Monday, March 05, 2012

March in like a Lion

"March comes in like a Lion,
and goes out like a Lamb"
    an old adage

Roaring, scratching, screaming...
wicked, wet, blizzards and whiteouts...

That is the lion that has sprung forth as March!

Hang on everybody,
I feel like it is going to be a wicked ride!

  If you have been anywhere near a television or radio lately, or live anywhere in the mid-west to the east coast, you know all about the terrible, violent storms that have been wrecking havoc across the country. The images have been heart-breaking. Hopefully recovery is quick in response.
My thoughts and prayers are with anyone involved or affected.

We (well, not me, I hate it) are used to winds, snows and freezing weather in our little corner of Wisconsin. And truth be told, I even feel we have been blessed with a rather mild winter. We received our part of the lions roar late last week with a whiteout of wet and heavy ice and blizzard condition snow.

It maybe hard to see, but there is snow falling at about 1-2 inches an hour. Wild winds and the occasional thundersnow added for extra weather excitement (not!).
  These are photos from the evening.

click on any photo to enlarge,
please ask to copy

evening whiteout, looking up our backyard

heavy evening snows take pine tree 
boughs almost to the breaking point, lining our driveway

Snow had lessened by late next morning and by mid-afternoon the sun broke through the gray skies. The wild birds that frequent our feeders were all in a frenzy. Hubby scurried out to replenish some nourishment during the intermission.

mourning doves resting between meals,
wearing big puffy vests

  I will admit that we have been lucky with a mild winter so far. I wonder what my garden areas will look like with not much of any snow cover to protect them from the harsh temperatures. I have not been able to do any real work in my garden and yard areas the last 2-3 years, I know I will have a mess. Hopefully by summer my post-op physical therapy will allow me once again to enjoy nature outside. Last summer we noticed a loss and lack of many familiar flowers from the previous winters freezing temperatures and many snowfalls.

In reality, I can not complain if all we lose is plants and flowers, as too many have lost complete homes, towns and family members.

    Healing hugs,
     until next time ...

How have you and your family fared this winter?


  1. I'm on the East Coast and we only had rain and strong winds. Our winter has actually been quite mild. Yours, while harsh, looks lovely from the photos way back east here. Hope you're feeling better!

  2. We have not even had a winter, really. Maybe a few inches of snow total. We've had a lot of rain as it's been so mild here.

    I hope your physio is progressing and getting a bit easier for you. As long as you keep moving in the right direction, you'll eventually get back to normal!

  3. It's been some awful weather for many that is true. We have family and friends in some of those areas and thankfully they are okay. I'm glad you are too.

    Have a terrific day Faythe. :)

  4. Had a dusting of snow yesterday, but was all melted within a few hours. Very cold today.....come on spring!

    Hope you are feeling better, Faythe!
    Hugs, my friend, xx

  5. my heart goes out to those affected by the recent bout of horrific weather as well.

    Sadly the weather forecasters are saying that it appears that it is going to be an unusually active tornado year, and the tornado season TECHNICALLY doesn't even start until April. That means that March will go OUT like a Lion as well (I hope not!)

    Here in Michigan we have had insignificant snow the entire winter and it hasn't even been as cold as it normally is. Quite strange.

  6. Those storms are so scary and we are purring and praying for all who have been affected. We are just plain ready for Spring!

  7. I posted about the bad weather last Sunday. We got it good over here. We've had half the normal amount of snow here so I guess we were due for a big one! I do hope March goes out like a lamb and spring will appear gracefully! Last year we had a freak winter storm on April 20th!! Dirty words!! I like your lion/lamb picture! Too cute!

  8. Haven't seen the news but it sounds nasty. Hope you're feeling better!

  9. Here we are only a few days later and all the beautiful snow is gone. Just the dirty yucky stuff left on roadsides and parking lots.
    I am even going to hang wash on the line today!

    Hope you are feeling better every day.

  10. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Hope you'r starting to feel better Faythe. Sounds like you's really copped some nasty weather over there. It's Autumn here now & the cold weather has replaced Summer warmth very quickly the past week. Looks like we could be in for a colder than usual Winter here in out part of the planet


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