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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Remember Why... Memorial Day

Why we celebrate Memorial day

For many, the Memorial Day weekend has become just another three-day weekend to have fun, BBQ or picnic. It has lost some of the meaning its original beginnings. Let us remind ourselves and others exactly why this holiday is observed.

  Why do we celebrate Memorial Day? 

It to remember the cost of American Freedom. Americans have the precious privilege to live in a country that provides its citizens with Freedom. Freedom of expression and religion are just two of the freedoms that the country was built on. The United States Constitution provides Americans with all kinds of freedoms and guarantees citizens numerous rights. Can you find any other country in the world that offers its citizens so many rights and freedoms still guaranteed by the basic foundational documents of the country? 
Look around, I think not!

The Freedoms that Americans enjoy are protected and ensured by the men and women of the armed services who put their lives on the line to protect the country and what it stands for. The armed services protect America from invasion and from acts of aggression from other countries around the world. They take an oath to protect and defend from all our enemies both foreign and domestic. They know that they may be called upon to lay their lives down to protect their country and still they volunteer to form that line of defense. We Americans are privileged to have the countries largest all volunteer armed services standing ready to protect the United States and all who reside here.

The United States has been involved in many wars and military operations around the world. This has led to many soldiers losing their lives for their country. Memorial Day is one day each year that is set aside to remember those that have laid down their lives for all the citizens of America. Why do we celebrate Memorial Day? It is a holiday designed to honor those who paid the ultimate price to protect and ensure the freedoms that Americans enjoy. 
To Remember that Freedom is Not Free! 

So while you are out and about this long weekend, that many herald as the beginning of summer fun, to give thanks for the freedoms you can still enjoy. Take the time on Memorial Day to give thanks and gratitude to those that died for your freedom and ability to live life as you see fit. It was important enough to these brave soldiers that they gave the ultimate price: their lives. If you have a relative or friend that has died in the service of their country, remember them and show it in some way. Something as simple as placing some flowers on a soldier's grave will ensure that you don’t forget what the day is all about. If you pass a soldier stop and ask to shake their hand and thank them for their service. I do this every day, but Memorial Day is a friendly reminder for all of us to extend that gratitude. And don't forget the ones that are not in uniform that already served, they deserve that appreciation as well. 
These are Americas True Heroes!

Please, take a moment to remember all the soldiers who have died for or served for your freedom. 
  It costs nothing and means so much.


and from the bottom of my heart, 
Thank you!
God Bless



  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Beautiful and well timed post.
    It needs to be stressed that there is more to the day than outdoor activities and the beginning of summer. I appreciate your suggestions for thanking a veteran or remembering a loved one lost.
    It should be a day of reflection and gratitude.

  2. Wow Grammy... did you write this? It is beautiful. Helps remind us there is a reason for the season.

  3. Baby Girl, you have out did your self once again! I am so very touched, and so proud to be an American that I can thank the ones that kept my home free. Happy Memorial Day, and please go check your mail. YOU WON! ~HEHEHE~

  4. Thanks for writing this. It really is important to remember this. One of my friends was killed in action in Iraq in 2004. Remember to thank a soldier and remember the fallen.

  5. Great post, Faythe. My cousin just came home from the war front in January, so it is top on our thoughts. Have a great weekend.

  6. Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes people need this.

    I have many soldiers to thank starting in my household, and moving on to my family. Then my friends and remembrance of several friends that are now fallen soldiers.

    I thank everyone who has ever served our country.

  7. Thanks for the reminder. We need to pick up our flag from our other house to display at the new house this weekend

  8. very well said! Thank you for remind myself and everyone else the reason we need to celebrate and be thankful!

  9. Anonymous10:44 AM

    I am grateful for all that served and fought for us since we started this great country. Now the fight continues to keep it true to it's founding beliefs that we are all created equal by our creator ans we have the rights of freedom of speech, religion and pursuit (not guaranteed) of happiness. We need to keep those freedoms alive!!
    God bless all before, present & future!
    A Proud American!

  10. Perfectly stated! ;D

  11. Thank you. So many have forgotten what Memorial Day means. I'm reminded every day when I look at my husband's wrist and see the black KIA bracelet he wears in remembrance of a friend who was killed in Baghdad.

  12. Great post, Faythe. Today at the Rockies game they honored men and women who have served, including a man who survived the Arizona attack on Pearl Harbor, as well as a man who was injured in the line of duty & went back to help another injured man in Vietnam. These men and women are truly heroes.

  13. Black & White10:13 PM

    Thanks for posting about Memorial Day - It touches my heart!

    Also, thank you for your comment on my blog - the Breast Exam!
    lyntobias at yahll dot com


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