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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Remember Why... Memorial Day

Why we celebrate Memorial day

For many, the Memorial Day weekend has become just another three-day weekend to have fun, BBQ or picnic. It has lost some of the meaning its original beginnings. Let us remind ourselves and others exactly why this holiday is observed.

  Why do we celebrate Memorial Day? 

It to remember the cost of American Freedom. Americans have the precious privilege to live in a country that provides its citizens with Freedom. Freedom of expression and religion are just two of the freedoms that the country was built on. The United States Constitution provides Americans with all kinds of freedoms and guarantees citizens numerous rights. Can you find any other country in the world that offers its citizens so many rights and freedoms still guaranteed by the basic foundational documents of the country? 
Look around, I think not!

The Freedoms that Americans enjoy are protected and ensured by the men and women of the armed services who put their lives on the line to protect the country and what it stands for. The armed services protect America from invasion and from acts of aggression from other countries around the world. They take an oath to protect and defend from all our enemies both foreign and domestic. They know that they may be called upon to lay their lives down to protect their country and still they volunteer to form that line of defense. We Americans are privileged to have the countries largest all volunteer armed services standing ready to protect the United States and all who reside here.

The United States has been involved in many wars and military operations around the world. This has led to many soldiers losing their lives for their country. Memorial Day is one day each year that is set aside to remember those that have laid down their lives for all the citizens of America. Why do we celebrate Memorial Day? It is a holiday designed to honor those who paid the ultimate price to protect and ensure the freedoms that Americans enjoy. 
To Remember that Freedom is Not Free! 

So while you are out and about this long weekend, that many herald as the beginning of summer fun, to give thanks for the freedoms you can still enjoy. Take the time on Memorial Day to give thanks and gratitude to those that died for your freedom and ability to live life as you see fit. It was important enough to these brave soldiers that they gave the ultimate price: their lives. If you have a relative or friend that has died in the service of their country, remember them and show it in some way. Something as simple as placing some flowers on a soldier's grave will ensure that you don’t forget what the day is all about. If you pass a soldier stop and ask to shake their hand and thank them for their service. I do this every day, but Memorial Day is a friendly reminder for all of us to extend that gratitude. And don't forget the ones that are not in uniform that already served, they deserve that appreciation as well. 
These are Americas True Heroes!

Please, take a moment to remember all the soldiers who have died for or served for your freedom. 
  It costs nothing and means so much.


and from the bottom of my heart, 
Thank you!
God Bless


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Put your Tu-lips

  together and..... smile!

A reminder from last week ....

Yes! The answer was Tulips! One wizard said she "thought it was tulips, but the season was over". But if you go back in my clues I did mention that the new mystery was already bloomed and gone. I will include her in the winners list anyway. Plus she is in a different planting zone than I, so flowering times differ. Mother Nature has her ways, and likes to play games with us as well!

Just for reference, I may not post every week with a "freshly snapped photo" and sometimes when I post the clues when next Wednesday comes they are not ready for their showcase as the answers and I may have to find an older photo in my stash. I may not always do flowers and plants! But since it is the start of the summer growing season here in the Mid-western United States, you might see a lot more! (just holler if you get bored!)

Here are a few more as the red Tulips advanced:

I liked the shadows playing with the 
 sunshine and tulips in this one.

Remember my rocky garden that had all the crocus??

I had a great spring for tulips, the first in along time. 
I have a ton more, and I will share them from time to time. 

Humm, whats that spiky stuff coming up around them? 
Could it be part of next weeks quiz?

Before I show you one last clue for this weeks challenge let's find out who this weeks Wednesday Wizards are!

The first correct to surmise did not want to give away the answer right off, but she was really the first correct one. I am moderating comments to keep correct answers back a bit until others have a chance to guess. I thank Sukhmandir for not wanting to spoil the fun for everyone else.

Sukhmandir Kaur  from Guide to Sikhism
Susan Adcox  from A Grandparents Guide
Sallie  from  FullTime-Life
Marilyn from A Lot of Loves
Henrietta  from  A Hen's Nest
 and the last Wizard this week is
 Laura from  DogsMom she was another who knew it was tulips but did not want to give it away.
Visit these wonderful blogs for more WW,  fun and adventure. Remember if you think you know the answer go right ahead and put it in your comment, I will just hold it a bit longer before posting.
  ( I hope I did not miss anyone)

You all deserve a big gold star!
  But since I can't pluck one from the sky, I think I need to maybe design a button badge for Wednesday Wizards? What do you think? Let me a vote in the comments if that sounds fun, a Winning Wizards button!

