Saturday, July 24, 2010

rain, boomers, more rain, crack

It's raining time again, 
I'm feeling weepy.
All that thunder and lightning sparks up the sky.
And I know the song the wind is playing...
That it won't be long before it's messy time.

lightning rain cloud images

Sorry, I know that was an awful intro...
a real groaner... (wink)

We have been deluged with hard rain, wind and boomers again that last few nights, with more expected tonight. I am thankful to God we have not experienced a collapsed basement like some of our neighbors just a few miles to the north, and sinkholes. Or the other areas of floods and tornadoes, but some of us think we may of had a little one buzz through. The ground is definitely saturated, and I am praying it does not start looking for ways to come in!

If you are a regular reader ( I thank you!) and enjoy my garden posts, many of you compliment me on how nice it looks, which I humbly tell you it is a wild and natural yard. The recent storms have done some unexpected pruning for us... well, some I wanted done, but not as severely as it had to get done! Usually every year and after most storms we play a game here. We find a lot of these...

crack sticks broken branches
click on images to enlarge, ask to use

We get to play "pick up sticks!" A lot!
Well today we got to enjoy it a lot more! 
We had a break in the rain during the day, like it has been the last few days. Then the sun comes out and the mercury climbs along with the humidity... ughh.
Today was one of those kinds of days. So we went out to access the amount of some of the sticks or damage... Some big branches came down yesterday and were sticking straight up in the ground like a naked, newly planted tree. Hubby got most of those big boys yesterday. Here is a peek at what we found today.

floppy phlox rain mess

Really big sticks! Whoo hoo! (Not really) It is really bright and sunny there too! If anyone remembers some of my earlier posts, it may look strange.
This was a couple days ago looking the other direction.

storm mess

Hubby was having fun using his chain saw for some clean up (ahem). And is now trying to burn up some of the mess in our fire pit. If it rains again, which it is suppose to, more and harder, we may have more to do... ( I am tired of this game)!!
This is a peek of what is looks like "almost cleaned up" ( I am going to save some of the story for my Wednesday regular post). (Our yard is never completely cleaned up, that is why it is natural and wild!!)

after cutting down cracked trees

My poor phlox was blooming and smelling heavenly, and now are just floppy phlox. Do any of my regular readers notice anything missing?

I sure would like to know what has Mother Natures' undies in such a bundle lately? Wouldn't you? 
How has the weather been treating you?


  1. I hope you guys have been safe during the recent storms WI has had! I can't remember exactly where you live in WI, but I know the SE part of the state was hit pretty heavily!

  2. Thanks Katie!
    Yuppers! S.E. is exactly where we live!

  3. I wish Mother Nature would give us a little rain. The grass is like straw it's so dry out here. I could do without the winds, though. Hope you're having a marvelous weekend.

  4. Natural pruning can be very helpful. I wish I could come help you pick up the sticks.

  5. Glad to hear you made it safely through the storms. EAA is still cleaning up and the show is in full swing. More sink holes are showing up (or down) in Milwaukee.)

  6. Oh boy!!!

    We've not had any "real" rain here and everything is drying up!


  7. It's been too hot for me and I miss the gorgeous spring weather we had here in the Chicago area. :-( Our garden is overgrown with weeds and so much needs to be done before baby arrives.....sigh.....what will be done will be done, I guess, right?


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