Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Freebies, Go Green!!

Here is a list of fun and free things I found to share 
 with you this Earth Day 2011!

  • Free Caribou Coffee© – Caribou Coffee is offering a free cup of coffee when you bring in a reusable cup. Offer is valid from 5:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. at all locations. Caribou Coffee is offering .50 off any drink everyday when ever you bring in a reusable cup.   
  • Free Starbucks© Coffee or Tea – Participating Starbucks locations in Canada and across the United States are giving away free coffee on Earth Day.  Just bring in your reusable mug and get a free cup of coffee or tea - brewed, hot or iced.  And just in case you don’t happen to own a reusable mug, you can still get a deal - your beverage will be 20 percent off.   
  • Earth Day Freebies at Whole Foods© – Whole Foods© is offering several giveaways in honor of Earth Day and Easter. Bring a reusable cup for a free coffee and check out the Whole Foods store nearest you to find out what specific goodies or workshops are available in your neck of the woods. Be sure to check out the earth-friendly activities for children too.
  • Free Earth Day Workshops at Home Depot© - Home Depot© is offering several workshops in honor of Earth Day.  On Saturday, April 23, Home Depot© is offering an Earth Day/Easter Planter Basket workshop from 9 – 12:00 for kids between the ages of 5 and 12.  At 1:00, an Eco-Friendly Gardening Workshop will take place. Please call your local Home Depot© to see if they are participating.
  • Lowe's© Earth Day Million Tree Giveaway – Lowe’s© has been gearing up for Earth Day all week long.  In honor of Earth Day, the Home Improvement giant is giving away one million trees.  Visit your local Lowe’s© on April 23 to get your free tree sapling, while supplies last. Please call your local Lowe's© to see if they are participating and for any other offers they may have planned.
  • Stop by Origins© and trade in any current skin-care product bottle or container (empty or even with some leftovers!) from any brand to get a free full-size cleanser!(Earth Day only) 
For any of these freebies Please call ahead to the location you plan on going to, to make sure there is still items left or that they are participating in the promotion.

One last cool news item for celebrating Mother Earth :

Students at Thurgood Marshall Academy, as well as Savoy Elementary School got excited about the new line of stamps that USPS revealed – and that doesn’t happen often. These stamps aren’t your average American flag or spring flower stamps: these new Forever stamps are Go Green stamps that offer suggestions for reducing your environmental footprint. With advice like “ride a bike” and “adjust the thermostat,” these stamps are a wonderful reminder that “going green” can be pretty simple.
The First date of Issue dedication took place at these two schools for the effort the students at the two schools took working hard to make their schools more sustainable plus helped build and plant the largest green garden in the Washington, DC, public school system. They also worked hard to make it grow and be plentiful. 

Thanks to USPS, the teachers at Thurgood Marshall and Savoy Elementary, and all the students that take the stamps suggestions to heart, proving that without a young generation that cares about having a green school, we can’t hope for other generations to care about having green homes or green workplaces.



  1. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Easter


  2. You know, I'm all for Earth Day & being eco-friendly, but it would be a whole helluva lot easier to do it if the eco stuff wasn't 5 times more expensive than the regular items. Just sayin.

    PS: Come enter my contest. You'll love the prize. MUAH!

  3. WOW, free is good! Happy Easter to you!

  4. Earth Day should be every day!

  5. We just buy less and buy local.

  6. Dear Grammy I wish you Happy Easter! Peace and light in your home and in your soul!

  7. Free Starbucks coffee!!! Drats, we don't have Starbucks here in Tasmania, I'll have to buy a $300 plane ticket to go to the Big North Island to save a few lousy bucks on coffee....


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