Tuesday, April 06, 2010

digging for spring part 3

A reminder from last weeks clue...

heirloom old fashion hollyhock spring rosettes and acorn photo image
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This is a first year seedling from the mother plant, just sprouting and looks like someone dropped an acorn before they could bury it!

So what was it? 
Some guesses : 
     were geraniums, nasturtiums and primroses.

The answer ...
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 Heirloom Hollyhocks !! 
       In an assortment of colors.

tall hollyhocks starting to bloom photo image

  Of course they will not bloom until they grow the tall stalks that you see above, well over hubby's head, and he is about 6 foot. The first year seedlings I show at the top normally will just grow a small bushy mound the first year and not flower until the second and consecutive years. But they have been known to go right ahead and bloom on me the first year!
Anyone want seeds? I have plenty !

Would you like another mystery?

  This one is poking is leaves out of the ground.
I had to relocate this one after it doing poorly in the first location, 
it was too shady, and the tag said part shade/part sun,    go figure???

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It is now planted on the south side of the house, where you see the hollyhocks.
It seems to tolerate the full sun quite well, 
 especially when I remember to give it a drink!
This was bought at a nursery several years ago, and is not an heirloom, but is commonly found in many areas.

We had lots of wind and more crazy weather last week. Then some April showers  and even a thunderstorm or two blew through. I will post next week what it did to the pretty crocus from last week, and a new colorful surprise as well.

Remember to comment and go ahead and guess,
 I hope you are finding it fun. 
I would like to hear what is popping up in your yard.
Please leave your name in the Mr. Linky widget if your are participating in W/W!

   with dirty hands from digging I bid you well until next time...

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  1. Those are some pretty flowers! One of my favorite things about spring are the flowers!

  2. I LOVE hollyhocks! Beautiful. :)

  3. those are gorgeous!! I can't wait to see more blooms around here :)

  4. Those hollyhocks are lovely!

  5. I've never grown holly hocks too impatient to wait two years but when i think of all the years i let slip by. they'd be perfect at my house becasue they 'd outgrow the meadow grasses an I might actually be able to see their blooms.

  6. Such pretty flowers...I do not have a green thumb so it's always nice to admire someone else's flowers!

  7. What lovely flowers! Ours are just coming up!

  8. I would love some seeds but I'd just kill it. Such beautiful flowers!

  9. Anonymous7:34 AM

    I would never have guessed right. I was admiring them in the seed packets last weekend at the hardware store. I wanted to buy multicolor sunflower seeds, but "someone" said I'd never get around to planting them. With this rain, I would not have to starter water them. They'd be able to root well.
    I will have to admire yours.

  10. Sigh. I'm not a gardener. I think of my country grandmother's zinnias and my city grandmother's sweet peas and bachelor buttons. When my grandchildren think of me, they'll have no floral associations, although they might remember an ivy or a palm that I didn't manage to kill!

  11. how pretty! I love springtime!

  12. I love flowers, but I just plant perrenials...I have a black thumb...Weird..cause my mom sure knows how to plant a garden...I never inherited the ability...

  13. You have such a pretty yard!

  14. I love to plant perennials as they come back again for more enjoyment!
    I am far the greenest thumb, tho... but love to try new things and learn as I go along. I do have a very hard time with roses, never last more than 1 year for me! Too expensive for an annual for me ;)
    These hollyhocks are the common variety, so they will self sow, and I found them easy to grow.
    No guesses yet? hummm...
    thanks for stopping & happy WW!

  15. so pretty! Everything I plant just dies :(

  16. I can't wait to plant my flowers this year! Your flowers are so pretty. I've never tried growing those yet.:)

  17. It's amazing something so plain looking could grow into beautiful Heirloom Hollyhocks. And so tall too!

  18. Those are some great flowers. We are gardening idiots at our house. I wish we had flowers like these.

  19. Those are some tall flowers! I couldn't even begin to guess what the others are, but I'm sure they'll be beautiful! Happy WW!

  20. I wish I had the time and energy to work on my yard..but alas....LOL! That and a black thumb prevent me...

    In regards to my 9 year old pictures...they actually did come out quite grainy...but thank God for the digital age..I had them put on disc, and then I touched them up in Picassa...I have yet to see how the printed version actually look though, but at least I have the digital if nothing else...I had 70 undeveloped films..LOL! A family friend helped develop them...

  21. Beautiful flowers! I'd love to grow those. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Great photos!

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  22. Those were absolutely beautiful, Faythe. I love flowers and the first ones of the season are extra special.

  23. Beautiful flowers and what a fun game! I am a veggie gardener with hardly any flower experience though so I have no idea what they could be ... they look a little like garlic but not really. ??

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday!

  24. Those are BEAUTIFUL!!! I sure do love Spring :) Thanks for stopping by my blog hun!!

  25. Oh, I love the hollyhocks pictures. Especially the pink one. :) Thanks for sharing. I LOVE GARDENING and Chocolate! :)


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