Now for the last piece of evidence for this weeks challenge!

This one can come in many different shades of colors and also variegated. Some are small and love the shade and some are huge like elephant ears! Some also can tolerate the sun. the do have a flowering period, but really their foliage is the main attraction as it keeps all summer season.
You can find more Wordless or Wordfull Wednesdays also at MomDot and Seven Clown Circus, along with the names in Mr. Linky below. There is a whole world to discover out there! I am loving my travels through these memes! How about you?

Until next time with dirty hands ... 

Remember to leave your guess in the comments ( just a comment is appreciated too!) and also vote if you like the idea of a Winning Button if you enjoy this game! Always keep your Tu-lips in a smile!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Father's Day is coming faster than you think!

Yep, the day we celebrate 
  dear ol' Dad!   
It is less than a month away!!
Have you thought about what would be the cool thing to give him this year that really shows you care? 
That he's your Hero!

Well, I am going to share with you a friend of mine who has, put together a gift guide to help make that decision easier. Not only that, but you will have a chance to win some of these same great finds! How awesome is that! Dad is happy you found him something nifty and you are still left with 'jing in your pocket that you can actually spring for a nice card too! Nothing wrong with being a little frugal.

 Lady V dzing will be hosting a Fantastic Father’s Day Finds event starting on June 1st.  The event will include Fantastic Finds reviews and Fantastic Finds reviews with giveaways. Lady V dzing will also be sharing tips on how you can honor that Fab guy in your life! 
Would you like to know how to get a chance at some extra entries? Do you have a blog? I will share a secret with you... you can get up to ten bonus entries before it even begins! Head over to Lady V dzing (click on her name, it is a link right to the page you need!) to get all the information you need. The short version is...

1.  You can earn 5 bonus entries into each of the Fantastic Father’s Day Finds giveaways by blogging about this event, BEFORE June 1st, with a link back to her site.   
2.  You can earn 5 bonus entries into each of the Fantastic Father’s Day Finds giveaways by grabbing her special button (expired), BEFORE June 1st, and displaying it on your blog. 
You can do one or both! Easy right?   

So head over to Lady V dzing now to get the rest of the information for the extra entries. If you are reading this too late, you can still head over and still enter to win! She usually has a few extra ways besides the bonus ones I mention above, but remember it only takes one entry to win! 

I am sharing this with you,
my readers so you can have extra entries 
( plus I want some too!)
My hubby's birthday is always around father's day, poor guy. 
So I hope to find out about some neat things he may like or need, before he goes and buys it for himself... 
Like he does almost every year! arggh!
Less stress for me (and you) and more hugs, hopefully too!

Until next time ...

Is Favre Fixed ?

Brett Favre, The Kid, a grandfather,

a force to reckon with and always a legend.

Yes, my secret crush was in the news again... 

Where Brett Favre goes, one question is going to be in everyone's mind about the NFL legend.
It was no different Thursday morning May 20. Favre paid a surprise visit to Southern Miss baseball team as the Golden Eagles began preparing for an essential Conference USA series against Memphis at Pete Taylor Park.

The visit was arranged by Golden Eagles
 coach  Scott Berry for an pep talk as they head into their run towards the seasons end.
After talking and joking with the team, Justin Diliberto, an Southern Miss outfielder, asked Favre the question America wants to know. 

Are you playing next season?’’ Diliberto said.

Favre, with his typical boyish grin, replied.

"I was a kid again watching y'all play in the College World Series,’’ Favre said. ’’That was amazing. I don’t know — yet.’’

But later, Favre looked down the dressing room in Diliberto's direction and answered his question.

"Let’s make a (fun) bet,’’ Favre said. ’’If you guys go back to the College World Series this year — I will come back and play. How about that?

"You go back and I go back.’’

After a few more questions and memories from last season, Favre ended things with a vote of confidence.

"Guys, remember the bet,’’ he said. "Y'all go back and I go back. I promise, I will be keeping up with you. Good luck.’’

Southern Miss players have a lot of work to do if they want to see Favre pay that bet. As of Saturday they are 31-20 and need wins to earn a postseason invitation. They have more than enough motivation to do it.

That question that America wants answered comes after a great season last year with the Vikings. But at a cost of injury to his ankle. Brett's future has been up in the air since the Vikings lost to New Orleans in the NFC championship game. He had said he would need ankle surgery if he wanted to play in 2010.

