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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Knobby Knees & Knockouts

Health news alert!

 Hubby is having total knee replacement Friday 2-19-10.
Yes, he is finally having this done after living with pain from a blown ACL 21 years ago. The years have not been kind- arthritis, no cartilage left and no stabilization. Still knobby but deficient.

knee chart image

So his knee goes anywhere it wants, not where he wants it too (ouch!). Nothing left to rebuild, shots can not fill the void were once was cartilage. For now it is empty except for some spurs and crunchy bits of bone that grind unremittingly against each other in a painful dance.... eeuuwwww!!

total knee replacement image Knockouts, he has had plenty!!
He already has additional hardware in his body, and has gone through several surgeries for repairs of a multitude of body parts... Last April's third replacement of his ICD (implantable cardiac device) became necessary from the many tumbles took due to said wiggly knee, wires/leads were broke and sent signals to the ICD and Zap! Zap! to a tune of 6 times and a musical ride to the emergency room via ambulance sirens, not once but twice that day...

new knee image Shopping for knees is not something I would recommend. The artificial knee itself comes in many wondrous designs! Shiny titanium, specialize ceramics and oxidized zirconium, chrome and cobalt alloys. And then you add cement or not, and fancy plastics called polyethylene!! OOhhh!!  I am sorry, but what could easily cost $50,000.00 I could have a brand new kitchen or whirlpool bath! 
Where is that old box of LEGOs left over from the kids?    
Maybe I can invent something!

My hubby is more than a Six Million Dollar Man,
 and means more than that to me.
So I will be at the hospital most of the time, and once home (hopefully by Monday) we will be living in our lower walkout level so he doesn't have to try to navigate stairs with crutches... falling would not be a good thing! Admirably, I didn't stuff both of our sons old bedrooms with junk! I made a nice "Post-op Suite" and it has toilet facilities too!

skating mouse image
So I will get to run up and down stairs for food, drink and other necessities. Our kitchen/dining living room (open concept area) and our bedroom are on the upper level.  My computer is also up stairs so I will try to re-connect with my cyber-family/readers as soon as I can .
 Hopefully they will give him some good pain killers so I do not have to deal with Mr. Grumpy Pants .... Oh, and no sexy nurse outfit this time hubby, sorry .

I will be back to post a goodie or funny soon!
More health and knee news to come...
And if you are really good, some fun post-op photos!
Prayers would be appreciated !


Friday, February 12, 2010

More Goodies from my inbox!

I love sharing goodies with my friends and readers!
Here is a special Valentine edition to try....

Remember to try soon, as some may be pulled fast, and if I find a sample or goodies is gone, I do try the link early again the next day, as some are reloaded.

Free coupon by mail for Excedrin...  you answer a simple 1 question survey... 
I suggest checking that you use any other product than Excedrin to get any free Excedrin product up to $5.99 value.

use this link for the survey -

Aveda samples
Print out the coupon and take it to your nearest salon or store to get this great freebie offer!
Three products included in this sample pack!!! Exp 6-30

1 Color Conserve Shampoo

1 Color Conserve Conditioner

1 Color Conserve Strengthening treatment

Sam's Club is offering a free sample of Emergen-C vitamin fizzy drink mix.
I did not need to enter a Sam's Club number for this one.

You can also still get another free sample of Emergen-C
  directly from the manufacturer (click on the yellow bubble "Free Samples"). This has been a busy sample, so you may have to try more than once to enter, or refresh the page. I got this sample and there were 3 packets: Cranberry, Tangerine, and Raspberry and a coupon to Save $1 on any 36 ct. box!

And last one for today is for all fellow chocolate lovers ...

Get a 6 piece Turin's Baileys filled Chocolates sample.
I found using FireFox as a browser for best results.



Enjoy todays goodies!
Let me know if you are finding these useful and if I should continue to share?
Is there something special you would like me to search for or add? 
 Feel free to leave me a question or share a goodie that you found!

Sending special Valentine Wishes to everyone !!



Sunday, February 07, 2010

Goodies from my inbox!

 Another round of goodies from my inbox!!
Hope you find something you like, and hurry, as some only last a short time.

I found another goodie for the kitty lovers ...

World's Best Cat Litter Free after rebate (rebate offer found in link)


Visit World's Best Cat Litter for information and printable rebate form to try this litter free! While quanties last.

 New program from Target! Get Target coupons on your cell phone.

Coupons on your cell phone is becoming more and more popular, Target has now jumped in on the bandwagon! You can sign up for FREE Target coupons on your cell phone
 This is what it says on their site:

“Get your monthly offers via text message with a link to a barcode that can be scanned at checkout. The same barcode can be used for multiple one-time-only coupon deals throughout the month. Offers always arrive on a Sunday.”

