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Friday, August 28, 2009

Sum, summ, Summertime. Sum, summ,

           Summertime !!!!!!!! It's summertime....

  At least it is suppose to be ??? 
I don't know how it is in your part of the world, but Mother Nature has been up to some tricks this year. It is going fast, like normal.... but weatherwise?? Hummm... she's got some 'splanning' to do!

When I last left off, I was lamenting on much we miss seeing our little darlings...
Buppa was on the mend from his latest hospital adventure and had not been up to traveling. Well a family wedding at the end of June was coming up fast. Buppa still feeling out of sorts, but I kept nudging him and Yup! once he heard our darlings would definitely be there... well it made a difference, gave him a little extra motivation... And the weather being nice was a big help!

It still was quite an effort for him, but at only half the distance to drive than all the way to lil' darlings house helped a lot for a first attempt at a trip. My aunt and uncle were gracious enough to give us a bedroom to stay in, so that helped with traveling cost considerably ! Buppa was still tired but getting to visit with our lil' darlings and seeing the rest of the relatives gave us both a welcome boost of home grown warmth, hugs and love, the best kind of medicine to take!

My cousins grandson was the ring bearer for his mom and dad and he was so cute!
Riley's little matching tux was adorable. And with a big help from the flower girl, he walked very nicely, considering he never got to go to the rehearsal, but at not quite 2 years old, I doubt he would of remembered anything! But did make a quick bolt towards mom and dad once he saw them standing under the beautiful gazebo. The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen took turns keeping little Riley busy during the lovely ceremony, complete with a special sand unity candle observance that I had never seen before.

Here is the special little mister in his tux as he 'rounds the corner' before the final march up the aisle .

isn't Riley sweet!

Now of course the wedding was the special affair.... but getting to see our lil' darlings made it all the better. And for the rest of the family too, as we all don't get together as often since the passing of Great Grandma and Grandma.
We had a very short visit before the Big event.. here is a few snapshots ..
Sam was still snoozing in the car when they first arrived, but once awake and out and alert, he headed straight for Riley's new car ! He knew just what to do to get in and make it go, good thing Riley was taking a nap! We may of had a battle instead of a 'nice' first time get to meet my new cousins!

Collin loves to help, and decided to do some chores he must of thought needed to be done, like mowing the concrete driveway and then sweeping it off!

little boy helps sweep with big broom photo image

And of course he made time for some special playing with Buppa.

Daddy was able to round up speedy Sam and get him to just look around for a very brief moment for me to snap this photo...

The next day was a very short visit as our son and DIL had to get back to work the next day. So they stopped back over to visit with just us before heading over for a brief stop to watch the gift opening and had some brunch before the trip home.
We tried to get a photo of us with our 2 darlings, and quickly found out that our son was not just whistling dixie when he said they were hard to snap together!
Collin loves to be held, talked to and cuddled. But little Sam, well he was just getting those steady feet under him and wanted to do nothing but Go, go, go !
Who wants to sit and pose in the right direction when there is walking to master and so many different things to explore in this undiscovered country !
Since I can not get the one and only sorta good photo to load, that will have to be unveiled another time....

We had a bit more of an adventure left for us, tho after the kids went home...
but that will have to wait for another day.