So along comes news on Favre's Official web site Friday about this same ankle injury! 

"This is to confirm that I did have a procedure to remove some scar tissue and bone spurs from my ankle which had been bothering me for a period of time," Favre quoted from his website "I appreciate your concerns. Thanks, Brett"

I am sure there is many of stories going out on all channels as this is his "pre-game" pre-season "playing time" again (with the teams). I am excited and looking forward to seeing him come back and send wishes for a fast and complete recovery. 

This one is from the the Vikings own site :

News: Favre underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left ankle Friday morning, ESPN.com reports.
Spin: Distinguished practitioner Dr. James Andrews performed the procedure. There's still no guarantee he'll be back with the Vikings next season, so expect Favre to drag out the process for a few more months.

 What do I think? I do hope Favre comes back. I enjoy watching him play. Brett's excitement comes right through the TV screen, as if electric. I am hoping Favre is all fixed up and ready to play some football! But I do think he may of had some extra things done besides arthroscopic surgery... maybe a bit "cosmetic"???

  Do you think this could be secretly behind his bandages?
  I know he still loves his fans, all of them, and he will always be "The Leader of the Pack" in my heart. A girl can dream, can't she?


Favre Viking
photo credit 
Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel Online

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wizards Succeed! What next?

We have victors from last weeks inquisition!
I will name them in but a moment, 
but first a reminder from where I left you last week.

This is my spindly pair.
there is two plants there...

Maybe this is easier to see, a close up...

Yes, the answer was Bleeding Hearts! (Dicentra spectabilis) known to grow well in planting zones 3 - 9. They tend to like partial shade and can grow 2 - 3 feet tall. Unless you live in my yard! They normally come in colors of pink or white.

I like the photo below, as it reminds me of their other common name, but to me in this photo they look like ladies bloomers. (a.k.a.Dutchman's breeches).

Just to compare how sad mine look I will show you one of the "Park Rangers" {{a.k.a. BFF}} plants (rumor has it she brews her own special blend of plant nutrients for planting time and for feedings throughout the year!!)

 And a close up ( as I wipe the tears from my envious eyes)

I have more but I why should I cut out my heart bore you with more of these beauties. We have the Winning Wizards to announce!! I have their names and links to their blogs ( full of knowledge and fun things) so you may be amazed at their wizardry!! In no particular order, since I held their answers until most comments were in, I present last weeks Wednesday Wizards!

Sukhmandir Kaur Khalsa from Guide to Sikhism
Kate from High Altitude Gardening 
Sallie from FullTime-Life   
Linda from The Crafty Gardener
Marilyn from A Lot of Loves   
Ladyinred from For the Love of Pets 
BuckarooMama  (from Hong Kong)  
sorry I never got a first name
Brooke from Wee Shenanigans 
 Both Brooke and BuckarooMama said my clue of the name sounding sad helped them come up with the answer. I just hope you all had fun!

Are you ready for another question?
I think this will be an easy week. These have already blasted their glory and are now ready for a summer of storing food for winter's slumber.

Here is this weeks photo evidence:


They look sad in this first look, 
but I had just found them buried 
under a ton of leaves.

wake up fellas..

Oh look, this one is blushing!

like is is waiting for a kiss...

Did I peak you interest? or make it to easy? 
and nope, sorry it is not a superhero this week...

Now Wizards it is time for the comments and replies to this weeks quiz.
Mr. Linky is below to link up if you play along or find more Wednesdays posts and also at MomDot and Seven Clown Circus.

I leave again with dirty hands,
awaiting your replies!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Freebies and Samples from my inbox

It is savings from my 
  inbox time again!
Sharing what I have found 
to spread the goodies around.

I found a few for Facebook (FB) "likes" so let's start with those:

Hungry ??? I found 2 bagel deals!
bagels and cream cheese

Brueggers Bagels (FB) get a free bagel and cream cheese coupon
(printable) (click on name)

einstein brothers logo

And over at Einstein Bros
Like on FB and grab a coupon for 
BOGO Einstein Bagel Thin Sandwich.

Another tasty snack through Tablespoon  on FB :
chex mix image
*Look for this post:  
"Freebie alert! Get a free sample of Chex Mix after taking the food personality quiz in our new app, Foodfile. You'll see a "FREE CHEX MIX SAMPLE" tab at the top of the page once you're done with the quiz. There are limited quantities, so sign up for yours today! Just click on the link below to get started."

