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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Catch Up time....

whewwww, as you can see I definitely do not know what the heck I am doing! It has been a while since I set up this account... ! I am not much of a story teller so far, am I ???

I am now a grammy times 2!!
Yup, my 1st sweetie Collin is now a big brother to Sammy ! although we don't get to actually "see" them in person very often.. :(  I can visit their blogs , talk with my son & DIL and now talk to Collin... Sammy is still at the "making new sounds & trying to figure out if that sound gets me attention, so maybe it means something important!" stage. He is also close to standing on his own unassisted and will soon be chasing his big brother around & playing catch me if you can with all adults around :o)
Below here I am with both of my sweeties!

We are so proud of them & of course the parents ((G))who are doing a great job! And looking forward to our next 'in person' visit.
Below is Buppa with the sweeties at Christmas.

My younger #2 son and DIL have been busy as well... mostly with finishing school (bachelors degree)working (full time) and actively searching for that 1st new house (for them). grand-Babies to be are in the plans, I am told... but it is up to mom nature, as she tends to set the rules!!

It is a very wet (rain & T-storms) newly-spring day here in Wisconsin. I have been busy in the garden cleaning up tons of last years leaves & other crud... and already fighting the bugs & my big annual nemesis 'garlic mustard!' eeeeeeuuuu. With farmland & woods surrounding me that is a nonstop & seemingly never over job... along with 'pick up sticks'!! I take it in spurts... I like to dig & putter but I also have allergies, not only to pollen but bugs too! I sometimes feel I should be wearing a suit of amour before I walk out the door! of course pollen sneaks in as if by magic through the walls! And the 1st round of bug bites are currently being fought with creams & trying not to itch as I type this ((G)). I do look so forward to this time of year & the promise of summer ahead! It passes to quickly for me... even as a life long WI. resident, I am not a 'happy winter-joy-joy' person... I would be happy to escape the cold & snow & be a so called snow bird (flap, flapping arms hard but getting no were???). Anyone else there in cyberland know this feeling??

I will try to post again soon, if I can think of something cleaver to write
(scratching head) ...

for now, this little grammymouse is off to search more fun blog sites!!