Sunday, October 02, 2011

CheeseHeads celebrate another sports weekend trifecta!

Two weekends in a row of Cheesehead nation nirvana! This one was extra sweet with autumn sunshine to spread the news.

 Milwaukee Brewers started the weekend NLDS playoffs against the Arizona Diamondbacks with a win on Saturday 4 to 1.
Sunday afternoon the game was more intense especially after the Diamondbacks hit a two run homer to tie up the game at 4 all in the top of the 5 inning. But the Brew Crew was not ready to sit back and came back strong in the bottom of the sixth with hit after hit which didn't stop until the game ending scare of 9 to 4! The NLDS and ALDS playoffs is decided by the winner of best out of 5 games.

Saturday brought the usual full capacity crowd to Camp Randall to watch the  WI Badgers some what surprisingly beat the snot out of Nebraska Cornhuskers 49 to 23!

The Green Bay Packers finished Sunday afternoons CheeseHead nirvana sweep with a whopping stomping scare of 49 to 23! They were also wearing their spiffy Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness gear.

CheeseHead Nation... can you feel it?!!

I know I am a bit giddy with all the sports fever. I know it helps keep a bit of the autumn chill off of me, at least during game time. Another trifecta weekend!

  One last bit of Wisconsin sports news, for those who are also NASCAR fans. Matt Kenseth of Cambridge, WI came in fifth in todays(Sunday) race at Dover, Delaware. He is one of the Roush-Fennway Racing teammates to make the Chase to the Cup championship this year. We are fans of Matt's and often stop at his fan club in Cambridge when ever in the area, as I have mentioned in another post. We would love to see Matt win another cup title!

until next time,
your "Not So..." sports reporter


  1. If those WI Badgers need any assistance, let them know their Wombie cousins (us!) would be glad to lend a helping hand!

  2. Will do Binky! Badger are a good team every year. that is why the college stadium is always sold out! rah, rah!!
    wombats welcome :)

  3. I am totally confused by the Cheesehead thing. Is it Ok to say I'm half Dutch and I just can't live without my Gouda? And that I'm also a blue cheese freak?

    LOL, enjoy your sports!

  4. Love your enthusiasm.

    Go Matt!

    The Sheboygan campus mascot is the Wombat.

  5. What a very exciting weekend you had!

  6. Sounds fun! I had a friend who I met while travelling around Greece years back who was always talking about the big cheesehead, which I had never heard of before, and he was so offended because EVERYONE knew about it, and how could I not have! So I learned about it on another continent, lol :)


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