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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Put your Tu-lips

  together and..... smile!

A reminder from last week ....

Yes! The answer was Tulips! One wizard said she "thought it was tulips, but the season was over". But if you go back in my clues I did mention that the new mystery was already bloomed and gone. I will include her in the winners list anyway. Plus she is in a different planting zone than I, so flowering times differ. Mother Nature has her ways, and likes to play games with us as well!

Just for reference, I may not post every week with a "freshly snapped photo" and sometimes when I post the clues when next Wednesday comes they are not ready for their showcase as the answers and I may have to find an older photo in my stash. I may not always do flowers and plants! But since it is the start of the summer growing season here in the Mid-western United States, you might see a lot more! (just holler if you get bored!)

Here are a few more as the red Tulips advanced:

I liked the shadows playing with the 
 sunshine and tulips in this one.

Remember my rocky garden that had all the crocus??

I had a great spring for tulips, the first in along time. 
I have a ton more, and I will share them from time to time. 

Humm, whats that spiky stuff coming up around them? 
Could it be part of next weeks quiz?

Before I show you one last clue for this weeks challenge let's find out who this weeks Wednesday Wizards are!

The first correct to surmise did not want to give away the answer right off, but she was really the first correct one. I am moderating comments to keep correct answers back a bit until others have a chance to guess. I thank Sukhmandir for not wanting to spoil the fun for everyone else.

Sukhmandir Kaur  from Guide to Sikhism
Susan Adcox  from A Grandparents Guide
Sallie  from  FullTime-Life
Marilyn from A Lot of Loves
Henrietta  from  A Hen's Nest
 and the last Wizard this week is
 Laura from  DogsMom she was another who knew it was tulips but did not want to give it away.
Visit these wonderful blogs for more WW,  fun and adventure. Remember if you think you know the answer go right ahead and put it in your comment, I will just hold it a bit longer before posting.
  ( I hope I did not miss anyone)

You all deserve a big gold star!
  But since I can't pluck one from the sky, I think I need to maybe design a button badge for Wednesday Wizards? What do you think? Let me a vote in the comments if that sounds fun, a Winning Wizards button!

Now for the last piece of evidence for this weeks challenge!

This one can come in many different shades of colors and also variegated. Some are small and love the shade and some are huge like elephant ears! Some also can tolerate the sun. the do have a flowering period, but really their foliage is the main attraction as it keeps all summer season.
You can find more Wordless or Wordfull Wednesdays also at MomDot and Seven Clown Circus, along with the names in Mr. Linky below. There is a whole world to discover out there! I am loving my travels through these memes! How about you?

Until next time with dirty hands ... 

Remember to leave your guess in the comments ( just a comment is appreciated too!) and also vote if you like the idea of a Winning Button if you enjoy this game! Always keep your Tu-lips in a smile!


  1. I have no idea what these are.

    I think a button for winners is a neat idea. This is a good series.

  2. I so love your garden, and can't wait to find out what this new mystery is.

  3. Love tulips and photos, a great post!

  4. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Thank you for the recognition.
    As soon as I learn how to do the button thing I would proudly display one from you.
    I'll come back to comment - cat is beating me up right now.

  5. I hope everyone got a good luck at my name in last week's winners. It's not likely to appear there again soon.

    A very wild guess--ginger?

  6. Wow, I love tulips, such pretty shots!

  7. Anonymous9:44 AM

    I'm horrible about guessing plants. I don't even know the names of half of them. But I do enjoy looking at your photos.

  8. Tulips are one of my favorites! Happy WW!

  9. Your tulips are beautiful!

  10. I LOVE tulips! Yours are beautiful! I'm going to guess Iris, but I'm probably wrong... ;)

    WW:  Princess Nagger Goes to the Zoo

  11. I know I have to be wrong but lily... I keep thinking about it but can't figure it out... Lilies soo don't fit but oh well.. lol

  12. By the way... The beautiful Hibiscus from my WW is a "Red Gold" I believe... Can not take created for growing it since it was one I took a photo of when in Peru. The sad part is that photo does NOT do it justice.

  13. Such pretty tulips!

  14. LOL LUV IT ...each week your posts get so creative! thank you for the smile

  15. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I was going to guess Irises, since that is what I am hoping will bloom here next. Confession time, I ran out to look at mine (still planted in plastic bag as I got them from neighbor) but that is not what my irises look like. Good news, they do have buds! This also does not look like my lillies, but there are so many varieties, that will be my guess. A variety of lily?

  16. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Even fake plants wilt when they see me but those pictures are beautiful!

  17. Anonymous8:59 PM


  18. Pretty. My mom used to love tulips

  19. Haven't a clue this week. I like the winning wizard button idea. Dropping by from MomDot for WW, albeit late.
    Virginia from Lady V dZine

  20. This week you picture if of hostas just coming through the ground.

  21. Put your what together, and do what? LOL Very, very good! You are just too witty for me! I'll be back just so I can see what you're gonna say next!!! LOL I need to browse! hahahaha Very good! Yes, very good indeed. Oh, and you can come over, and do my garden any time you'd like :)

  22. Thanks for stopping by, following you too.

  23. Those tulips are so pretty! Your garden series is so fun! :)


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