Here is one from Mambo Sprouts site (not FB)
barbaras foods image
Mambo Sprouts is offering 20 printable coupons for various organic products! Some include Barbara's Bakery, Roman Meal Bread, Ian's, Glutino, Horizon Organic, and more!

After eating you made need to floss... 
floss image

So Sign up at Flixsticks for free samples and 
coupons for dental flossers in a variety of flavors.

Now we go for a walk to work off some calories, so why not sign up to get a free pedometer from Nature's Bounty as supplies last.
I was able to sign up, there was no purchase necessary, but hurry!

Bath & Body Works has a great sale and promotion going online now!

anti-bacs image
If you love their Signature Collection , they have added a few new ones and have a sale going on when you buy 3 you get 2 free, or buy 2 get 1 free, in your choice of scents. In addition until May 31 online or while supplies last if you use the code SCSHIP25 you can also add one more Signature lotion for free! Of course the lowest priced items will ring up free at checkout. 
But before you checkout look at some of their other great sales going on NOW, like their Anti-bacterial cleansers in new scents and versions ( full sized waterless!) So shop while quantities are good in your favorite scents, it is time to stock up!

Register to receive a free sample 
They also offer coupons.

Now that you are all soft and smelly pretty, 
hurry over to Victoria's Secret  for a Free Limited Edition panty. 
(like on FB)
victoria secrets logo

That last ones today are from the Wal-Mart web site. There selection changes often and some last longer than others, but you can always check back, as in the first one

John Frieda Root Awakening (link reset, if you missed out before)
Playtex Gentle Guide Tampons
Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Lotion

Prilosec OTC for heartburn

These are currently available.
I recommending refreshing the page or clicking on "free samples" tab again, it will sometime find more.

Until next time, save, enjoy and happy shopping!

I was not asked or compensated for any part of this post.
I have written it for the savings opportunities and enjoyment of my readers.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ever have one of those "moments"

Screaming, hair pulling, bloody murder, 
no more, vent, rant, 

It is one of those days, weeks, Years! Maybe someone just said the last word to make you snap. You are tired of always being the nice one, and then getting dumped on over and over... 
Your boss came over 5 minutes to "I need the weekend now" time and gave you a ton of work that needed to be done last week, and he and most of the staff are well on their way to happy hour and your stuck... again!

I am normally not one to automatically tell someone when they hurt my feelings, or that they where rude, mean, out of turn, stepped on my sore foot, just walked right ahead of me in line after almost knocking me over and not even an 'excuse me' person... 
I tend to bottle it in. Well it is not healthy. But while trying to be polite, or liked or 'invisible' you just stay quiet and stew on it (meanwhile your blood pressure is slowly getting ready to blow!). Well I found a place where you can still be a "nice" and "likable" person and get those screaming meanies out of your head and blood stream and feel better about it by letting it out!!!! And not be known as the neighborhood crazy  b*tch!

That place is "Letters to Breathe"

Have you ever had something to say to someone but couldn't because of the potential repercussions? Maybe your boss is a jerk, or your neighbors dog got into your trash can again- at Letters to Breathe you can read and submit anonymous letters to anyone, about anything. 
There are no limits or rules (which means there is some cussing on the site). You can let it all out and not even worry if it is politically correct!

There are letters to the deceased, to ex-lovers, to companies, even to God.  Submitting a letter is easy and free, and always anonymous- you don't even have to put in your email address, and even if you do it is never public. No more need for public name calling, back-stabbing or snipers with baseball bats taking aim at someones knees.

make my day

Reading and commenting on the letters is also a great therapy, you may see others in your position and be able to offer advice or support. You may not agree with a letter, feel free to say what you feel- even in the comments.  Being able to get these things off your chest by commenting or submitting a letter can help you to finally 'breathe' again. 

Isn't it nice to know you have a secret place to "Let it all out" and know that so-and-so will never know, and if they come across your diatribe, they will not even know it is about them ( yea, I wouldn't go using anyone's Real Names, a.k.a. Mr. X) unless they happen to recognize themselves, but they still won't know who wrote it and who left comments agreeing that they need a B*tch Slap and... I think it is time for me to head over to "Letters to Breathe" while I still have this thought still lucid in my head... anyone care to come and join me in a little Breathing ???

Ahhhhhhh, I feel so much better now....
How about you ?

Letters to Breathe

I was not compensated for this post.  
Although it is a real site and quite therapeutic.
I wrote it for my readers information and sanity.