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Monday, May 18, 2009

New additions

Hey there everyone in blogland...

I am slowly getting to know more about adding things, links and other good stuff to my blog. And as I mentioned in the beginning I wanted to be able to share with you some tips, hints, fun, freebies and other great goodies out there in blogland, with an occasional tale or two thrown in for fun .
My first venture is to add some lists or links (see over on left and right) that is called the sidebars ( see I am learning the lingo)! I started slowly adding some of the great and fun blogs I have been reading and learning from and finding some cool stuff! I have in these same sidebars 'buttons' and Blog Names that are links ( more on how these work below) to some of those same sites I want to give attention too.

I hope to get this more organized soon, but for now you can go over to my sidebar and click on any of the names of the blogs or the buttons and it will take you to that site! Look around, read & enjoy. You will find lots of different things on each site. Some list lots of freebies like Free Sample Freak and others have Giveaways or Contests, reviews on lots of different products, things for babies and kids up to Adults! Plus don't forget the Furry kids in your house either! If you like the site you can always connect from here if you like or save it in your bookmarks/favorites or even sign up to get their newsletters (Update! You can now sign up to get my email newsletters! look in the sidebar)  so you don't miss out on any current goodies.
( I do not get anything for this, I am just sharing)

Good Guidelines 

  You may want to use an alternate email address, these bloggers are good at privacy, but once you start following or getting their newsletters you could get a ton of mail! Using a different email ( yahoo, gmail, ect.. use a free one) gives you more freedom to keep all the freebies, giveaways and contests in a separate place. Unless you have a more favorite way of sorting your mail in your own system. What ever works! Always read what the requirements are to enter a giveaway or contest, as most times the first entry is the most important! It usually is simple like going onto the products website (they provide a link) and looking over the site and picking out a favorite item and then go back and write about it in your entry post. Please read any disclosures too, to be on the safe side. I, personally have not encountered any problems with the one I am sharing and posted.
Just go click and take a look and hopefully you will find something good, fun or interesting today!!

Until I tap again.....
Happy blogging !!

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