Sunday, January 23, 2011

Packers blitz the Bears, Super Bowl bound!


January 23, 2011
   The good, the bad and the bloody all came out to battle for the NFC Championship title this Sunday. Green Bay vs Chicago.

  Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler meet up before the big game
photo credit AP- D.Phillip

  What most Midwestern and old franchise team followers would call the Real Bowl game of the season, started out with an Aaron Rodgers run in for the Green Bay Packers first touchdown of the game. Rodgers and the Packers would own the field in the first half, keeping the Chicago Bears scoreless.

Jay Cutler had to leave the game early from a knee and elbow injury and Chicago called in their backup QB, Todd Collins after half time, who could not perform to the Bears season winning caliber. It would take the third-string QB, Caleb Hanie to get the Bears on the score board.

Hanie's arm brought out the blood after their first touchdown of the game and tempers were flaring between the NFL's oldest rivals. It brought back the many memories of Green Bay vs Chicago games through nearly a century of playing that earned them the nickname black and blue division.

  Touchdowns and interceptions seemed at a dizzying pace throughout the second half. Hanie's first touchdown pass seemed for anxious minutes to fans of the Bears a promise of glory. But his next possession ended up in a straight line throw to B.J. Raji who clamped onto the pigskin and ran as graciously as a 370+ pound defensive lineman can. Raji's first NFL touchdown! Which he quickly celebrated in his self named "The Freezer" style dance.
B.J. Raji unwieldy yet handily touchdown run
 AP Photo Credit 

It was a old school rockem' sockem' game. One that will be talked about for ages. The Bears gave a great and valiant fight, but the Packers were the victors with a new title to take back to Titletown, U.S.A.

Rodger and Cutler after the game
AP Photo credit

I have to offer Jay Cutler a curtsy for such a great season. After all he did throw for over 3000 yards the last two seasons. His fellow team mates where quick to come to defense after cat calls and speculation about how bad his knee was injured. Veterans and other team mates alike said Cutler was not the type to ever complain about pain or injury. One said he saw Cutler's knee shaking when he was trying to get it into action for a possible return to the game. He is scheduled for an MRI tomorrow. It has to be heart breaking to play so well and fight to get this close to a Super Bowl game and then have to sit it out on the bench while you watch your team out there still  fighting. I wish him fast and complete healing, he is, as well as the whole Bears franchise worthy opponents.

Rodgers in celebration mode
photo credit the Green Bay Press-Gazette

I also think Aaron Rodgers has earned his day in the sun out of the shadow of QBs past. The Pack is Back! Yeehaw!

So now my faithful readers I hope you join me and the rest of crazy football fanatics as we watch the coming battle of Titletown vs Steeltown in the journey to the 45th Super Bowl. 02-06-2011

Did you watch any of footballs final four today? 
Who do you think will ultimately become the newest 
Super Bowl Champions?


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  1. You are right ....the Packers are back....but I will always miss THE PACKER

  2. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Everything I saw and heard about fans partying together no matter where (homes and businesses, the street, and on BOTH sides of the state line) this was the best weekend for everyone - well up until the very final moments.
    The Bears did make a comeback and made the Pack work a bit harder towards the end of this Super Game.
    Now the ones working hard are the people selling shirts and memorabilia!

  3. We watched a few minutes right at the end. My first thought was Faythe is going to be so happy that the Packers won. Congrats!

  4. I was rooting for the Bears, but I'm happy that a midwest team is going!

  5. No we didn't watch any because we don't have television. I'm glad you enjoyed the game(s) though.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  6. I am extreamly happy the Pack is back! It's been too long since the Lombardi trophy has come home to Green Bay. 4 more quarters of great play from the Pack and it may vary well be on its way. We made it... We made it... Victory was ours.

  7. I've always like Aaron Rodgers. I loved how he was patient and waited for his turn. I think it made him a better QB.

    Ha ha! Cutler's "injury".

    I, for one, will be cheering for your Pack to beat that turdwad Rothlesburger.

  8. Anonymous11:19 PM

    My favorite part of the game was when "B I G" B J Raji, defensive lineman made a touchdown, and then did that wiggle/dance!! ha! oh, besides our winning of course! Now on to those PB Steelers, big bad/mean boys they seem to be....We have to "whip their butts! and bring home that "TROPHY"!!
    Aaron and the Green and Gold will see to that!!!
    Right sis? :o)

  9. For the past 40 some years, I've never really understood the competitive sports thing, but mulling it over, I suppose bottome line is that it's all about having good clean fun and knowing where the family which seems like great motivation to provide an alternative to other less desirable pastimes. Good Job Faythe you make me think :) Go team :)

  10. My husband LOVES football.


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