You can also sign up for Target Daily Deal Text Alerts and Target Weekly Online Ad Text Alerts .
 I want you to share your experiences with this new Target Mobile Coupon Program.
Let me know what you think of this concept... do you like it or not?
  useful or annoying?

Make a free Valentines Day card and get a free game of bowling !

Print a sheet of Brunswick Bowling’s FREE Valentine’s Day card
each card is valid for a FREE Game of Bowling

Coupons are valid thru 2/14-2/28/10.

Free YMCA memberships for qualified members of the Military !

The Department of Defense has contracted with the Armed Services YMCA to fund memberships at participating YMCAs throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Click on the appropriate link to see if you qualify:

 Sonic has free Onion Rings...

YUMMY!! Right now at Sonic you can get FREE Onion Rings when you buy a Steak Melt Toaster! Mmm….that sounds so good!  If your not a fan of Onion Rings you can always share them with someone with you. The Steak Melt Toaster sounds tasty ….have you had one? Did you love it or not? Let me know.

As always… call your local Sonic ahead of time to verify that they are participating in this promotion.

Einstein Bros Do something TwistedBOGO !

Einstein Bros Bagels: BOGO FREE Twisted Bagel Sandwich


Print a coupon from Einstein Bros Bagels for a FREE Twisted Bagel Sandwich when you buy another.

   This coupon expires 2/16/10. Hurry and Enjoy!

And last one for today ...

Free Power Bar Gel Blasts sample!


Recieve a free sample of PowerBar Energy Gel Blasts 

  The value of thi Power Bar free sample is apx $1.99! Not to a bad freebie! You’ll get your free sample within 3-5 weeks in the mail.

I have not received any monetary or product samples for this review, just sharing goodies with my readers and friends from my email inbox! By sharing these goodies not not imply I personally endorse or use these products.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Help Create a Foundation to Help Bloggers


Below I am sharing a Guest post in sharing information for helping others and bloggers alike. Pepsi has a great program going on now to share grant funds with people or communities with needs or sound believes. Instead of spending a small countries worth in advertising during the Super Bowl. Even if you are not a blogger, but interested in Pepsi Refresh Project, please read on and learn more about another way of helping others. It costs you nothing but a few moments of you time and you could be making the lives of others ( or yourself) better!


I believe supporting the Arts is one of the important ways we better our world. Service takes many forms, and all are necessary: the gifted content creators in the blogosphere are artists, and my life is so much better –our culture is so much better — because of their work. The heart and soul of blogging, the truth of self-expression online, is so much more than the ridiculous few business models we’ve tried to use to support our artists.

For many of us, creating content and publishing online is our Parisian salon, our Algonquin Round Table, our Bread Loaf. We are a community of creatives. We know that publishing is a sacrifice, a commitment, the rushing, moving channel for our art, and we want to make way for the highest quality in online work to be supported whether or not it appeals to corporate sponsors. And are devoted to our community of creatives, even when we truly know each other: we are united in our passions, connected in doing what we are drawn to do. Every writer I know has said that her work has improved because of the practice of writing online, the feedback of audiences, and the exposure to other gifted, brave, vanguard authors. We know the value of quality and necessity of blogging, which is what makes us so very generous with our own limited finances when one of our own is in need.

I’ve often wondered why our rich tech brothers haven’t become like the Medici’s in Renaissance Italy. Why haven’t they stepped up to fund creative development, or to create a foundation to protect our burgeoning art form and its creators? I’d like to encourage them and other related businesses to do so–and not solely by giving us free printers to review. Printers, coupons and samples of cleaning products don’t pay emergency room doctor bills or get the electricity reconnected.

As a patron of the arts, I’ve donated money to many structured emergency relief funds. They are so important, so useful, in helping artists and writers continue to work despite financial setbacks. What if bloggers could have access to a fund like:

* the Craft Emergency Relief Fund, which helps craft artists
* the ASJA Writers Assistance Fund, for nonfiction freelancers
* the PEN American Writers Fund for published writers
* the William A. Graham Artist Emergency Fund, which helps visual artists
or other public, private, regional or local funds.

We have an opportunity to build this thing.

I’ve submitted a request for a seed grant to start the process, from Pepsi’s Refresh Everything crowd-sourced corporate giving project. This is what they are doing with the money they saved by not airing a ridiculously expensive Superbowl ad. This is an amazing gesture toward a future that is more authentic because of crowd-sourcing, and because of what we do every day in this space.

