Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mellow Yellow - Wordful Wednesday

Greetings and welcome back to readers that have been here before.

Spring weather has been the normal back and forth cold to warm to windy to wet to chilly and back to sunny and warm again... yup, it is spring in Wisconsin alright!
The tree pollens have been very busy the last few weeks, and some days it just seems a haze of yellow... and it makes me a mellow addled, sleepy and crabby gal!

So is anyone interested in our mystery plant from last week?
Here is a couple of peeks with a hint of what it looks like in winter, it adds a lot of visual interest when not completely covered in snow.

And this is this spring just awakening with one of last falls dried flower heads laying next to it.

It is Autumn Joy Sedum! It is pretty hardy fellow, I have found it very easy to grown in sun and shade, and easy to divide into more plants when division is needed or wanted (frugal that way) as mentioned in last weeks oops!
Here are some mature photos in its growing stages.


green and setting flowers and mid-summer 
flowers in colors...
 and in fall flowers ready for rest and winters slumber...   

More news on the mystery plant guessing game... 
  I had my first correct hypothesizer !!! 
A hearty congrats to Henrietta from "A Hens Nest blog" !

Go ahead and click on her name (it is a click-able link) to go to Hen's blog and check out the fun on her blog!
We did have a second runner up of sorts... Susan at GrandParents.about  she guessed   'a type of succulent', and some do classify it in the succulent class for its thick pear-shaped leaves and mellifluous growing nature. You can check Susan's blog out too. They both usually play along in WW too!

Now it is time to show some golden glory that is almost all past in my yard.
  Forsythia first started showing its daring yellow hue on the morning of a cold and rainy day. I was not about to let a bit a water stop me from snapping it up!
Well I did wait for it to slow down... a lot!




As soon as the sun came out that day forsythia really radiated in sunshine color!

The sky was so blue it really brought out
the bronzed bell shaped petals.

This one is just 2 days later and all that golden attitude seemed as if an effigy to spring itself!
If you look closely at the bottom flower a little bug is hiding itself near the center, maybe had just finished a meal of nectar...
As long as he stayed away and not wanting to taste me, I was willing to share with him.

Now the leaves are pushing off the yellow coat and leaving amber colored snowflakes all over the flower bed as the greenery of summer fills in, making it a more mellow fellow.

I have ambled on again, 
I hope I did not bore your brain and your eyes had a treat of sorts today. 
But before I leave I have to put up the next mystery plant, 
   so put on your thinking caps....

Nope not an Hickory tree... somebody lost their nuts again!

Here it is again just 13 days later.... with nuts removed...

and to just add a bit of interest, this is of the same species but in tree form and sprouting from its base ... 
  I wonder if it will be the same color??

 If you are playing along with WW please link up below and be sure to leave your comments and theories of the riddle of the week below! 
You can also check out more WW on MomDotSevenClownCircus and the WW head-quarters.

    departing with dirty hands .....



  1. Wow, that sky is crystal clear blue. We need some of that here.

  2. I love forsythia. Ours has already bloomed and turned green. I'm thinking of planting more for next year. I love the bright yellow of spring.

  3. What a gorgeous plant all the pictures look so interesting, I love sharing your little woodsy garden spot!

  4. Omgosh you did a fabulous job I can almost see them growing. Beautiful

  5. The flowers are gorgeous. Happy WW.

  6. I don't think we have any forsythia around here..although I don't know much about plants, and wouldn't have known what the pics were of if you hadn't of told us. That's why I have no guess for the mystery tree either. Beautiful pics all around though.

  7. Beautiful pictures. :) Happy WW!

    Mariposa's WW

  8. I can't say I love sedum...but you to get a lot of bank for your buck, so to speak.

  9. These are beautiful pictures. I can't grow anything but weeds.

  10. Wonderful shots..gorgeous! lovely post!

  11. I have never seen anything like this week's photos, so can't hazard a guess. But the forsythia is beautiful. Thanks for the mention of my website!

  12. Darn! Wish I'd visited last week. That Sedum is a slam dunk - I let the snow collect around it's base in winter, same as you. This week's mystery? Not a clue. :)

  13. You got some amazing spring shots! I'm with Night Owl Mama - you can almost see them growing! :)

  14. Beautiful Forsythia! I can't wait to get our garden started!

    Happy WW!

  15. Ooh, the Autumn Joy Sedum is gorgeous! I love plants that I can divide, but sadly not many of them make it with my brown thumb. I have some Crepe Myrtles growing at one end of my house, though....what would be about 2-3 trees, so I need to remove some of those and take them elsewhere. Hope they make it!

    Happy WW!

  16. So pretty! Wonderful WW images!

  17. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Love the story along with the photos. Beautiful!

  18. I love all the flowers. We need some of those here.

  19. I'm so jealous that you're having plants come alive already. I wish I had the time to garden this year. I'll have to live through you this year! :)

  20. Beautiful plants! I love the forsythias!

  21. Anonymous1:20 PM

    As I have mentioned before, you do inspire me to pay closer attention to the plants around the house here. And today, since I was not able to WW with the rest of you, I happened into a thrift store with a fresh batch of gardening magazines! Most of which came home with me.

  22. I don't know why, but a weird link came up for me. I don't want the link posted to come up if you don't mind deleting.

    What beautiful photos of the splendors of nature where you live!

  23. What a lovely collection of plants and flowers. Thanks for dropping by my blog, I only wish those were my garden steps. They are on set of a pair that go to a sunken gazebo at a local nature center.

  24. What great photos! Your garden is alive with beauty. Thanks so much for stopping by and linking your WW post up on my linky. Maybe my ladybugs could fly on over to your garden and have a little bit of "fun" on your flowers too! Have a great day!

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  25. Great photos... Not too many flowers here to look at in the neighborhood but I love seeing the wild flowers when we drive...

  26. Floral wonders to behold!

    My blog is all original inspirational writings. Stop by any time!



  27. Love your green thumb. Everything is so beautiful!

  28. beautiful! I love flowers. Can't wait til we get our yard going and flowers planted!

  29. That is an interesting plant. I'm trying to remember where I've seen it before.

    I like the photos of the other plants in your garden spot too.

    I love flowers but I still have not started my garden!

  30. Love the beautiful forsthia, lovley photos.

  31. Oh your forsythia is gorgeous! It reminds me of my Grammy, she had a long hedge in her yard that she doted on, it was so pretty.

    I have no idea what your mystery plant is this week! I'm interested in finding out though as it looks like a pretty one! Thanks for sharing my name as the winner of last week! I love my Autumn Joy, it flowers at a time when some others are starting to fade and certainly brings interest to the late fall/winter flower bed!

  32. Hi Faythe,

    Thought I'd drop by since it has been a long while and you've been so good to visit and leave comments on my blog.

    Love your nature photos and your mystery plant contest! Great idea!

    Your new plant kind of looks familiar but I am drawing a complete blank...so much for my thinking cap doing me any good today! (wry smile).

    It is a beautiful day here in IL. Just love spring! We had one of our sons ask why the trees were getting their leaves again. He's the first one to ever ask that, left me with a weird feeling of how he or I missed that fact in his life. Yet it was a teachable moment too.


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