Thursday, August 05, 2010

Elvis for Governor! The King lives!

The King is running for governor of Arkansas.
He may be dead, or he may not...
Elvis may of left the building, but only after filing the papers at the state of Arkansas, Little Rock office for write in candidate
Yes, Elvis Presley. Elvis D. Presley, Not Elvis A. so you are not totally confused.

It turns out that Elvis D. is not "the" Elvis, but an Elvis impersonator from Star City, Arkansas, who has somehow found the time to run for governor (at least in one county so far) he still has to file in all 75 counties before the vote. 
This Elvis also works in auto paint and bodywork. Elvis D. Presley, according to one source, says he will tell voters how he got his name if they really want to know.

Elvis is running on a campaign platform to, “supply the people with a broader array of employment and newer chain of state government.”  If that makes sense to you, then you’ve got your man to vote for!

State officials say they've checked and Elvis D. Presley apparently is the name on his voter registration.

Presley says people won't confuse him and that other Elvis. He says there was only one Elvis Aaron Presley, while he is Elvis D. Presley.
Is that clear enough for ya?

Well, one good thing that could come out of Elvis winning the governorship, is that if Arkansas needs money he could start selling hair and nail clippings to help offset any shortages! So, that's one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go!!....

Don't be cruel ....


  1. Ha! He's got my vote...

  2. This is great! We need some "Elvis" in our government to shake, rattle and roll it up!!!



  3. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Oh, he is the most gorgeous "farve" I have ever seen, especially with those beautiful blue eye's!

  4. LMBO! My brother is a HUGE fan of Elvis and has been to his house oh about 20 times, sigh! Don't ask.. Anyways, this is too funny!!

  5. We gave you an award Friday but then got locked out of the Net.

  6. I would NEVER not show a FAVRE post....but guess what I got some of the only UGLY comments I had ever gotten over my post...I did not know anyone cared....I did not post it would be like posting ugly things about my kids...

  7. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I'll vote for him, in my city too!

  8. Uh-huh-huh.
    I saw this just last night on our local newscast in Cleveland. Very funny indeed.


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