Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wondering wizards... the mystery goes on!

I kind of had a feeling it would be hard to guess last weeks new mystery.
If I have you scratching your heads to hard, just holler, 
I am trying to keep this fun and interesting! 
But when I show the next clues I bet there will be a lot of people "bonking" there heads again!
{{ as in past comments: "Oh I knew it was..."}}
Its growing sneaked up on me quick too! 
Here it is just 5 days later...This is two stems.

another view.... straight on as the buds as starting...

Yes, I know the buds are a bit blurry, 
I am still working on my shakey hands and trying to snap while standing on my head!
This is from the left side of the plant, a bit clearer...

And one more that is showing a blush of color...

I had to use a photo from "the Park Rangers"
 {{my BFF}} yard as hers is huge!! and beautiful, compared to my little shrimp one.
It should give a good tip-off to any gardeners out there... 
as the buds are a lot more open, one almost completely...

This is the last photo hint if this doesn't nail it, 
is its common name is almost sad.

I wanted to leave you with a bit of the rain we've been having (very cold too! I had to cover the peonies from last week as they are showing a lot of color now and I was fearful that the freeze warnings we had would eat them on me). I found this little patch of hyacinths planted near the knee doctors office and luckily I had my camera so I snapped a few while I had "rain drops a falling on my head" but before it soaked my camera! ( you are so lucky I do not know how to add sound to my posts, LOL!)

You can see a few still hiding almost open above.

Okay all you inquiring minds let's hear the answers, rants and advice in the comments below!
I agree with so many of you that when natures wonders first emerge they are almost alien in appearance. Many do look similar, which may account for many of mine that seemed to disappear, because of being to zealous in weeding the following year! I am lucky I planted so many perennials and lots of bulbs the first years living here. Otherwise I would just have fields of weeds (not to be confused with my fields of dreams...)

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 I remain with dirty hands to peruse your theories to the weekly mystery...


  1. Those are so beautiful, even in their infancy.

  2. those are lovely. Happy Spring!

  3. I'm glad my life doesn't depend on me getting the answer right because I have no idea again. I really don't know my plants. I can't even figure out what's growing in my lawn. It doesn't look like a weed, but it's not the "regular" grass either.

  4. Hi!
    Thanks for your nice comment. I did not find your watery post, but I can see that you have many wonderful flowers here.
    Wish you a great day:-)

  5. No clue here. Nice shots of the pretty buds though.

  6. Those are incredibly beautiful!!!

  7. I'll guess bleeding hearts.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking time to leave a comment. I just love to discover new-to-me bloggers. Have a great day.

  8. Anonymous6:44 AM

    In the first shots they look like my tiny rees that self populated the lawn. From the bigger redder photo I have an idea, but I will wait and see what others say.

  9. I Love those pink flowers...they are so sweet...and so pretty! I love your mysteries! It all looks familiar...but I am not sure!! Have a fabulous day!!

  10. i am no good with flowers, but i love all of them anyway! lovely pics

    My entry is at my Game FreakZ blog

  11. It's beautiful bleeding hearts.

  12. I have no clue! Bleeding Hearts?

  13. Such lovely photos! Photos of flowers make me happy.

  14. They're squeezed into every shady corner of my gardens.

    Dicentra spectabilis Bleeding Heart. Proof that I stayed awake for at least one master gardening class. :D

  15. Very pretty shots of the Bleeding Heart. One of my favorites.

  16. Hi!
    Sorry I did not see in the first time that this was WW-post also...Can see it now:-)
    Wish you a nice evening, hugs from Norway.

  17. My browser went down last night while trying to post here. Took half the day to get it all straightened out. Well I didn't want to say last night and give it away becasue I was the first poster abut pretty sure those are bleeding hearts. :)

  18. Bleeding Hearts! I think... I planted some this year but they are just tiny little sprouts at the moment. We used to have some when I was a kid up in Northern British Columbia and I've wanted some of my own ever since.

  19. I think the flowers are tubular and maybe they are native fuschia. Very pretty!

  20. I love your flower mysteries, I never have any idea what they are, but I like following along!

    The strawberries actually look like they're going to make it through the snow just fine. Some will still probably end up in smoothies though.

  21. Totally awesome pics/post. Good job. Please stop at my post. I have a few things for you.

  22. Bleeding Hearts I think... But not sure since it has been YEARS since I have seen any in person... Of course it was the borrowed photo that tipped me off and the "sad" clue...

  23. It sounds like some people have guessed it! I would have never been able to come close, lol.

  24. It looks almost like a fuschia to me.


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