over to "Letters to Breathe" while I still have this thought still lucid in my head... anyone care to come and join me in a little Breathing ???

Ahhhhhhh, I feel so much better now....
How about you ?

Letters to Breathe

I was not compensated for this post.  
Although it is a real site and quite therapeutic.
I wrote it for my readers information and sanity. 


  1. Letters to breath sounds awesome. I have one for my next door neighbor that I would just love to send them. I have to have a place to vent. What a great idea.

  2. This is a great idea. I think we all need to blow off steam somewhere. Thanks!


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