I’ve just put the idea out there to see if bloggers think that our art form needs this type of support. Do you? If so, please register and vote, and share the news. Republish parts or all of this post. Promote on social media. Do what you do, begin to protect what you love. The top two ideas in the funding category will be funded each month. If you have ideas of your own, submit it now for the next round on voting in March.

How it works:

1. Easy registration.
2. Vote every day in February.
3. Promote the link.

If you would like an email each day reminding you to vote, please email me at debontherocks @ gmail.com to be added to the list. It’s a very cool list to be on, but it won’t be used for any other reason.

I’m offering up this idea because I love us. Even those of us who drive me crazy–sometimes especially them. I love what we do, and that we are lucky enough to do it. My heart breaks when economic suffering or personal and family crises gets in the way of creating for such brilliant people. I’d like to give us a chance to claim this next step in our medium’s development.

Please join me.



Article Courtesy of Deb on the Rocks


Editors Note:

 I heard about this from Trisha at MomDot  and I think its a great idea. I have gained knowledge and confidence through her blog and MomDot Blogger community and feel this is also a worthy idea.
  So if you are a blogger, new or experienced and believe in helping others like yourself, you should also blog and link up to this and help spread the word in the blogosphere. We do separately many things online that amount to greatness, working together is the only way to really ensure that our community stays strong and supports each other as a whole. We vote for each others cute kids, to win prizes, to have the best blog…now lets vote for something that makes a difference.

YOU have the power.
Don’t let anyone ever tell you different.

thanks !

this promotion is now over, thank you!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Good things from my inbox!

Here are a few goodies I wanted to share with you today from my inbox...

Win at Origins!
Starting Over Sweepstakes!!

Kickstart your health and fitness routine and skincare regimen in the New Year by “starting over!” All you have to do is enter our Starting Over™ Sweepstakes today, and these awesome prizes can be yours.
One lucky Grand Prize Winner will receive:
• One Year Gym Membership with 6-personal training sessions to kick start your new fitness regimen
• A soul-refreshing spa day in your hometown
Origins New Starting Over™ Age-erasing moisturizer plus 4 other Origins favorites: Youthtopia™ serum, Modern Friction™, GinZing™ eye and Drink Up™ mask
• One year subscription to Women’s Health magazine

To Enter
Click on the “Sweepstakes” link (Here), and complete the entry form (the “Entry Site”). You will be asked to provide your name, complete address, telephone number, date of birth and e-mail address. A limit of one (1) entry via the entry site per valid e-mail address/person will be accepted during this sweepstakes. All entries on the site must be received by 11:59 PM EST on February 28, 2010.
Ten lucky runner-up winners will receive Origins New Starting Over™ Age-erasing moisturizer.

If you have any problems with the above link simply try www.origins.com/sweeps .


Join Catster now and you can try Cat’s Pride Cat Litter for FREE! You have to be an “active” member, sign up and then create your profile (doesn’t take long) and then go back here for your FREE Cat Litter !!

 You’ll be mailed a coupon for $7 off ANY size bag…
 which means you can snag it for free at most stores!
This is a cute site with lots of info for your furry friend,
  they also have a Dogster you can join too!

The Great Gallon Give

This is an awesome Instant Win Game
 You can go to the Great Gallon Give and enter to win FREE Milk for a year!!!
The first 125,000 that enter will "Get a Free Half-Gallon of Chocolate Milk when you buy 1 Gallon of White Milk" (any brand, maximum value $3.00).  After you enter the sweeps look for a white "Milk Coupon" button at the bottom.  If you miss it, just enter the sweeps again and you can still access the coupon (but it will tell you you've already entered today).  It's a "bricks" coupon you can print twice.  Your coupon expires in one month (turn your pop-up blocker off before printing!). After you sign up/sign in...the Instant Win Game will immediately play, after you find out if you’ve won or not look in the bottom left hand corner for your coupon to print. 

Enjoy and I look forward to sharing more goodies I find around the cheesy side of the blog-world!


All items posted are now expired.
I was not paid nor given anything to post these items.
They were things I have found online or sent to me by way of my inbox and I wanted to share the goodness!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Snow Fun the "Pre-quel" -WW

Ah, freshly fallen snow  ...
not even a trace of a rabbit or deer track ....


Everything buried in a frosting of white.... looks so clean and pretty.

Now, if you the person who has to remove this wet, heavy mess you probably are not all that excited...

But if you are home on vacation and haven't seen snow in a few years....

You may feel like "I on top of the world!"

  Just watch that first step.... 
              it is a bit slippery !!!!!!!!!!!!

This is looking up the back yard hill, from the corner of the house.
Anyone care to see what it looks like from the top of the hill looking down???

Stay warm from the frozen tundra, Wisconsin!