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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Turkey Trots!!!!

Anyone ever experience these????
How about "Seeing" these ????

{{{shudders, horrors}}}

warning... explicit photos below......

turkey trots

trotting turkeys
turkeys trotting in woods
turkeys trotting under trees
happy turkey day image 
Best wishes ...
for a Happy Word(full) Wednesday,
and a Wonderful Thanksgiving to everyone, feathered and furred alike!!

fall blessings


  1. I love the first one , Hope You Have A Great Thanks Giving ! Happy Ww

  2. Thanks for visiting Lisa!

    my hubby was crawling around practically on his belly to snap these turkeys as they took a stroll through ours & the neighbor yard...
    all hens, that he could tell, maybe a young jake ( as they are called, he wouldn't have any wobble thingee yet, LOL)

    Don't eat to much turkey...
    I'll be over for leftovers, okay?? LOL


  3. Isn't it fun to see? I have some wild turkeys up for my WW too, although I couldn't tell a hen from a Jake, as I live inthe 'burbs!

    Happy WW & Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. They are off to find a good hiding place.

  5. Yes, we have wild turkeys that will roam through our front yard!

  6. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Ha! I love that. Explicit ROFL.

  7. Yay, more wild turkey pictures. I love seeing these guys.

  8. Those are funny! That is neat (I think) that they were in your neighborhood!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. peeking in on the turkeys huh? lol Happy Wordless Wednesday.

  10. I once heard they were voted the most beautiful birds.. in terms of how they fly and such. I, personally, beg to differ LOL!

    Great pictures, though :)

  11. I know im a couple days late but Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing the pics! :D


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