Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brew Crew dunks Pirates!

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The Milwaukee Brewers had a historic day after dousing the Pittsburgh Pirates 20 - 0 this afternoon!

The bats were cracking hot as the Brew Crew matched a franchise record for margin of victory and set another record for its biggest shutout win. Of course the Pirates were not to happy to be part of this kind of history. It set a record for the Pirates as well... this teams loss was the worst in 124 years as a franchise and was MLB most lop-sided 3 game sweep in 17 years.

 According to the Elias Sports Bureau, this was only the fifth-most lopsided shutout in MLB since 1900! This list is topped by a pair of 22-0 games, ironically including a Pirates win over the Chicago Cubs in 1975. 

Ryan Braun, Jim Edmonds and Prince Fielder were just a few of the Crew to start the drenching party today with their home runs. Braun went 3 for 4 with a homer, a double, 3 runs scored, 5 RBIs, a walk and a double. Edmonds had 4 hits, 3 RBIs, doubled twice and singled. Fielder had his first homer of the season. Prince Fielder had gone 14 games and 53 at bats to give the ball a good cracking.

It looked like every player wanted in on the fun, even the pitchers! Randy Wolf had 2 hits and scored twice, and reliever Manny Parra finished off with the Brewers 25th hit of the ballgame with a ninth inning RBI single!

Another interesting history fact of the game was that Edmonds and catcher George Kottaras hit their first Milwaukee Brewers home runs.

Ryan Braun

Left fielder, Ryan Braun called it 
         "fun and special".

Jim Edmonds,
    center and right fielder called it "crazy".
Jim Edmonds
Prince Fielder

  While Prince Fielder, first base,
     said it was "Awesome"!!

Prince Fielder, who finally broke his batting drought with his HR was reminded of one of his own personal stats, being that he matched his own longest season opener with out a home run in his career since 2008. That is when he smiled and said "Awesome, That should be as far as I go (without a homer)." Prince was the latest player to point to Saturdays loss 8 - 0 against the Washington Nationals as a turning point for many of the players to loosen up and just have some fun. That game left the Brewers with a 4 - 7 record.  Fielder is quoted as saying "We didn't have any of our personality at all. It was a little too serious ... For awhile, even when we win, it wasn't us. Now, win or lose we are going to have fun".

At about that point Braun came over and helped Fielder finish his thought by saying "We have our swagger back!" 
"Exactly," Prince said "We're not (like) certain teams. We are finally being ourselves".

If this is being "themselves" it looks like an exciting and fun season of Brewers Baseball.

                                         Keith Srakocic_AP_photo credit

 The Brew Crew leaving Pittsburgh with a 3 - 0 game series win, they out scored the Pirates 36 - 1 in hits. 
  And leaving the Pirates dunked in the waters for Earth day.

milwaukee brewers logo

This is one sudsy Brew Crew fan 
that is hoping for a  
   World Series season !

So who is your favorite baseball team?

  The American past time. MLB, minors, college or high school...


help with facts from JSonline Milwaukee and MLB websites.


  1. Maybe I will adopt the Brewers this year. I am looking for a team to cheer for, since there is not one here in Salt Lake. The Brewers are a small market team with big heart, I like that.

  2. Aw great post. My favorite team has always been the Yankees. I have a thing for colors and I love their team colors, plus Mr. Derek Jeter and Mr. Alex Rodriguez are rather yum to look at ha!

  3. I'm really not all that into baseball but my husband loves the Yankees. I just like the way they look in their uniforms. (BIG SMILES)

  4. My favorite team was the Seattle Mariners since I grew up in Seattle - but I sort of lost my love of baseball since moving to PA 12 years ago. I still keep tabs on the Mariners but not as avidly as I used to. :)

  5. Anonymous3:57 PM

    I was a Braves fan when they were in Milwaukee. Just couldn't get into the Brewers for a long time after that. Then, living on the "border," could not get away from the Cubs. Altho was fun to root for the White Sox, just to get those Cub fans going!

  6. I hope you get your world series. I dont watch baseball but I love football. The thing that amazes me about baseball is all the stats because its been around for so long.



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