Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brett is Back! It's time for Football!

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The football news came out of Eden Prairie, Minnesota today that after all the talks, texting and gossip chatter may of had some truth to it after all! 

First there were whispers that Brett Favre met up with three close friends on the Vikings team, defensive end Jared Allen, Kicker Ryan Longwell (another ex-Packer) and guard Steve Hutchinson in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The three flew back to Minnesota, with Favre

Next there is a tid-bit from Brett's brother, Jeff Favre, who told the Biloxi Sun Herald that there should be little wonder why the QB traveled to Minnesota with three Vikings teammates on Tuesday

According to Jeff Favre:
"I am pretty confident it is about to become a reality. Mom sent me a text from Brett that said he was on his way to Minnesota to play another year. I am happy for him.
"He had fun playing last year, and there's little question if he wants to play or can play. It's going to be another exciting year. The dream continues for all of us for another year.''

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Brett Favre spoke often that he wanted to play, but did his waffle dance that it depends on his recent ankle surgery. The Minnesota Vikings wanted an answer. So the Vikings fielded that question by sending a “recruiting’’ team to Hattiesburg, including Favre’s friends, Ryan Longwell and Jared Allen, to maybe speed up the process.

I understand there was some good long talks amongst the boys. Sharing respect for each other and that they as a team wanted him back, and Favre himself maybe needing to hear that, plus missing the action of playing with the boys. All I know is they all flew back together and Ryan Longwell played chauffeur back to Vikings team headquarters at Winter Park.

  photo from Vikings Fan forum 8-18-2010

The news that Favre was back in Minnesota came a few days after he was given the OK by Dr. James Andrews that his surgically repaired ankle was strong enough to endure another season.
 To me, this message reads ...
the Kid, although silver and gray speckled, 
a.k.a.  the Gunslinger  was back in the saddle!

 photo from Vikings Fan Forum 8-18-2010

Welcome back Brett! 
Best of luck !!
I can not wait to watch the smiling-leaping-little-boy-style 
of fun you bring to the game.

Are you ready for some Favre Football!! 

 photo Vikings Fan forum 8-18-2010

At one of Wednesday's news conference, Favre said this will be his final NFL season. Coach Brad Childress said he believes Favre when he says he's done after 2010. But this fan will believe Favre is playing until I see the day he is not suited up and walking on to the playing field. Then I shall deal with it.

One good omen for the Vikings in 2010: 
After practice, Favre ran slowly - 
   but without any limp Wednesday.


  1. Boooooooooooooo!
    (bet you didn't see this comment coming!)

  2. only from you Katie dear...
    only from you... ;pppp

  3. Since I have no rooting interest in any NFL team, perhaps I will adopt your Vikings this season?

    I LOVE football season! Are you folks also U of M fans?

  4. Actually Cheeseboy, we are life long Green Bay Packer fans since we live in WI.But we still are Big fans of Favre, and bear no grudge since he decided to still play. I feel it was the managements fault that Favre was ever let free to play for another team. So when the Packers play the Vikings we just happen to cheer when both teams score.. its a very confusing time! There could never be a Super Bowl of the 2 teams against each other, since they play in the same division, so regular season is the closet we get to it. Packers, Vikings & Bears have had longest team rivalry (Packers & Bears the longest). So if the Packers do not make it to the Super Bowl Dance, I sure hope the Vikings Do, as I would love to see Favre get one more ring to add to his collection. We follow some University of WI games, but hubby mostly just watches just NFL, Nascar, and MLB. I just enjoy watching Favre play, he is like a little kid. Read some of older posts on Favre. I was never an avid fan until he started playing. Thanks for asking :)
    I hope you enjoy which ever team you decide to cheer on this year!

  5. Oh, that's right. I forgot that you were in WI. Very cool for to still cheer for the guy. I believe that most GB fans have long abandoned their love for him.

    Well, I do cheer for U of WI whenever the play Ohio State or Michigan.

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  7. Sorry we don't do sports in our house! We're a musical kind of home. Now you want to talk music I'm in the front roll seat! ~hehe~ Have a good one my friend! Many blessings!

  8. I'm definitely back on the Vikes bandwagon as long as Brett is there. Before his arrival hadn't watched them for a decade mostly due to some of them showing more talent at getting in trouble with the law than playing football.

  9. FOOTBALL!!! :)

    I'm not a Vikings fan, but I have a lot of respect for Favre. I hope he has as much fun this year as he did last year.

    THanks for stopping by my place!


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