Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Is there a Favre in the house?

Standing tall, legs strong, 
 easily moves side to side as if to POUNCE!
Eyes gleaming, 
searching for an attack or when to make a quick escape.

Favre. No one is quite like him. And yes, he is IN the house. 
Just not my house. 
But the house belonging to my youngest son and daughter in law.
Relaxing and having fun, in only the way Favre knows how too. 
The silly prankster. The quarterback sneak. With the leaps and moves that make you wonder how the heck did he get over there?
Agile. Athletic.

Favre back in the news again!
At such a young age....
Now I have you scratching your heads...
Yes, this is my Wednesday Wizards post...
Yes, we did have winners!! And yes the answer is Favre!

Meet Favre... (yes, after the famous Brett Favre)

Favre strikes a pose!
all photos are clickable to enlarge
please ask to copy, do not take without permission, thanks!

There is the body and forearms someone thought they saw...

The little bits of smudge in the corners of his eyes 
  and those unmistakable ears.

Nothing like a nap in his new dads hairy arms, 
 probably feels a lot like his old home...

showing those pretty baby blues

Just relaxing (and plotting his next move) as kittens like to do. He shares his new home with 2 older sisters. The youngest one, Vespa is starting to warm up to Favre's ever present charms, we'll see if he wins her over.

Don't mind me,
I will just stand here closer to you...

Favre knows he is a handsome devil, 
and soon will have at least one of the furry felines 
snuggling him like the humans counterparts. 
  Ahh, yes, life is good to be Favre! 

come on, you know you want to snuggle with me...

Now for our long list of winners this week! 
This week was fun to read to answers as they came in, did anyone else follow along ? It was quite comical at times, I am so happy when everyone gets into the fun of playing along.
We had a new record! 
15 winning Wednesday Wizards this week!
in no particular order :

Shannon from WV Clay Lady (a 1st time visitor!!)
Laura from a DogsMom ( and a fellow cheesehead, wink)

Whoopie! Wonderful wizards all, with great blogs to read and find fun and interesting things on. Don't forget to stop over and check out the competition for this weeks mystery...

It is not another Favre, I can tell you that much! 
Take a peek, then leave your guess in the comments section below. 
Mr. Linky is there as well for those that like to link along.
Here is this weeks clues :

My last thoughts on Brett Favre... 
  It came out today that he supposedly let the Vikings coach know that he is not coming back this year. His ankle is not healing as well as he would like and rehab does not have it feeling in playing condition. These are still all speculation on some supposed texts and calls and visits...
Only Brett knows if his body is ready and if his head is 100 % ready to be in the game. If "he thinks" he can play, win and still have fun, you can bet your booty he will be out on the field. 
Nothing has been said officially. 
This is typical of Favre the last few years. 
No matter if he returns ( I would love to see him play again, and I know I am not alone) he will return under Brett Favre's conditions and in his mind that he can play 100%. He has nothing to prove to anyone. He has more records than anyone, they will start to make up new ones just for him! I really do not think it is a money thing, as he has plenty and has so many charitable organizations he also works with. 
Love him or hate him, he is Brett Favre. 
 Grinning, silly, playful or serious.
To many and according to the record books the best quarterback to walk on the field. (and darn cute too, just like the one shown above) 
I think he would be welcome to play in anyones house he walked into.

AP-ESPY Awards photo 2010

So put on your pointy thinking hats, Wizards!
Until next time...


  1. real cutey of a ckitten!

  2. Deer! The bane of my existence during the summer. LOL (the gardening me, that is)

    Thanks for letting me know I won last week! What a cute kitty it is! I have proudly added your badge to my site!


  3. Great cat pics! And I will grab a badge for my blog. Thanks.

    This week? 2 deer. Mother & Baby or two friends. They look so cute.

  4. This week is tough...A deer? A fawn?

  5. The pictures do not blow up when clicked anymore but actually get smaller, still I'm going with a pair of alpaca.

  6. Love the cat pics so cute.

    Not sure about what the pic is but it has similar nails to mine :-)

  7. My boy likes looking at cats! Happy Wednesday to you from Malaysia! :)

    Hop on over to check out my WW at I'm a full-time mummy (Ben's Bubble Thoughts?)

