Saturday, September 04, 2010

The last long weekend of summer...

Labor Day Weekend has arrived. I already have seen signs of it approaching even though I did not want it to come. Leaves on the maples changing, some already falling. We have had a few nights with a nip in the air. Migrating birds gathering... sigh.... 

Labor Day symbolizes the end of summer for many Americans, and is celebrated with parties, parades and athletic events. The last long weekend of summer. Maybe a Bar-B-Que with friends and a swim for the last time before you put away the pool for the season. Fireworks. Sales. For most children and young adults it also represents the start of back-to-school year.

But what is it really? If you are one of the lucky Americans that have a job in our present economy, that alone is a reason to celebrate whether or not you get a day off with or without pay. But there are many that do not have that luxury. Oh they have the day off, but with no pay. No unemployment, no hand-outs. Not that they want one, a job would be more honorable and self serving!  There are still plenty of Americans that have pride. The pride that started this country. That brought families with little or nothing from other lands, to start whole new lives to work hard and become American citizens because they could do it with hard work, make a new life and live free!
 Yes, there are still people here that are more than willing to work for their daily bread and the roof over their head and want to keep their American freedoms just as they are.
They just have not all spoken up yet. But their time is coming. Peacefully, determined, educating themselves and not willing to be pushed back 200 years. They want to be heard. They will be heard!

The last long weekend? What is it really...
Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the prosperity and well-being of our country.

Unwilling to be pushed back 200 years,
Determined, Educated, Waiting to be heard,
God willing. God Bless.
Happy Labor Day~2010


  1. Labour Day sounds serious. What happened 200 years ago in the US?

  2. And, I wish you a Safe and Happy Labor Day weekend, too!

  3. Thanks for making us take the time to stop and think about something other than the end of summer on a long weekend. :)

  4. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe Labor Day holiday weekend.
    And if there is a local county fair near you - go support some Ag kids!

  5. Very interesting. I have often wondered what the big deal about Labour Day was.

  6. Well done. Where would this country be without working people. And how unfortunate that they take the brunt of the current depression.

  7. I'm pretty down about the end of summer...loved taking little man out for a stroll once in a while, and won't be doing that in the cold!


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