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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Sammy !!!

  Today our little sweetie is turning One!! Unfortunately hubby is still recovering from heart surgery and we could not make the long drive up to celebrate :-(
But we hope to see him and his "big brother" Collin (3+1/2!!) soon!

baby sam rules photo
I am sure he has changed oodles since we last saw him last Christmas...
I have been waiting (impatiently) for his daddy to send me NEW photos of both of them... but being busy, active young family, that they are, I guess it is too hard!!!! (((grumbles))) sighhhhhhhh .... soon....! I hope!

 smiling baby photo
Sammy is always smiling and very good natured just like his big brother Collin. They are a real joy in our life :-)

cute smiling baby wears sun hat photonew born baby boy photo Here he is the 1st time we met him, just a couple days old .... so precious and tiny ....

happy birthday balloons imageSo sending Special Birthday hugs and kisses via bloggy world!!!

Love Always,
Memaw and Buppa 


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

freedom liberty image line

  This is a special weekend to make sure we send thanks and honor those who bravely fight and fought for our freedoms we are so lucky to have in America. We need to keep up the fight to keep those freedoms here at home. But remember that we still have many brave men and women fighting this very moment for us to keep that right alive here and abroad. If you happen to come across a serving military or someone who served in the past... Please offer them a handshake and a gracious Thank You for their sacrifice for this country.
remember our military dog tags image
God Bless and keep them safe and bring them home to their loved ones and a grateful nation soon.
happy memorial day image

Wishing you all a Happy and fun day !!

Faythe star sig tag image

Monday, May 18, 2009

New additions

Hey there everyone in blogland...

I am slowly getting to know more about adding things, links and other good stuff to my blog. And as I mentioned in the beginning I wanted to be able to share with you some tips, hints, fun, freebies and other great goodies out there in blogland, with an occasional tale or two thrown in for fun .
My first venture is to add some lists or links (see over on left and right) that is called the sidebars ( see I am learning the lingo)! I started slowly adding some of the great and fun blogs I have been reading and learning from and finding some cool stuff! I have in these same sidebars 'buttons' and Blog Names that are links ( more on how these work below) to some of those same sites I want to give attention too.

I hope to get this more organized soon, but for now you can go over to my sidebar and click on any of the names of the blogs or the buttons and it will take you to that site! Look around, read & enjoy. You will find lots of different things on each site. Some list lots of freebies like Free Sample Freak and others have Giveaways or Contests, reviews on lots of different products, things for babies and kids up to Adults! Plus don't forget the Furry kids in your house either! If you like the site you can always connect from here if you like or save it in your bookmarks/favorites or even sign up to get their newsletters (Update! You can now sign up to get my email newsletters! look in the sidebar)  so you don't miss out on any current goodies.
( I do not get anything for this, I am just sharing)

Good Guidelines 

  You may want to use an alternate email address, these bloggers are good at privacy, but once you start following or getting their newsletters you could get a ton of mail! Using a different email ( yahoo, gmail, ect.. use a free one) gives you more freedom to keep all the freebies, giveaways and contests in a separate place. Unless you have a more favorite way of sorting your mail in your own system. What ever works! Always read what the requirements are to enter a giveaway or contest, as most times the first entry is the most important! It usually is simple like going onto the products website (they provide a link) and looking over the site and picking out a favorite item and then go back and write about it in your entry post. Please read any disclosures too, to be on the safe side. I, personally have not encountered any problems with the one I am sharing and posted.
Just go click and take a look and hopefully you will find something good, fun or interesting today!!

Until I tap again.....
Happy blogging !!

faythe grammymousetails tulip tag

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day

Just a short shout out today ....

_mothers-day-tulips image   To all the Mothers out there today, whether it be a beautiful child, a fur-baby or anything/one you take care of and love, Enjoy today !

I am home today, so I don't get to 'see' my kids or grandkids whaaawww, but I did get a nice phone call from my oldest son who had Collin on the phone to (learning to talk) wish me a Happy Mother's Day! I could also hear his little brother in background making noise too, he was chiming in....

