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Friday, May 01, 2009

About Me

Hello friends, new and old...
  I am so happy you have stopped by to my little cheese curd of the world.

Vera mouse name tag

My name is Faythe, author and editor in chief here at        

head shot Faythe of GrammyMouseTails
I have been happily married for over 41 years     ( a child bride) with 2 grown, married sons both living their dreams in different parts of the country. I am lucky to also have 3 little grandsons as well. 

I am a native born and raised Cheese-Head ! Freezing my tukus off in WI, U.S.A. - land of the famous frozen tundra! Yes, I am a Green Bay Packers fan.

  I have varied interests in movies, humor, books, music, and just about everything. I try hard to keep an open mind, always ready for a new experience. I enjoy playing in the dirt, otherwise known as gardening, but purely in an easy "don't fight with mother nature" way. I consider myself a "savings survivalist" by nature and experienced in the art by default. You have to have a large sense of humor to endure in today's economy!

  I have always loved sharing the many interesting products, ideas and life improving things I come across. I enjoy finding giveaways, freebies and other helpful and new products as I scour the internet and other media forms. This blog helps me fulfill that desire of encouraging and helping others, and hopefully sharing a laugh or two I may find as well.

  I enjoy learning about healthy life styles,  new alternatives in health care and opinions especially after becoming one of the many fallen with invisible chronic illness. I love to champion for others, old or young and distribute ideas and knowledge I come across and to get others to share in their views and wisdom as well. "Word of mouth" can be the best form of enlightenment.

  I starting blogging to exercise my brain and put my thoughts into words. Along the way I found that it is also fun to impart little theories, and actually have others who discover and read my blog, relish in some of the same thoughts or may disagree and a bantering of comments ensues. Some often turn into a comical convention! They say laughter is the best medicine (who ever "they" are?). 

  Let's have friendly discussions about new or old items that make life easier. Dispensing these new ideas, products, as well any wallet friendly items can be enjoyable and educational for my readers and I. You never know when I may post something that may tickle your funny bone too.

  One hobby I enjoy is taking photos of the many things in my life, animal, vegetable, mineral... and people too! I have been contributing in Wordless/Word-full ( word-full is a better description for me) Wednesdays and have been delighted by finding new friends across the world who also participate and open my eyes to travels and enjoyments I may have never known.

  Hopefully you will find something interesting, intriguing, knowledgeable or at least amusing in my cheesy tales. Did I mention I particularly love to laugh and savor those moments with others?? I often share the humorous side of life I come across.

  I invite you to follow, encourage you to join in, comment and live life with wild abandon !!!!! ... oh,oh, okay then... at least with a slice of humor as I navigate and learn along with you what all this internet world has to offer.

  Likewise, readers, I look forward to knowing more about you! I would appreciate it if you would leave your comments, discoveries and joys. One can never have to many friends, an over abundance of laughter or too much love. I enjoy reading your comments, every one of them, and respond to as many as I can.

  Do you have something you would like to share with my readers and I??

  If you are from PR or a company that may be a good fit with Grammy Mouse Tails use the email address below. I am the only authorized person who you will be dealing with. I will get back to you as quickly as time allows.

   You may contact by email at
   gramousetails {AT}gmail{dot}com .

Thank you !
  Faythe @ Grammy Mouse Tails

updated July, 2014