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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Sammy !!!

  Today our little sweetie is turning One!! Unfortunately hubby is still recovering from heart surgery and we could not make the long drive up to celebrate :-(
But we hope to see him and his "big brother" Collin (3+1/2!!) soon!

baby sam rules photo
I am sure he has changed oodles since we last saw him last Christmas...
I have been waiting (impatiently) for his daddy to send me NEW photos of both of them... but being busy, active young family, that they are, I guess it is too hard!!!! (((grumbles))) sighhhhhhhh .... soon....! I hope!

 smiling baby photo
Sammy is always smiling and very good natured just like his big brother Collin. They are a real joy in our life :-)

cute smiling baby wears sun hat photonew born baby boy photo Here he is the 1st time we met him, just a couple days old .... so precious and tiny ....

happy birthday balloons imageSo sending Special Birthday hugs and kisses via bloggy world!!!

Love Always,
Memaw and Buppa 



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