Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a contrast in seasons ...

part 2

  Winter melted away quickly and sneakily switched tactics at nightfall!
What started out a sunny winter day in the 40's°,
dropped to the teens after sundown.
Along with the drop came sleet then snow...
 just another wacky weather day in Wisconsin.

Looks like something was forgotten out on the deck?
Or did we just forget to fill up this bird feeder?
Did some marauder come and empty it when we weren't watching???

Ooops! I think it was the first... either that or we get some real hardy hummingbirds?
 I sure would like to see one is its down parka... (snickers)
This was shot through our lovely old plastic storm window on the outside of double pan glass (excuses for the not to clear images). You can see the reflection of the yellow deck light in the upper right corner. A contrast in seasons? Yellow lights (normally  used for bug confusion in the summer nights) and an empty forlorn hummingbird feeder.
You can safely say we have no bugs out at night during winter, and if I even see a hummingbird wearing a down parka I might just win a prize, if I can capture it on my little camera! I am long ready for the warm weather that brings them to my window, sigh.

Poor frosted feeder not to mention the weighted down pine tree drooping over the edge of the deck.

A much clearer view of this contrast, taken looking the opposite direction.
Needless to say, it came down after a few days. Washed and put away, like it should be for next season. Silly me...

(my first (part 1) contrast in seasons can be seen HERE )

   until next time...

Have you ever forgotten something way to long that you ended up with a contrast in seasons?
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  1. Many of our hummingbirds migrate to somewhere else in the winter and a few stay here. We feed them all winter long. It won't be long and all of them will be back and we'll have a heck of a time feeding them all. It's been in the 70s here already. We had a storm come through today and it's cold again, but we've already had a touch of spring and the blossoms are out on the fruit trees.

    Have a terrific day Faythe. Hugs. ☺

  2. I wondered why I'd missed that other post. It was last year!

    Spring is near. I think most of us have had enough of winter.

  3. Spring is a comin' and look who's back in town! HEY MAMA! HOW'S GOIN? Welcome back! Sure did miss ya honey chil'! Hummmmmmmmming Birds we don't have those around here I guess just wild birds and plenty of Cardinals and crows or are those black birds and if you look real hard you'll see an Eagle or two. Ducks and Geese are in abundance and once in the while if you go down by the river you may see a swan or two in the summertime! Glad to have you back Girlfriend!!!

  4. I have birdseed downstairs that's super old. I wonder if that stuff has a warranty? I should just put it in the compost pile.

    In Nebraska it was in the 50s on Sunday. Then it dropped way down. Now it's supposed to snow like crazy tomorrow.

  5. Ours is glass so it wouldn't handle the colder temps well.

  6. Some warmth will do good.

  7. Good bye snow!!!! Pls never come back!!

  8. cute pictures!!!
    I can't wait for all of this snow to go away, we want our outside back ;)

    Thank you for hosting a linky, I have one as well, if you'd like to stop by, and there is also a link for a giveaway link-up ;)

  9. Though we do feel them, seasons here are not as pronounced as yours, so pretty likely to leave things go year round. Probably the thing needs watching most is wire mesh or fencing becasue meadow grass will grow up through it and anchor it to the ground.

  10. Wow, that's quite a load of snow you got there...

  11. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Happy WW. Thank you for hosting.
    Hope to see you around and link up.
    Have a great day.

  12. Nice pics

    Roll on spring and lighter days

    Have a humtastic week ;-)

  13. Brr! We rarely get snow in Atlanta. Stay warm!

  14. At least you figured it out! I'm lazy enough, I probably would have left it all till summer. ;)

  15. Looks like everyone is impatient for Spring!

    Keep warm!!

  16. That is a great contrast in Brrrrrr!

  17. love the idea behind the post. The pine tree in the background with the snow looks beautiful!

  18. We keep our wood bird feeder out year round, it's under cover too so the elements don't ensconce it. I'm totally ready for some Spring weather though. :)

  19. You make me smile! I can't wait for spring so hummingbirds can venture out without parkas. :D

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Pirate Kiss

  20. You're funny. We had a humming bird feeder but the squirrels chewed through it. :/

    Hoping you'll drop by and share your post with us over at my WW Linky. :)

    Diana from NannyToMommy

  21. I cannot wait until spring!! I love watching hummingbirds :)

  22. Thanks for coming by today sweetness' Have a great weekend. hugs

  23. Oh winter has taken its toll on lots of the country.

    I am waiting patiently for Spring.

    Thanks for coming by to Saturday Snaps.

    Hope to see you next week, :)
    ~Naila Moon


  24. You are being featured this week for Saturday Snaps. Come by.
    ~Naila Moon



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