Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is Favre Fixed ?

Brett Favre, The Kid, a grandfather,

a force to reckon with and always a legend.

Yes, my secret crush was in the news again... 

Where Brett Favre goes, one question is going to be in everyone's mind about the NFL legend.
It was no different Thursday morning May 20. Favre paid a surprise visit to Southern Miss baseball team as the Golden Eagles began preparing for an essential Conference USA series against Memphis at Pete Taylor Park.

The visit was arranged by Golden Eagles
 coach  Scott Berry for an pep talk as they head into their run towards the seasons end.
After talking and joking with the team, Justin Diliberto, an Southern Miss outfielder, asked Favre the question America wants to know. 

Are you playing next season?’’ Diliberto said.

Favre, with his typical boyish grin, replied.

"I was a kid again watching y'all play in the College World Series,’’ Favre said. ’’That was amazing. I don’t know — yet.’’

But later, Favre looked down the dressing room in Diliberto's direction and answered his question.

"Let’s make a (fun) bet,’’ Favre said. ’’If you guys go back to the College World Series this year — I will come back and play. How about that?

"You go back and I go back.’’

After a few more questions and memories from last season, Favre ended things with a vote of confidence.

"Guys, remember the bet,’’ he said. "Y'all go back and I go back. I promise, I will be keeping up with you. Good luck.’’

Southern Miss players have a lot of work to do if they want to see Favre pay that bet. As of Saturday they are 31-20 and need wins to earn a postseason invitation. They have more than enough motivation to do it.

That question that America wants answered comes after a great season last year with the Vikings. But at a cost of injury to his ankle. Brett's future has been up in the air since the Vikings lost to New Orleans in the NFC championship game. He had said he would need ankle surgery if he wanted to play in 2010.

So along comes news on Favre's Official web site Friday about this same ankle injury! 

"This is to confirm that I did have a procedure to remove some scar tissue and bone spurs from my ankle which had been bothering me for a period of time," Favre quoted from his website "I appreciate your concerns. Thanks, Brett"

I am sure there is many of stories going out on all channels as this is his "pre-game" pre-season "playing time" again (with the teams). I am excited and looking forward to seeing him come back and send wishes for a fast and complete recovery. 

This one is from the the Vikings own site :

News: Favre underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left ankle Friday morning, reports.
Spin: Distinguished practitioner Dr. James Andrews performed the procedure. There's still no guarantee he'll be back with the Vikings next season, so expect Favre to drag out the process for a few more months.

 What do I think? I do hope Favre comes back. I enjoy watching him play. Brett's excitement comes right through the TV screen, as if electric. I am hoping Favre is all fixed up and ready to play some football! But I do think he may of had some extra things done besides arthroscopic surgery... maybe a bit "cosmetic"???

  Do you think this could be secretly behind his bandages?
  I know he still loves his fans, all of them, and he will always be "The Leader of the Pack" in my heart. A girl can dream, can't she?


Favre Viking
photo credit 
Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel Online


  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Favre will play if he thinks he can Win. He does enjoy it, and that is a big deciding point, too. Fixed? He keeps himself healthy, who knows what else may bother his body? Only time will tell. I would like to see him go another round :)
    another Packer fan, who still is a Favre fan too!

  2. I hope his ankle heels well.

  3. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Brett does love the attention he gets, both positive and negative, when he drags out his decision. I wonder if his wife gets the same run around when she wants a decision on something? That woman must be a saint.
    I think if there is any way he can physically play, he will be around a few more seasons.
    And after that, he will still find his place in the limelight.

  4. I do love to see him play too but I dont want him to ruin his body. He has a wife that needs him. I would like to see him coach. I think he would be great at it and have success without all the body hits.


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