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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So Santa asks... And what would

you like to have Santa bring you this Christmas Collin????

Collin thinking very thoughtfully.....
and thinks....
and thinks just a bit more....

I want a vacuum!!

A, a vacuum ????

now wait a Christmas moment here...
are you not the same Collin that has been hysterically afraid of vacuums?
the same Collin , who even at the sight of a vacuum would bring screams of terror and ever so large tears pouring down his face??? The same boy who was so afraid of the mention of Mr. vacuum that it had to stay hidden away in a closet, and only brought out when you were sleeping or out of the house!!!

Santa is puzzled??? Santa scratches his head...
Mommy is puzzled? Daddy is puzzled as well!

Just what has made this little boy change his mind about "evil" Mr. Vacuum???

Maybe he thinks they look fun , like something he has seen on TV?

It is kind of funny looking?? Almost like a robot, or a space ship?
Is it a Transformer ??? A VacuumBot??

This Memaw is thinking she will have to do some investigating over Christmas to find out the source, and see if Collin is really over his vacuum frights!

Who knows what goes on in the imagination of a 4 year old boy....

I just hope it is full of delightful and fun ideas!!

Happy Holidays and what kind of investigating will you have to do this holiday season??? I hope they are all fun and end with delight!


  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    I love his thinking face!

  2. That's cute! My 3yo asked for noodles (Ramen).

  3. Haha I had to giggle..

    "Now wait just a Christmas moment here"

    That's too funny!

  4. aww too sweet. My daughter begs to vacuum now.

  5. Aw how cute (and lol my mom's a Mamaw lol)

  6. update
    we made it up here with the grandkiddos...
    Collin has been a little jabberbox,
    and just seeing how far he can get away with things....

    tomorrow we get to babysit..
    and neither of us got any sleep last night!

    Merry Christmas !!

  7. This is just too cute...........one question....did Collin get a toy vacuum from Santa?


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