Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wizards Succeed! What next?

We have victors from last weeks inquisition!
I will name them in but a moment, 
but first a reminder from where I left you last week.

This is my spindly pair.
there is two plants there...

Maybe this is easier to see, a close up...

Yes, the answer was Bleeding Hearts! (Dicentra spectabilis) known to grow well in planting zones 3 - 9. They tend to like partial shade and can grow 2 - 3 feet tall. Unless you live in my yard! They normally come in colors of pink or white.

I like the photo below, as it reminds me of their other common name, but to me in this photo they look like ladies bloomers. (a.k.a.Dutchman's breeches).

Just to compare how sad mine look I will show you one of the "Park Rangers" {{a.k.a. BFF}} plants (rumor has it she brews her own special blend of plant nutrients for planting time and for feedings throughout the year!!)

 And a close up ( as I wipe the tears from my envious eyes)

I have more but I why should I cut out my heart bore you with more of these beauties. We have the Winning Wizards to announce!! I have their names and links to their blogs ( full of knowledge and fun things) so you may be amazed at their wizardry!! In no particular order, since I held their answers until most comments were in, I present last weeks Wednesday Wizards!

Sukhmandir Kaur Khalsa from Guide to Sikhism
Kate from High Altitude Gardening 
Sallie from FullTime-Life   
Linda from The Crafty Gardener
Marilyn from A Lot of Loves   
Ladyinred from For the Love of Pets 
BuckarooMama  (from Hong Kong)  
sorry I never got a first name
Brooke from Wee Shenanigans 
 Both Brooke and BuckarooMama said my clue of the name sounding sad helped them come up with the answer. I just hope you all had fun!

Are you ready for another question?
I think this will be an easy week. These have already blasted their glory and are now ready for a summer of storing food for winter's slumber.

Here is this weeks photo evidence:


They look sad in this first look, 
but I had just found them buried 
under a ton of leaves.

wake up fellas..

Oh look, this one is blushing!

like is is waiting for a kiss...

Did I peak you interest? or make it to easy? 
and nope, sorry it is not a superhero this week...

Now Wizards it is time for the comments and replies to this weeks quiz.
Mr. Linky is below to link up if you play along or find more Wednesdays posts and also at MomDot and Seven Clown Circus.

I leave again with dirty hands,
awaiting your replies!


  1. Thanks for the link-up. :)

    BTW, my mom, who saw my post, just let me know that those berries were YUMBERRIES!

  2. These I recognized right off from the first photo as I have planted many over the years. Only a few ever bloom in subsequent years as we hardly ever have hardy enough weather and i often have to refrigerate my for six weeks or so being careful to keep them away from apples. If i hadn't guessed by the leaves, the blooms would have been a dead giveaway :) Interestingly some which do bloom again never develop much more than those.

  3. the bleeding hearts are lovely and appealing. Happy WW!

  4. I love the bleeding hearts! They're such beautiful flowers!

  5. Wow -- I've "heard" of bleeding hearts but this is the first I've seen. GORGEOUS!

  6. From the leaves I would have said tulips but I think tulip season is long over. I guess I'll have to wait until next week to find out.

  7. wow super cute photos I love them all thanks for the delight

  8. Bleeding hearts, what a beautiful and sad name.

  9. Such beautiful photos..i love bleeding hearts..gorgeous!! have a lovely day!

  10. Gorgeous bleeding heart photos! Such an unusual plant. I'm guessing the others are tulips.

  11. aww...yours is just a baby bleeding heart!

  12. Let's leave some guesses wizards!

  13. I think your bleeding hearts look pretty spectacular!

  14. Am I supposed to guess the new one right here in front of everybody? Cool that I got last week's right. I just can't remember how I did it.

  15. Oh OK I see that you moderate the comments! It's still cool that I got it righti last week! This one looks to me like a pink tulip, but as a non-gardener (now) I can't believe I'd get it right again!

  16. Your little bleeding hearts do look lively though! I've killed all of mine off sadly :( I do still have a few TULIPS left that pop up each spring to spread the joy :) Happy WW Faythe!

  17. Wow those are cool!!
    I've never seen that flower before

  18. Anonymous4:22 PM

    I should know this weeks, as we have many of those here as well. At least I think we do. You know how flora literate I am.
    As we were running errands yesterday I happened across a yard with a huge growth of Bleeding Hearts. Was so tempted to appropriate some for my yard. Lots of childhood memories attached.

  19. We had a bleeding heart plant in front of my home when I was growing up. I love these plants. Thanks for the memories!

  20. Those are beautiful pics!

  21. Beautiful pics. I am so bad with plants but promised my daughter we will attempt to plant some flowers or bushes this weekend (trying to do some landscaping) want to make my yard look pretty!

    Happy day to you!

  22. I gave you a blog award!!!

  23. I love bleeding hearts while in bloom, but my mother's always looked bad after the flowers faded, when they were in full sun, so I never planted any in my yard...it is almost all full sun.


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