Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DOE a deer a female deer...

  Some little fuzzy clues last week, but many smart Wizards could see through my twists and turns that the mystery photo last week was indeed Deer!
There were some in fact that guessed that it was a doe with a fawn!
Actually 2 fawns. We have a family that seems to visit us every year. Many generations, some at the same time! 

It has been so hot and sticky here and across the nation I thought some photos from a few winters ago may help in cooling us off... so here are the larger photos from the clues from last week, before I name the winning Wednesday Wizards who get to grab the badge this week!

Mom with the twins, looking out our bedroom window.

Who said squirrels were the only bird feeder raiders to worry about?
Yes, that is a squirrel proof feeder, but deer are smarter it seems, especially when the snow is really deep. One knocks a bunch out with its' tongue and everyone else enjoys. This is one of the butt pictures someone thought they saw last week.

Here is a yearling giving mom a kiss, how sweet.

Now, by my last count here are the 10 Winning Wednesday Wizards from last week, a few of them repeats!! I have such intelligent readers ( I am so proud!) I changed the badge to say "I am a Wednesday Wizard" if you want to change it for those that have won before. The new code is below the new badge. Please let me know if it is not working.  Pointy Hats off and a round of applause to:

Tips - Tricks - Origins

  Since so many of you mentioned that you had trouble with deer in your yards and gardens I thought I would give you a few tidbits of information on them. First off I have whitetail deer that visit my yard here in Wisconsin. The males (bucks) will spar over who gets to be the big daddy and get the dates with all the ladies, so the bigger and stronger usually wins here and passes his gene pool and has his harem for the short fertile season.

The rest of the year the males are pretty friendly and stay together, while the females tend to the young they had just given birth to before "rut" season and teach them the way of the woods so that hopefully they know enough when she kicks them out come the following rut season to take care of themselves. Some females will even stay together in family packs after mating season is over. As we have noticed in our yard.

Whitetail deer eat large varieties of food, commonly eating legumes and foraging on other plants, including shoots, leaves, cactus, and grasses. They also eat acorns, fruit, corn and birdseed (as seen in the photo above). Their special stomach allows them to eat some things that humans cannot, such as mushrooms that are poisonous to humans and Red Sumac. Their diet varies in the seasons according to availability of food sources. They will also eat hay and other food that they can find in any farm field. Whitetail deer have been known to opportunistically feed on nestling songbirds, and well as field mice. Since they have such a varied diet they can be considered a nuisance to some, as they will eat everything in your yard and garden!

Some help with deterring deer
  The scent of humans is repulsive to wild animals, or scary as natural enemies, and marking your territory with your scent is a natural deterrent. It may be a bit unorthodox to have your husband use the garden as a toilet (ahem, if no one sees mine he is only too happy to oblige, wink), but you can accomplish the same thing by soaking rags in a bucket, and then ringing your garden with the rags (using plastic gloves of course) and bury them at the outside rim of your garden with some mulch. You can also use old pantyhose, socks or you can buy small drawstring bags made of a loosely woven material (from a local garden supply store) and fill them with Milorganite (its a grass fertilizer with an odor that repels deer and other things). I hang these on the bushes and shrubs the deer love to munch! It is made at the sewage plants in Milwaukee, WI. so you can probably guess the main ingredient... (peeuuu)

Here's just a few other to try: 1) Human hair clippings from your local beauty shop sprinkled around the plants. 2) blood meal. 3) Moth ball flakes sprinkled all around. 4. a strong smelling bar soap like Irish spring, either in shavings or hang the bars. These seem to work, but eventually if left any of the treatments lapse or forget to reapply after a rain and the deer come and feast. 

Here is a home made recipe to try for deer, rabbits, raccoons, ect:

Homemade Deer Spray

1 gallon of water

1 cup of milk (opt)
1 egg (beaten)
1 Tsp vegetable oil
1 or 2 cloves of garlic (I wonder if powdered would be as good?)

1 Tsp dish soap

I have a giant container of chili powder that is getting old that I am going to try adding to the mix next time. In other words, feel free to get creative. 

DIRECTIONS: Put the milk, egg, oil and garlic in a blender and really blend well pour through cheesecloth or a fine-screened strainer ( I often use coffee filters) into a 1 gallon sprayer or a gallon milk jug and add the water. If you don't blend well and strain the mix you run the risk of egg blobs or garlic bits clogging your sprayer. Add the dish soap (try to use an organic or at least an uncomplicated, mild soap like the original Ivory and SWIRL rather than shake to mix. You don't want lots of suds. If you have a small sprayer or don't need the whole gallon use a milk jug to mix. Then you can save the well-labeled remainder in the fridge for a week or two.  (Moms, this milk tastes BAD!) Try not to spray at high noon in full sun, cloudy days are ideal. 
And whenever you do it, spray down-wind... this stuff is stinky!

Whichever way you go, I strongly urge you to get a 1 or 2 gallon pump sprayer. They are relatively inexpensive and will stop you from getting cramped-up hands . I got my 1-gallon for $16. You can find them for less.
You want to start off early in the season as soon as new growth starts and reapply as new growth appears. Continue throughout the season every few of weeks or so especially after rain (or as directed on commercial spray). 

Some commercial products that also work are Deer-Off and Hot Pepper Spray, both seem to have some of the ingredients in them of the home made with something added for a more waxy for longer lasting coating than the vegetable oil.

But when the deer and other critters are really hungry or during a hard winter, they will try to eat through anything... So I just figure some plantings (and bird seed) may have to go to them for the enjoyment of watching them close up, cheap price for the entertainment.

Mr. Linky will be below for those that play along with any or all the Wordless/wordfull Wednesdays. As always, I appreciate your comments and if you leave me one I will do my best to return to your blog to leave one in kind. And do not forget to take a guess at the mystery clue, which is posted below... one extra clue: it is considered yard art. For the answer I want what shape it is, followed by is it something you would find standing on the ground, hanging from something or standing on top of something, or totally something else? But most of all... Have fun!!

Here is your only clue this week...

  Until next time ...


  1. oh, I love that "kiss" picture!

  2. It looks like a ceramic or some such rabbit and barbwire or twigs.

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  21. We have a lot of deer here too it's fun to see them in our yard just hate seeing them in the road! I'm so scared one of them is going to dart out and I'll hit it {AGAIN}

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    Congrats to your wizards!

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    unusualarts [@] gmail [dot] com


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