Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 years later, America shall not forget

  Some wounds are covered and slowly healing.
Many scars still endure. 
These shall remain as constant reminders of the horrors and tragedy that awakened America from a slumber too long ago. A lesson forgot, made fresh and brought together "we the people". Let us never forget the terrors of 9-11. 
Teach our children, remind our countrymen
Lest we forget and let history repeat its terrible wrath.

Today marks a somber anniversary. 10 years! I am sure many are tired of seeing and hearing about it. But do not let this day pass without reflection on those innocents lost, those that rushed to aid without a second thought, and the many that perished. Heroes all. Heroes that still are putting their lives on the line so America can keep its freedoms. Reflect and send thanks and positive thoughts. These are my thoughts and words.

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Some final memorial images that many will use to keep 
that determination for Freedom Alive!

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9-11 tenth anniversary memorial medallion

Thank you for reading this week. 
 And for sharing your memories.

Some of today's images are keepsake items that can be found online and for sale, but I found beauty in the thoughts and details, and wanted to share.

Thank you to all who stay vigilant to keep us safe.
Until next time,
keep Freedom alive in your heart.

What have you done lately to keep your legacy of freedom?
Did you pause to remember 9-11?


  1. I wasn't around then, but my Mom and Dad sure will never forget. My Mom was recovering from a surger and saw the whole thing happen on TV.

  2. Wonderful tribute. I WAS tired of hearing about it in 2002, but enough time has passed that I feel it is definitely time to remember and reflect.

  3. God bless all who serve and protect.

  4. Hard to believe it has been 10 years since that tragic event.

  5. You wrote, "I am sure many are tired of seeing and hearing about it." which is not exactly how I feel, however, coming from the UK and Spain where we had IRA and ETA bombs all the time when I was growing up, I am a bit taken aback by the constant media about this. It was a shocking crime, and I'm sorry for the victims and their families, but I wonder how the thousands of people who lost family in IRA and ETA bombings feel about this.

  6. Great posts... all of them. I think you did such a wonderful job with all three posts.
    I'll never forget and thank those who serve to protect us daily from those who would harm us.


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