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Monday, October 12, 2009

Favre at 40 still a Factor!

Brett Favre celebrated his 40th birthday (Saturday) late on Sunday afternoon by winning another game with the Vikings! The "kid" gunslinger that 'shoots' footballs for bullets, and wearing his pink cleats for Breast Cancer awareness again this week, shot the Vikings to a victorious 5-0 start for the season! Another personal record for Favre, his 1st 5-0 season start, added to this quarterbacks collection of all time records.

This fan had no excuse not to watch her QB, as the Packers had a buy this week, meaning they did not have a game to play. I do not know the difference between a running back and a linebacker, but I know when someone is having Fun, and that someone is Brett Favre! When Favre has fun many fans across the country have fun watching him, that is what keeps him in the factor and hearts of fans.
Well done Brett Favre!

I sign off this week with a mom and son Favre Fans photo ...

(#2 son) Neil and I, in our matching Favre shirts.


Favre photo from Getty Images


  1. I'm not a sports fan but, that pic of you and your son sure is cute!

  2. those shirts are so funny! Great shot

  3. Love those shirts! Too fun!!

  4. that is fantastic I love the shirts and you and he look so happy Times to cherish I'm sure.

  5. Nice! I love you and your son in your matching shirts, that's so cute :)

  6. CUTE! I'm a Wisconsin girl myself, so bring on the cheeese!! :)


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