Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring is still a popping!

Spring is still growing! 
Through the wind, cold, rain and snow...
The days have been a mixture of dreary clouds and skimpy sunshine, 
but the colors continue to change rather quickly especially with the cold snaps sneaking in here and there.

Now a reminder of last weeks sprouts in question ...

spiderwort shoots
click on photos to enlarge,
please ask to copy

I do have to admit this was a hard one!
No correct answers, maybe a picture will clue you in ???

spiderwort blurry bloom

hummm, a bit blurry... 
       I am still learning the tricks to my little camera.

This one is much better....

spiderwort flowers

It is commonly known as spiderwort! 
The flowers will bloom later mid-summer, 
they can last a day or so for each one of the flower pods.
You can see some of the purple color showing in the stems as they sprout through the ground.

Do you remember these pretties from last couple weeks?

squirrel crossing crocus

I was lucky to enjoy them as long as I did this year, as they are usually covered in snow when they make there performance. 
Well with the wind and very cold freezing rain they looked like this ...

croaked crocus

croaking crocus
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The sneaky wind brought more leaves from last fall to try and bury them again...

croaked crocus yellow wet

This yellow guy had one bloom shriveled up and one bud valiantly hoping for one more shot at stardom. 
Now even the leaves of the crocus are hard to find. 
They are now drying up all vegetation and storing energy for next years show.

umbrella line

Are you ready for this weeks mystery plant???

This one should be easier, another perennial.

sedum sprouts

It is another one that will bloom later in the year, but the flower heads stay with the plant through the winter for visual interest.

snapped sedum sprout
click to enlarge,
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 As I was digging them out of the heavy matted leaves from last fall...


oops sedum sprout

no worries, I found a hole left by some critter who had been digging earlier so I popped it in the hole and covered it with fresh dirt. 
Next spring it will pop and shine.

replanted sedum

happy smiley with flower
I am pretty sure it will make it just fine.              

Please leave your guesses and comments below, and if you are participating in Wordless/Wordful Wednesday {WW} also leave your link in Mr. Linky below so I, my readers and others can come see what you have to show off this week!  

plant with kindness

   I leave you again with dirty hands!
        don't forget to leave me a guess!


  1. Can you come be my gardener? We don't have any flowers! Yours on the hand looks fantastic!

  2. I love spring and watching everything beginning to grow!

  3. spring is such a wonderful season when flowers starting to bloom.

  4. It looks like the yellow flower trid valiantly to grow.

  5. i love the color of that spiderwort...so pretty

  6. Such lovely blooms..I love the spiderwort..especially the gorgeous color!Awesome!
    Fantastic post...yay!

  7. Hi again..I am not sure my comments went through..so I'll post again!
    Super lovely post..beautiful blooms..my fave is the spiderwort..and LOVE the color of it! Gorgeous post..wonderful to visit!!
    Have agreat day!

  8. Your flowers are beautiful! I just love spring!
    I love your mystery plant too, I have a big clump of Autumn Joy Sedum in my front flower bed :)
    Happy WW!

  9. What a lovely purple the spiderwort has! It deserves a better name.

    Your mystery plant is a mystery to me. It almost looks like some kind of succulent.

  10. Beautiful, I want pretty flowers!

  11. I'm nervous because the house we're buying has all these pretty flowers planted and I am pretty sure I do not have a green thumb!

  12. I love it when you forget all about what plants you have out and then you see them growing. They are going to be great!

  13. Hey there! Happy WW love all the pics and not sure what the mystery plant is! LOL

  14. New life is so fun to watch but sometimes my garden really stresses me out! Mainly in the summer, when I have to spend so much time protecting it from the AL sun!

  15. I had never heard of spiderwort before. Thanks for teaching me something new today. I am really terrible with flowers though - no clue what this week's mystery flower might be. Glad you were able to save the little one! Thanks for stopping by again today :)

  16. Love your Squirrel Crossing sign. Hubby, who has the green thumb in our family, has a couple of golf themed signs in our yard that say Carts and No Chipping.

  17. Very pretty flowers! And I love your squirrel sign....my mom needs one of those! lol

    Happy WW Faythe! :)

  18. I love the Spiderwort..beautiful color!

    Happy WW!

  19. How does your garden grow? Spectacularly!

  20. Spring is still my favorite. Hope that squirrel is okay, he's ON TOP of that sign. Might not have read it.

  21. From where you live, I bet all the pretty flowers are exciting! I wasn't online for awhile because I was out of state, but I'm back.

  22. Anonymous1:47 PM

    You are giving me an education and inspiring me to try and be a better gardener. Because of you I am already taking a closer look and appreciating what is growing in my yard.

  23. Lovely flowers, wish I had a garden.

  24. I get so caught up in exploring the wonder of the emerging plants thank you for sharing this bit of your world.

  25. This reminds me that I need to plant some stuff.

  26. Love your little gardening tips and pictures. Wish I didn't kill everything I tried to grow.

  27. Not So Average Mama5:22 PM

    I need you to come help me. My flower bed...I don't get it. I don't know what is a weed and want is good.....

  28. Nice photos! Reminds me that this fall I NEED to plant crocuses! I always forget. Glad I found your blog!

  29. Love all your pics! I've never seen one like the purple one before.

  30. Spring flowers are the best. I have some tulips someone before us planted that were so vibrant, but now they're about done. If your camera has a flower or macro setting, that'll help on those close up shots.

  31. What a charming garden! Great photos. :) Thanks for stopping by and linking your WW post up on my linky. I'd love for you to come back again next week. Until then...have a great day!

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  32. I love your squirrel crossing sign. I should get one for my MIL who is always battling to keep the squirrels out of her garden.


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