Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Turbans, Goose Bumps and Penguins

Turbans, Goose Bumps and Penguins!

What do they have in common? 
A lot more than you may think.
  They can also be stereotyped with the dark odd characters who are often freakishly lumpy, bumpy, twisted and contorted!! Not to mention the ones that are crusty, ugly, wrinkled and just plain Weird!
What the heck am I talking about?
         Well, 11 Wednesday Wizards know!

 warty ornamental gourds 
the clue was cut from the bottom left corner

The answer to last weeks clue was gourds!
Since I am such a generous Head Wizard Mouse I am announcing that all the Wizards that mentioned gourds, pumpkins or squash as their guess, as correct! They are all in the same family.

  click to enlarge any photo
This weeks Wizards are :
With top billing this week as she gave me so much more interesting information on gourds, that I learned that in the 2 photos I have above have warty ornamentals, and the one I used as the clue last week may also be from the variety called Knuckle-heads! 

So a special #1 spot goes to...
Laura has a cute blog and does a lot of hoping and has a couple of fun new blogs to check out as well, so go congratulate her! 
as well as :
Kristi of Live & Love Out Loud she also hosts a WW linky

A big tip of the pointy Wizard hat to all of you! 
Some other gourd variety names are Baby Boo, Phat Jack, Sorcerer and Wizard!
 I searched but could not find an image or photo of what the Wizard variety looks like (sigh). Maybe one of my readers can help??
They can be found plentiful around harvest and Halloween time, and make for fun decorations.
fuzzy wrinkly and colorful

gourds can be so unusual!

I have Mr. Linky below for all who blog hop along with the mid-week memes.
As always, thank you for playing along, I look forward to your guesses, last week we had some hilarious ones, you are making me laugh, as I hope I continue to bring a smile or some eye candy to your day!

This week I leave you with a clue from the spooky tree...
Halloween is ever so close, so hopefully we all have fun and next weeks answer does not frighten anyone !!!

Until next time...


  1. Crows? Or maybe buzzards? It's some kind of bird, that's for sure!

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  2. Maybe a hawk. I'm always so bad at these. I know it's a bird. :)

  3. I'll say eagle, for fun. :)

  4. i'm not sure but it looks like a bird.

  5. I'm guessing eagles...we have giant eagles' nests close to us ... I love looking at them in the bare trees in the fall.

  6. I'd say an Eagle too!

  7. An eagle? The wing looks very similar to the ones that fly close to us... =)d

  8. The wings remind me of the hawks that like to fly above our chickens and Alpacas.

    Always freaks Grumpy out but I try to tell him that they only eat dead animals not the moving ones

  9. Lovely colors this time of year, huh!?!

  10. Are those Chicken Hawks? Great photos! Thanks for sharing. Happy Wednesday! :o)

  11. Anonymous5:44 AM

    beautiful fall photos! Lovely choice for today.

  12. I love Halloween and the spookier the better if you ask me...looks like a bird of preys wing...

  13. Love the gourds!! Have a wonderful autumn... I'm here from Aspire... Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

  14. I'm guessing a hawk. But what's really intriguing is the angle. Was he diving into the tree? Or just showing off his wing spread?

  15. I would guess a vulture since it's supposed to be "spooky" and a regular bird of prey just isn't as spooky as a vulture...wait, are vultures birds of prey...or just birds of opportunity?

  16. I like the fact they are all squashes.

  17. I'm glad I found your blog! Nice pictures... love the chickens too! I'm adding your button to mine and following now.


  18. I'm going to guess a scarecrow?

  19. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I'm guessing Hawk, though reminds me of a bit of that Turkey Buzzard I had a while back in my yard. lol Nice pics! Happy WW!

  20. Gorgeous gourds!!! You're a great photographer! I'm thinkin' it's a red-tail hawk.

  21. Hawks on a scarecrow? Please stop by my blog and link up too.

  22. Love that your themes are tied to Halloween. Not sure- a hawk?

  23. great job on the gourd pics. the colors are great!

  24. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Love the title this week.
    If not for the clue at the end (scary bird) I would be thinking it was a bird in distress with all the winds we are having today.

    I am going to use my featherbrain and guess hawk.
    Could be a turkey buzzard, but do they get into trees? Of course they do.

  25. Great photos! I am going to say a vulture. Happy WW!

  26. You didn't mention turban squash {:)
    So I'm guessing a hawks wing and ravens tail (crow) I would have said barn owl but its appears to be daytime and owls seems to like flying best at night.

  27. Definitely a bird - eagle was my first thought so I'm going with that.

  28. Looks like a photo I have of eagles taken from the ground.

  29. I love your squash photos! Fall is such a beautiful time of year for pictures!

  30. I can see a wing, but can't tell what kind of a tree it is!

  31. Fall has such wonderful colors.

    As for the type of bird? Don't have a clue. But raven comes to mind for Halloween.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  32. Looks like a golden eagle to me, and I'm green with envy if you have some close enough to be able to snap pictures like this! Although I did wonder if it/they were trying to get away before you could snap the photo...

  33. Monticello was beautiful!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm now following. Make sure to visit again soon.
    I have some great giveaways going on... $35 GC from CSN, 4 skincare products from L'BRI, family music CD, Boogie Wipes and several more! There is something for everyone in the family.

  34. I never know, but I am going with Bald Eagle.

  35. Gonna say vulture cuz their wings have finger like tips visible when they fly overhead.

  36. Hi Girlfriend: Yes, thanks for stopping by. I'm counting the days for sure. Today was not a good day for me. Back was not happy! I'm trying to catch up a bit here, but I couldn't believe me e-mail over 200 and I only missed one day! Sheesh! Hugs to ya! Have a great day!

  37. Oh, I voted for ya too! ~hehe~

  38. It is most definitely gourd and pumpkin season! Nice photos! :-)

  39. Thank you and congrats to the others! I was just at the pumpkin patch but only saw cute pumpkins :)

    I already have your wizard button.

    The first thought that came to my mind were eagle wings...not sure why , then I'm trying to think of what birds would fly over a farm and think that maybe they are crows?

  40. Canadian Geese (maybe you're still too far north for that, and they've migrated further yet...), or perhaps pheasant? (Or do pheasant not perch in trees? I don't know I'm not a bird watcher, naturalist or hunter!)'s just the feathers from your old Sunday Going to Church hat, huh Faythe? Threw it out the window hoping to get a new one, and it landed in the tree? I betcha I'm the winner!

  41. Definitely an Eagle wing that one :)
    There's lots of postings that I haven't
    even seen yet but I will call back and
    keep looking through them :) Yaaaay

    Andro xxxx


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