So I thought I would add a picture of old... not too old, just from Mother's Day 2007 when we went up to my son and DIL's to celebrate Mother's Day.
This is a photo of my oldest son Bill and father of Collin and Sam. Sam was not in the family yet.... So a 3 generation photo if you will...

son-grandson-grandma-3-generations photo imageBill was still growing out those beautiful curls that he had cut last year to donate for 'Locks of Love' for children with cancer. Collin gets his curls from his daddy, just like Bill did from his dad.
(mine... just likes to change color! LOL mostly white!)
So now go and enjoy your day with who ever it may be, and I send wishes for sunshine and happy memories to all.....


Friday, May 08, 2009

What's a grammy to do when $ is scarce ?

Times are HARD,
Times are getting TOUGH !!!
How's a grammy suppose to afford stuff???

That is a question many a mom, dad and just about everyone you may run into these days are asking.... How to save money!!


I have been a long time frugal person.... penny-pincher and coupon clipper. (code name= savings survivalist

Now a days that is getting harder to make ends meet even with living in that philosophy. So I have been using my newest ally in my house to find the stuff I need at a price I can afford, the internet! I still consider myself new to this land of webs, blogs, newsletters and such... I have utilized newsletters that I have fallen upon while just searching or talking to my many and ever growing online friends and community. I have gotten a nice share of free samples the last few years and have shared pertinent ones with friends and family. But some of those sites rules have changed, and I can no longer fill out for a freebie for myself and one for a friend or relative who does not have a computer... You can normally only fill out any such forms once, and if you try again later they somehow know it is still you by what is called your special ip # assigned to your internet connection ( that's if I have the language down write, but I hope you catch my drift....) So it is harder for me to share



Then, I remembered I had opened this blog way, way back when our #1 grandson came into the world and I wanted to reply to his blog... and promptly never added another thing... {duh! bonks head}

Enter a new wave.... One, or I should say Several of my online friends have blogs and they would put their blog links in their signatures at the bottom of their emails... occasionally I would take a little trip to peruse their blog to see what they were doing and what it was about... some are as simple as mine, just goings on in their household, some listing and sharing of their many pc talents in making sig-tags ~to~ fancy stationery ~to~ show case their beautiful photos... and some had little blog links listed in the side-bar and  when bored I would go click on those links and check them out too... Then recently I found my 1st blog that had info on how to use blogs to find deals, free stuff and giveaways !! 


OHHHHHHH! that got my attention.... you mean I might actually be able to save more of our precious 'fixed' income $$ just playing on my pc like I do anyways??? hummm, gotta check this out... so one search found me more links to check out and then more until I had a bulging bookmark/favorites file!
Now when am I gonna find time to check all this out???? Well, many people that know me, also know I have very irregular sleep patterns, so on the nights and days I either can't sleep or weather prevents me from doing anything else, I started cyber-surfing ( is that term still used today??) And I found many useful blogs that I had to sign up for their newsletters or make sure I went and visited regularly.

Now my next mind struck was... I love to share any freebies and contests with my friends and family already, maybe there are other people out there that could also benefit from my wanderings... Sooo, back to my long forgotten about blog...


I will try to mix it up with little tidbits of what is going on in GrammyMouseTails world and money saving ideas and tips, hints on saving, great giveaway/contest blogs and maybe anything that my wandering brain may want to type about....

I hope you find some of this helpful... fun, silly or at least ... geeze those are cute pictures!
Hubby and I are amateur photographers so I will share them on and off... we have totally different "likes" on things to snap... he is a lot better, since he has been doing it longer, has better equipment and he prefers landscapes and things, and I am a more "people" snapper, and I don't really care for posed, so you may see backs of heads, mouths full of food, even while eating ( yup gross, but maybe funny, hehehe) or just something that struck one of our fancies.... anyhow, I hope what ever it is, you find it somewhat interesting and fun.

Please feel free to sign up for updates/newsletter via email or reader of choice to follow my cheesy fun and money saving adventures! 
For now, I shall end this loooong novella and go forth and find some interesting sites and money saving things to share....


until the next time ~~~~

GrammyMouseTails aka/ Faythe

Friday, May 01, 2009

Cheese Roll

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