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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Blizzard and Thundersnow Warning...

Oh MY! Yes Thundersnow!
Have you ever experienced it?

Our first big storm of the season has started....
Oh I can hardly hold in my joy.....

I have lived all my live in Wisconsin, but it does not mean I "love winter".
I was barely enthusiastic about it as a child, when a "Big Blizzard" would mean no school... and getting to go out and make snowmen and snow angels... To me it usually mean frost bit fingers and toes with fashionable blue lips, bbrrrr!
As a child I did try to enjoy winters delights, sledding, tasting the fresh snow and icicles, just watching the world turn a lovely shade of white. I even received Ice Skates one year from the Jolly Ol' Elf himself... little did he know, I had weak ankles, so I was found more face down on the ice than upright. While my cousins and friends would be gliding along, spinning and playing crack the whip! I would end up being the target for who they could snap off at the end of the whip and plow into me, and shove me back into a big pile of snow, yea fun...

Snowballs! I threw my share, but I received more than I gave... ahhh, Karma... so shall ye give so shall you receive in multiples... joy joy... not!
I could roll the snow into a big snow body sized ball with nary a problem... but somehow by the time I would arrive back in the nice warm house, I would be missing a boot and a sock, and both mittens???
I always wondered where they went?? Did the snowmen eat them? I always wondered why some seem to sport pretty scarves and hats with matching mittens on their stick hands.
Maybe I was lucky, that I was never trapped inside one! I always heard the tale of little Bobby who disappeared one wintry day while playing with friends in a giant snow ball contest... when the others went in for a hot cup of cocoa break, Bobby stayed out, diligently working on his monstrous snow ball, determined to have the biggest one in the neighborhood. He never came home that night, nor the next... if my little kids mind recalls all they ever found was a lone sock, boot and a pair of mittens with chew marks on them the following spring thaw...
((( shudders)))

School bell ringing would render us all to rush outside on many a cold winters day for recess, anxious to play, running and sliding and tossing hats and mittens in the air, I would gleefully join in. As a kid you quickly forget how mean ol' man winter can be. Fifteen minutes later the bell rang that ended the short burst of freedom from the days lessons. I often was sent to the nurses room. Mean woman, scared the bajeebees out of me! She had a smile that could send shivers down your spine on a warm day! The school nurse (I highly suspect if she really was one) would torture me by forcing me to hold my now almost black finger tips in a basin of water... my screams just seem to make her want to do it more! Now I know why she wore a pin of a smiling skull and crossed bones.
So the warnings have been coming almost hourly now, some sooner... first blizzard warning of the year, with thundershowers! Those creepy rumbles during the darkness that sound a tiny bit muffled from the heavy shroud of snow falling, falling faster... Wet, heavy and coming in drifts and maybe even feet high! Tomorrow may bring screams of joy from little school kids around... but from me... tonight, screams of white-blindness and frostbite demons to sway me to sleep... to dream, perchance to awaken in a sunny warm paradise... nahh, it is Wisconsin, and winter Has arrived.


  1. This snow is horrible! We've had snow since early this morning and are already at about 11 inches. I'm ready to cry!!

    And as I'm typing this, our weather man on tv just said "You know it's bad when McDonalds shuts down"

  2. I love the snow but I don't live in it sooo it totally makes sense that your not a fan! Even my kids are dying to see it...but they've never seen it. When I did live in it...I hate it so badly I wanted to stab myself in the eyes LOL!! Stay warm and stay safe!!!!

  3. I miss snow. We just had a little snow here the other day. That is the first time it has ever snowed in December in Dallas, since I have been here atleast. I grew up in Michigan. I would love to take my girls sledding....

  4. I love the snow, but being that I'm in Texas we don't see a whole lot. I hate it when we get ice storms!

  5. I'm not a big fan of winter either! Maybe if I could get out more often and have fun in the snow, I wouldn't mind it so much. It seems I only get out to drive in it and run errands feeling chilled to the bone. Ahh, to have a Winter home somewhere where it's warm that I could escape to 3-4 months out of the year! Wouldn't that be nice?

  6. O- keep all that snow. LOL Yes I have experienced thundersnow storms. I live in Illinois for 8 years. The first time I saw snow I thought it was cool. Until it was on the ground for a couple days and looked gross. I am glad I moved back to Texas. We are not supposed to get that stuff here BUT--- in the 5 years I have been back we have had snow 2 times. And I am on the Gulf coast.

  7. I love the picture you just painted me! All of my relatives are in Wisconsin, and I am slightly envious of the snow and snow days. Here in California we have to drive to see the snow : (


  8. Sorry you had to endure the Hells Angels nurse in school. I live in the Southeast and wish I could experience more snow. But, not as much as you get in Wisconsin. I'm in South Carolina. We have had a lot of precipitation this month and if this keeps up, we may just have a white Christmas.

  9. Snow happens - I like that figure of speech :) And this is a great 'snow' post.

    P.S. Something's keeping STS home from loading up. I came over from your link on my Small Talk Six post. Happy holidays!

  10. Ive never liked snow. I am a warm weather girl. I did always think it was neat though when it would thunder and sometimes lightning when it was snowing out.


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