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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Knobby Knees & Knockouts

Health news alert!

 Hubby is having total knee replacement Friday 2-19-10.
Yes, he is finally having this done after living with pain from a blown ACL 21 years ago. The years have not been kind- arthritis, no cartilage left and no stabilization. Still knobby but deficient.

knee chart image

So his knee goes anywhere it wants, not where he wants it too (ouch!). Nothing left to rebuild, shots can not fill the void were once was cartilage. For now it is empty except for some spurs and crunchy bits of bone that grind unremittingly against each other in a painful dance.... eeuuwwww!!

total knee replacement image Knockouts, he has had plenty!!
He already has additional hardware in his body, and has gone through several surgeries for repairs of a multitude of body parts... Last April's third replacement of his ICD (implantable cardiac device) became necessary from the many tumbles took due to said wiggly knee, wires/leads were broke and sent signals to the ICD and Zap! Zap! to a tune of 6 times and a musical ride to the emergency room via ambulance sirens, not once but twice that day...

new knee image Shopping for knees is not something I would recommend. The artificial knee itself comes in many wondrous designs! Shiny titanium, specialize ceramics and oxidized zirconium, chrome and cobalt alloys. And then you add cement or not, and fancy plastics called polyethylene!! OOhhh!!  I am sorry, but what could easily cost $50,000.00 I could have a brand new kitchen or whirlpool bath! 
Where is that old box of LEGOs left over from the kids?    
Maybe I can invent something!

My hubby is more than a Six Million Dollar Man,
 and means more than that to me.
So I will be at the hospital most of the time, and once home (hopefully by Monday) we will be living in our lower walkout level so he doesn't have to try to navigate stairs with crutches... falling would not be a good thing! Admirably, I didn't stuff both of our sons old bedrooms with junk! I made a nice "Post-op Suite" and it has toilet facilities too!

skating mouse image
So I will get to run up and down stairs for food, drink and other necessities. Our kitchen/dining living room (open concept area) and our bedroom are on the upper level.  My computer is also up stairs so I will try to re-connect with my cyber-family/readers as soon as I can .
 Hopefully they will give him some good pain killers so I do not have to deal with Mr. Grumpy Pants .... Oh, and no sexy nurse outfit this time hubby, sorry .

I will be back to post a goodie or funny soon!
More health and knee news to come...
And if you are really good, some fun post-op photos!
Prayers would be appreciated !



  1. Aww, sending prayers your way.

    It will be Ok, Faythe.

  2. My prayers are with both of you. Hopefully he will feel like a spry young fellow, with a pep in his step after this.

  3. I hope it all goes smoothly and he feels better. Here's to quick healing! (((HUGS)))

  4. My Father-in-law just had this done a few months ago and he is doing great. The recovery was long but worth it.

    Praying for him!

  5. ((HUGS)) and positive thoughts being sent your way!

  6. Faythe, let me know if you need anything. You're such a strong girl. :) e-mail me anytime or I can send you my number.

    Definitely thinking about you and your hubs! xoxo

  7. Wishing things go well & thinking of you both! I've had friends who've had replacements from sports injuries years ago!

  8. Hoping everything goes well! My father had a partial knee replacement and recovered nicely.

    It's amazing what they do nowadays and how quickly people recover.

  9. I hope everything goes well! I have worked with literally hundreds of patients who have had total knees over my 13 year career, and if I had to have any joint replacement surgery, that's what I'd have :) Good luck to him!

  10. Hello Mom, I just wanted to comment on Dads surgery. Thanks for the reminder to call him. I kept telling myself all day to call him tonight, but forgot once I got into projects on the house. I almost admitted it to him but I didn't want to bust you:-) All will go well and I love you two. Hugs!

  11. Sending positive thoughts to him. My aunt had both of her knees replaced a few years ago and says it was so worth it.

  12. No sexy nurse outfit ... this time? LOL. I thought that was interesting.

    And I was totally thinking he was a 6 Million Dollar Man ... sweet of you to say he is more.

    I think he will be in good hands. I know it's nerve-wracking to have your hubby in surgery ... been there a few times. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery!

  13. Your poor dh...long time to hurt. I hope he comes out perfect and I'll pray for him (and miss you)

  14. Wow I hope all goes well. I have been through kneee surgery with my husband and its not a fun recovery. He went through a lot of sleepless nights due to just being plain uncomfortable to getting frustrated because he had to rely on me for everything.

    I do have to say that it was worth it because he has never had issues again.


  15. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Hope you are both home and all is well. Sending positive energy for smooth and not too uncomfortable quick recovery time.
    Don't let him read adventure, mountain climbing and repelling mags while he heals. Might give him ideas.

  16. They should have added a bionic knee for him, and that way he could have done that slow motion thingy with sound effects, you know the Six Million Dollar Man one, d,d,d,d,d,d,d,d,de,d,d,d,d, and so on but you get the idea :)

    Those weeds from the previous posting wouldn't stand a chance with hubby helping you pull a few :) Seriously though, it looks a very painful knee, and twenty one years of suffering must have been horrible for him :(

    I must admit my knees aren't so great these days, mainly due to crawling around, nooooo nothing naughty, just kneeling down playing games instead of sitting in the chair nice and comfortable, ah well it is all good fun and I am still playing, but now sat in the chair instead :)lol

    Hey my PS3 I mean :)

    Have a sweet evening Faythe :) ;)

    Andro xxxx


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