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Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day

Just a short shout out today ....

_mothers-day-tulips image   To all the Mothers out there today, whether it be a beautiful child, a fur-baby or anything/one you take care of and love, Enjoy today !

I am home today, so I don't get to 'see' my kids or grandkids whaaawww, but I did get a nice phone call from my oldest son who had Collin on the phone to (learning to talk) wish me a Happy Mother's Day! I could also hear his little brother in background making noise too, he was chiming in....

So I thought I would add a picture of old... not too old, just from Mother's Day 2007 when we went up to my son and DIL's to celebrate Mother's Day.
This is a photo of my oldest son Bill and father of Collin and Sam. Sam was not in the family yet.... So a 3 generation photo if you will...

son-grandson-grandma-3-generations photo imageBill was still growing out those beautiful curls that he had cut last year to donate for 'Locks of Love' for children with cancer. Collin gets his curls from his daddy, just like Bill did from his dad.
(mine... just likes to change color! LOL mostly white!)
So now go and enjoy your day with who ever it may be, and I send wishes for sunshine and happy memories to all.....



  1. sweet tribute to mamas. Sorry you're not close to any of the kids :(

  2. Anonymous4:01 PM

    thank you for the comment on the giveaway. i wanted to personally wish you good luck. i hope you have a wonderful upcoming week.


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