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Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

united we stand image
                       I have not Forgotten ...

Sky clear- fresh - Breathe
Roar - crash- fire- Darkness
Silence - frozen - suffocating
Startled - confused - sunless

What? Help? How?
Eyes dart, hands grasp, feet urge
Conflicted - disarray - unfathomable
Aroused - safeguard - people converge

Another rumble, shaken , sway
Cries - narrow corridors - need to leave
Descending, following, champions rise
Obstructions - supportive - mindful to breathe

Shouting from others, step over, duck under
Now water is falling- the sprinklers up high
Blast of heat, glass is shattered, redirect this way
Out- out- pulling- prompting- pleads you must try

Heavy it feels, no air no sky
Solace is given beneath falling fire
Dirty covered faces searching - digging - fortifying
Climb over rubble of cinders and wire

No black, yellow, white or brown
Ashen faces, no names just brothers, sisters, One
All gray coherent shadows, surviving, humane
Freedom our tether, American, One

Americans heal- survive - transcend
Remember the honor that Freedom demands
Gray shadows now Steel and Strength
We are One, must Be One, American

Written by me, in Honor of the Brave and fallen Heroes of 9/11
Faythe @ GrammyMouseTails

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Summer Time part 2

  Well today is sunny here at home, and the temps are in the comfort range, so it actually feels like a nice summer day ! Now, Where did I leave off????
Oh yes, I was trying to post a photo of Buppa and I with the grandkids...
I shall try again.....

grandparents with grandsons photo image

Well that only took a dozen tries (scratches head) ... We were all on our way to watch the newlyweds open their gifts. The next shot is of Collin getting a little extra snuggle time in with Buppa before they left for home.

snuggle time with grandpa photo image

The day ended with our good-byes to the newlyweds and to our kids ...
The next day we got up and got all packed to head for home ourselves... The pine trees were pollinating like crazy while we were there, so before we headed totally out of town we stopped and got a gas fill up and decided to wash all the nasty yellow pollen off the car too.... It was a busy day at the car wash, I guess we weren't the only ones not caring for a dusty yellow cast car... aaachhoo !! We pulled out of the auto-wash just enough so I could dry off the windows and a few other spots and all the sudden the car died??? What ?

Okay, maybe our car didn't like it's bath?? Try to start her up again, and bbbrrr.... brr... nothing! Hubby goes through his check list quickly as there are about 3 cars in line behind us stuck in the auto-wash ! None of his tricks work, so he puts it in neutral and we push it to a little pull over between the car wash and the Taco stand next door...

Now mind you, hubby is not suppose to be doing anything physical or lifting over 5 pounds yet (he is still post-op heart surgery)...  So he opens up the hood to take a look, dries off anything that may be damp, checks all likely suspects and he tries to start it again... and again.... and again! It is totally not cooperating!

Well since it was just fine before we filled up with gas, my first thought was maybe some dirt in the new gas?? I go walking over to the gas station and talk to the very nice young man running the indoor store register... He says that he could call "their" mechanic, but he won't be available until the next day, and he doesn't know when... sighhhhhh...

It is a Sunday, now in the afternoon... I look in the yellow pages and see that the local Ford dealer is just down the road from where we are stuck... but no one there on Sundays... Nothing is open on Sundays in this town, but gas stations ☺.

 Nothing else to do but call my Aunt and say Hey! guess what... Help !!! and can we come back and stay until we can get it in to the dealer tomorrow??? Oh.. and can Uncle pick us up??? Please! Uncle comes to pick us up, Hooray !!

 I grab a small bag out of the car and fill it with clean undies and also grab the necessities we will need.
We are not happy campers....

  The next morning my Uncle cancels a golf date ( oops! sorry uncle) and drives Al over to our car... It starts up! of course... but is not running right... so they both head over to the dealer and give them info and stuff to check it out.... "well you might as well go back to where you are staying until we can get the diagnoses from the mechanic" uugghhh... nothing any of us want to hear...

Well, Uncle could of gone golfing and took Al when he was done, as it turns out we don't hear from the dealer until afternoon! They found the problem, some electronic gizmo that runs the fuel to the right part of the engine ( don't you love how mechanically techie I am with this informative data!! "smiles") And of course they don't keep in stock, they have to order it, it will be there tomorrow, so the story goes.....

So luckily my Aunt and Uncle did not plan on going out of town that week... we wait all the next day, part never came.... I am lying in bed with one of my 'wonderful' (NOT) migraines...uuugghh! As if the pollen bugging my allergies wasn't enough, Now I can't even enjoy some visiting time with my family ! I spend two days in bed... and it takes 4 days for the part! They must of walked to get it!

Not a fun trip for sure ( at least the ending). Uncle took hubby one day to get us some clothes and a few other things from our car.

My wonderful Aunt did do some laundry for us. BTW... She "loves" to do laundry, I swear!! As long as I can remember she has always been an early bird, she gets up around 4 am, no alarm clock, it is in her head!!
So while everyone else is still sleeping she cleans and does laundry and gets in a bath and other chores! She says when her time comes to pass, they might as well bury the washing machine and vacuum cleaner with her, so she has something to do when she gets where she is going! We are so grateful for my Aunt and Uncles' hospitality, we had stayed by their house for the wedding to help save money on a hotel room ( so I was able to give a nicer wedding gift too) and then they put up with us for 4 extra days! I could only get her to agree to me buying food for one meal... Oh, besides being 'The Queen Cleaning Maven', she is also a wonderful cook, always baking and cooking something! So we probably had more to eat that week we were there than we normally eat at home in a month ! My cupboard is always bare, call me Mother Hubbard with the empty cupboard!

 We finally got to leave and get home without another auto-mishap!

traveling red car imageOne added good thing.... we ended up with an invite to go stay the 4th of July weekend with our son, DIL and grandkids! So I hope to post a few photos from then...

So, until I blog again.....
Enjoy your summer while it lasts!

may all weeds be wildflowers quote image Faythe