  8. I don't know anything about human Favres, but Favre kitty is really cute! It is really hard to win over tortoiseshell cats, so if he is doing that, he must be loaded with charm!

  9. Sweet kitty with the big blue eyes! That has to be a deer!!!

  10. Even when you use the obvious you make them difficult.
    I was considering coming back and guessing field mouse, especially after the (can't spell) cicada bug.

    I just laugh every time I hear Brett Favre news - will he/won't he. If there is not a rule saying he can decide after season starts I am sure they would pass one just for him.
    He is a good guy but arrogant! At least concerning football. (Is it arrogance when you are talented?)
    Gotta give his wife tons of credit and bonus points for all she deals with.

    Oh- shut up and guess?
    I know better. I will think this one through and come back.

  11. Aww! Favre sure is a cutie! I love to win Yay! :) I'd have to say this week is a deer (or two deer kissing!), after looking very closely at the last picture I finally figured it out! I can't figure the first two... hmm the second may be a deer bum but the first??

  12. What an adorable kittie you have!

    I'm guessing deer, but it's hard to say with the images so small.

  13. Ahhhhhhhh I think we play you guys in our first game this year! (The Browns)

    Wait...is Brett still retired? lol. Can never tell with him!

  14. I think that's definitely a group of deer. The last picture looks like two giving a smooch.

  15. love favre!
    thanks for stopping by.
    My hubby is home, safe and sound!
    it felt like the longest time of my life...
    but knowing he is home now, it is wonderful!
    thanks again!

  16. That kitty is too cute. Is that a deer in your garden?

  17. Favre is an adorable kitty. Wow, I have no idea this week. A rabbit?

  18. Hi Wizards! just peeking in on you! happy to see a few Kitty Favre & Brett Favre fans ;) sorry my clue photos are so small this week, they are from older digital, before we knew what we were really doing & just taking photos that would fit into an email... lots of great guesses so far! keep them coming !
    that is all for now... ;)

  19. I love the kitty photos! Too cute. :) As for the other photos? Is it a sloth?
    Thanks for stopping by and linking up. Don't forget to come back tomorrow to find out if you guessed correctly on my mystery photo. Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  20. what a cute kitten! we just got a kitten ourselves that they boys are just in love with. And she's getting along great with our 2 dogs.

  21. That kitty is so cute.

    We so need a pet here, but thinking more on the dog end.

    And I'm so clueless about that other one.

    And as for Favre....it's his 20th year...um is he really going to pass that up?

    Thank you for the sweet compliments. And even though you didn't save the pants for souvenir memories. Do you have photos of your hubs in it? Because that too is a keeper!

  22. A cat named after Brett Farve? Does that mean it goes outside only to sit on the porch and wait to come back in every hour?

    It is a cute cat though.

    Farve will be back. He is always back. He's like What About Bob, but a football player.

  23. My first time here and I loved the kitty pictures--and even tho we're Dallas Cowboy Cats, I like the name Favre... :)

    I'm thinkin' the QB will be back too. If he really for SURE wasn't gonna--he'd be gone. And the Vikes play the Cowboys later on in the season---and so,.,.


  24. The kitten looks like a frisky one! :)

  25. adorable kitty! bad name choice ;-)

  26. LOL, Katie!! sorry, I think you would get vetoed here...
    besides it he not mine, but my sons.
    He is my grand-kitty.. LOL!
    I love you anyways :)

  27. What a little cutie! And you can tell by his determined chin that he's going to be boss of the house.

    Can't tell what your pic is about. Let me know?

  28. Here kitty - kitty! Too precious. Thanks for sharing! Now, my only guess is ferrets (2)??? Thanks for stopping by. I have a give away of a PUR flavored or unflavored pitcher that ends tomorrow night if you're interested. Also, I'm working on my vacation post which should be ups soon ... hopefully! lol Have a good one & thanks for stopping by.

  29. Oh, my daughter will love your kitties!

  30. Love all the kitty photos. Thanks for stopping by Calico Contemplations.

  31. Aww! What a cute kitty!

  32. What an adorable little kitty! My hubby thinks it's a perfect name btw!

  33. I love those beautiful blue eyes! ;D

    I think those are pictures of deer!?! At first I thought it might be a kangaroo but we don't have any of those in the states! lol

    BTW-Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

  34. What a cute sweet kitty!


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