Monday, August 30, 2010

Back, neck, knee and pain...

Ouch! Pain! I knew that was going to hurt today. Pain! I never should of weeded the whole front yard in one weekend. Pain! I don't remember my knee hurting this much last year after a few laps at the track? Ugghh! What is in the air today? My head is on full migraine alert and I can not turn my neck it is so sore. Pain! Sound familiar?

I have mentioned before that hubby and I both suffer from several back and neck problems. I also posted about hubby's knobby knee surgery earlier this year. It gets to be a royal pain in the (insert favorite body part here) being in chronic pain everyday. Some days are worse than others and by now we both have learned our own mind-techniques to forget ( ahem, try to block out) that we are in pain just so we can get the heck out of bed!

But then there are the days no mind game or diversion will let it go. Let me say right now, neither of us like to be in pain. I do not think anyone does, do you? With that being said, neither of us like taking a handful of pills every darn day either. Believe me it gets old, and with all the news reports out there with warnings out about this drug or that one, it can be darn right scary! I would rather be spending my time and little money on something more entertaining and enjoyable.

We have always been the type that likes a natural approach if possible. Hubby's family have been long time patients of Chiropractic, which is a non-invasive approach to many aliments, not just pain. We have taken vitamin supplements before they were the "cool" thing to do. We have an assortment (much bigger now a days) of lotions, ointments and potions to rub and massage in and on a sore back, stiff neck, knotted shoulders. I have not tried Acupuncture personally, but my daughter-in-law has and tells me it helps her pain and tension. So lets just say we are not afraid to try things that are just prescribed in a bottle and sold with a warning and high price tag. And surgery is always the last resort!

One of the reasons I started writing this blog is that besides sharing a joke, photos or story, I like to help others and share useful information. I do not claim to know everything! (I don't?) 
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In fact with my head and fuzzy brain farts I may of forgotten more than I know! That is a whole different story.

I wanted to open up a line of communication if you will between you, my readers, and myself. So every once in awhile have a post where we can all dispense our own bits of advice on healthful and other topics.

Since my lower back has been nagging me some lately, I am going to throw this one out first to chew on... What sort of things that are not drug related do you do or take to help yourself or anyone close to you back or neck pain?

Some of the things that we have tried:
Ointments, lotions, ect. (can be stinky, burn eyes or skin)
Vitamins/supplements (have to trust where you buy them from and what they are made with)
TENS  {electrical nerve stimulation} (by prescription)
Ice/Heat packs (hard to keep on, small)
Physical Therapy

waiting in line

We keep a variety of things in our home arsenal... as what helps one day, may not help at all the next day. With large areas like the lower back or neck and shoulder regions, we like the ointments, ect. but hate most of the smells, mess and watch out if you rub your eyes after! Heat and Ice work well and can be used as often as need be, but most Ice/Heat packs you buy at the store seem too small to cover the larger areas, so putting on a couple can be clumsy and still useless. I did hear of a company, brought to my attention by my friend Candy, over at Serendipity Mom, called Moji, that covers larger areas. That is something I intend to try out and bring you more information on. It would be great not to have to lay still or fight with a couple of little packs several times a day.... we shall see.

Now I am going to see if I can coax hubby into a little back rub, so I can relax this burning knot I've had the last few days in my lower back...

   lower, hunny, lower....

So my question to you again is: What non-drug alternatives do you use at home to help with back, neck, knee, headache... heck, help with PAIN?

I  feel that it's important for you to know that I'm not a doctor, therapist or medical professional of any kind. I'm just a regular gal whose working life was cut short by a spinal injury. I live with back/neck pain 24 hrs a day 7 days a week (along with other health related problems), so many of the things I will speak of are from my own personal experiences. With that said, throughout this blog I may occasionally give my opinions (and/or complaints) on different back/neck pain and health related topics. They are my opinions and thoughts and are not meant to take the place of a trained professional.
***Please, As always please consult with your physician before beginning or changing any pain medications, treatments or exercise programs*** 

*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the benefit and enjoyment of my readers. The opinions and stories expressed are my own.

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  1. Now that is the million dollar question. The gels DO NOT WORK! In fact, I have read that the gels are a total waste of money.

    I think the only thing that works for me is a good back rub. We have a massage chair too and that helps a little. Oh, and the neighbor's hot tub is helpful.

  2. Vodka. It always does the trick when purring won't fix it.

  3. I am guilty of relying on ibuprofen too much for pain. I don't get it often but that usually kills whatever pain I have. I also use it as an excuse to sleep!

  4. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Oh- I like Cheeseboy's hot tub suggestion!
    Actually, hot water does the best for aching knees, back, neck for me. I even dragged home an old clawfoot bathtub thinking I could make a hillbilly hottub in the yard - solar heated water for a soak.
    Thermocare wraps are helpful, but sometimes that sort of thing gets too hot before it gets comfortable.
    I'm not a pill popper, but if desperate enough take an aspirin and a benedryl and sleep for a while.
    If you discover how to reverse aging I think it would help us both.

    OK- are you choosing the captcha words?
    No lie- it is: rear rash

  5. I am bad about just taking ibuprofen or tylenol for my pain. So bad about it!

  6. I've been using an old fashioned rubber water bottle that I fill with boiling (we boil the water in a tea pot that whistles) water and I lean against it, even though it is hot, hot, hot. I've tried heating pads from therma-whatever, ones that you put in the oven or microwave, etc...only the rubber thing with boiling water is effective.


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