Sunday, May 13, 2012

A funny Mother's Day ...

We all have Mothers.

  Some are happy, some sad.
Some are silly and sassy and some are mad!
Mothers come in many sizes and shapes,
temperaments, colors and some even wear capes!

But one thing we all have in common,
is we would never be here without one!

Most moms have at least one of these...

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Or one with fur, feathers or fins...
Try not to wake her to early,
if you want mom to be cheerful today.

Today, I dedicate this Mother's Day
 to all the moms I hope you have,
one with a funny sense of humor!

Sit back and enjoy ...
This wacky mom has nothing but time on her hands
and no one to be goofy with today.
 So I shall share it all with you.

 If you are a parent,
do you get enough (or ANY) sleep??

Mothers, funny or not have many jobs to do.

the refreshing joys, so fun!

Mom have lots of jobs. Some moms work away from home and some work at home. But being "just" a mom, is hard work. It is very important too, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. (and many rewards!!!)
Seems that one of the many mom jobs,
 is to have a lot of running and chasing involved. Always!
(I think it is one of the major requirements in the Mom application).

My running days are pretty much through.
For some reason losing many of the major mom duties have changed my shape?
I am more round! Any other round parents out there today?

 I wish all parents and especially Moms
a wonderful, happy and humorous day!

If you still have a mom in your live try to spend some time with her today. If your mom is in heaven, I am sure there is another lady out there who would love some attention today. If that is not possible physically, there is the phone, mail (I hope you are not late!) the internet world and some have fancy kinds with skype and video face to face time (not mine, I am not ready to frighten the world!). I do have a telephone and I am sure that it ring.
  I miss my boys, living in their different states with their young little boys of their own. I also know that other parents are alone this day too. So I hope I shared a smile or chuckle today with you!

Until next time,

Happy Funny
   Mother's Day !!!

I do not lay claim to any of these funny images.
If you are the true owner I would like to give you recognition,
 please email me and let me know. 


  1. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you and to Moms everywhere!

  3. Happy Mother's Day!
    Thanks for the smiles.

    Enjoy your peaceful day.

  4. Happy belated Mother's Day, Faythe! And I hope your physio is still going well.

  5. I hope you had a great Mother's Day! I sure did. We got a lot done and we had a lot of fun as well.

    Although I'm about to kill my allergies. It got really bad on Mother's Day. I can't talk. I sound like a bullfrog.


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