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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From Savory to Noxious

Or a Tale of two spring greens

Another week of raindrops on posies not fun times for digging or enjoying colors and scents in my corner of Wisconsin. 
I have lots of green to share since rain in spring (almost summer!) with a spattering of sunshine brings out plenty of green!

We have winning Wizards to announce -
Too-toot-da-toot! As well!

Here is the one photo I found that shows enough of this tasty spicy delight, that I had snapped in-between the deluge of rain that has come very late as a spring libation for the fields and fauna.
The correct response for last weeks query was Chives!!

I have mine planted close to the house since I do not have a vegetable or herb garden. This brings it to life a bit quicker as it get the reflective warmth from the back of the house. It is also the sunniest, hottest part of my garden areas. Considering chives, from the onion family, add a bit of heat and color to a dish it is a fitting spot for it to grow. What do you think? It always has a nice fresh earthy smell.
I have already de-headed these pretty lavender orbs as they are past their prime, but I should be able to snip the greens whenever I need throughout the summer, as long as I do not let it dry out to badly. 

Before I bring on the nasty noxious part of my story let me call out the Wizards that were so astute last week!

(note to self... 'I thought you were going to make this harder??' self: 'I was but maybe this week I will stump them, bhawwhahaahaa') 

Yup, repeats!! Bravo!! make sure that Wednesday Wizards badge is shown with pride!! (if you have not been able to right click and save it, please let me know and I will send you either the code or the image, I have not yet figured out how to make the darn grab box! too busy drowning in the misery of to much rain *snort*)
I have two more Wizards I feel deserve a mention as they replied in the correct family of plants/genus ( for those who like fancy terms {wink} Oh, btw- I have been known to get words mixed up as well as mis-spelled )

Around of applause for all of you! 

Now before we continue in our adventure of discovery in my jungle, I felt it time to bring out one of the nasty gremlins that relentlessly plagues in my thickets. It is the thorn in my side, a major kick in my rump, my annual Nemesis!! Look below if you dare!!!!

Is that a chuckle I hear??? 
What can be so scary about a few (deceptive) seedlings?

Don't let that young tender green fool you. They are evil, noxious, the antagonist of my spring splendor!
I will be just strolling along picking twigs and leaf without a care, in my gratification of seasonal renewal, when all at once I spy it! So green, too green and healthy looking, just barely uncovered by a foot of snow and it brazenly shows it's presence.
It has returned... the pernicious enemy has sprung to life! Laughing at me, as I look and see more! Oh No! I grab my plastic bags and start pulling and stuffing... endless, tiresome work... and it still continues to laugh... A shriek it echos in my head... I must prepare for battle!!

Do not scoff!! To some this may look a tasty herb... tis true some do eat the very young and tender leaves. But if you do not pluck it all and especially before it flowers.... it will soon consume you! That is if it doesn't knock you out from its odorous rank.
What is this nasty, evil monster that keeps returning year after year?
Garlic Mustard!
It multiplies so easily, since it is not a native but hitched a ride from some European land. It will grow just about anywhere! It prefers some shade, but it will become emblazoned and creep its way out into sunlit areas to LEAP over into a fresh spot to spread it's abundance of seed. Garlic mustard can spit at will as soon as you see its delicate little 4 part white petals. Much worse arrives when it grows to a tower like stalk and the flowers are cast into the wind and leaves behind nothing but a skeleton of stems full of ripe seeds! This will be when the temperatures are higher, as it seems to like it cooler. But beware if you try to sneak upon it as it naps to whisk it out of you or path... those bony fingers are just waiting for a chance to blow apart and spill it infamous embryos.

So now do you understand my horror? Why I fight this demon even tho my woods are more wild than tame? These beasts are trying to claim way to any spot where a geranium or trillium grow. It makes me weep. Sigh...
Would you care to join me in my battle or do you already wear the scars from its fight? For those who like to eat their enemies, err harvest... I have found a few recipes I can share... just leave it in the comments and I will share them next week.... bhaahahhhaaawwwwwww!!!

Okay, shake off the fright for now... sorry I had to be so cruel, I felt a warning was desperately needed. Plus I do not wish to be alone in my weary siege.

Now I leave you with the weekly tip-off. This little beauty shown below with just a blush in bud has been nursed as I try to bring it back into health and size after a terrible accident with a huge delivery truck! The darn truck backed up and ran right over it and smashed the poor thing to less than half its size. It is bravely persistent and had some very pretty flowers this year on one lovely stem. Care to take a chance this week?

What can it be??? I await your comments and retorts.
Mr. Linky is below for those who follow along as well.

Until next week...

I leave you with muddy hands
( I may have to start an ark!!)


  1. I always love your posts Thanks for the adventure

  2. I'm completely making a wild guess with this one and saying Magnolia.

  3. Nope, don't know! I don't know anything about planting flowers or what they look like just basics is all. I'm trying one of those hanging tomato plants & still trying to figure it out! Wish me luck! Have a good day!

  4. I'd have to say you got me again. NO clue, lol. :)

  5. Well first of all I recognized right off the tasty delight in full bloom, but confess I hadn't thought of it in particular last week so did think of some of it's cousins, so I'm afraid my wizardly skills were somewhat lacking.
    This week however the correct thought actually may have crossed my mind though somewhat subliminally. I kept looking and looking so hard even zooming in for a close up with a click of my magic mouse while willing it to come to me that I believe it just may have, though not quite in the way one might expect such as powers of deduction, especially as I did not previously even know the name properly and thought it's three syllables to be four. So I've learned now how the buds look and how to say its name properly, something which never would have happened if you hadn't made it such a mystery :)

  6. NO clue here!!!
    Love this post!

  7. Sorry, no clue! I love your chives shot, they are pretty!

  8. those are such pretty blooms. sorry, i'm clueless about flowers.

  9. Why is it that the ones we want to die off REFUSE?!!

  10. I have no clue as I do not have a green thumb. Plants do not seem to like me. I love your post though. I can't wait to hear what it is!

  11. I need to plant more chives - I used to have some planted in flower pots on the back patio, but apparently the dogs decided it was too delicious to pass up. ;)

    I have no clue on the mystery plant - even though my brain is telling me "you know this one!" ;)

    WW: The Games We Play

  12. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Love the shots, and the story. No clue what that is.

  13. Those purple flowers are just beautiful! I don't know the names of anything. I just know they all look lovely! So glad you joined us for Tuesdays around the World!

    We would love if you would add our button to your post, or just link up with words : ) Either way that would be fantastic! Thanks for joining us. We are so glad to have you!

  14. You are definitely the go-to girl when it comes to herbs! You can bet I'll be calling on you if I ever have any questions. :)
    Thanks for stopping by and linking up. Following you via Google Friend Connect. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  15. I think magnolia, too, but pink magnolia rather than the standard type.

  16. NO idea, I wish I knew. Love the chives though. :)

  17. LOL, now I'm scared of garlic mustard!!

    And I have no idea what the last picture could be. Hmmm..

  18. I've been learning so much from you. I didn't know chives flowered, and I didn't know that that weed (which I had in profusion in ORegon) was wild mustard. :)

  19. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I am hoping the delivery was something extra special.

  20. I'm telling you, my chives have NEVER looked like that. Might have something to do with Peter Rabbit and his blasted brothers. LOL.
    No clue what the winsome blossom is this week.
    P.S. Happy Birthday to your husband.

  21. I'm so terrible at identifying plants!! I'm going to cheat and wait to find out next week :-P

    Have a great week!

  22. I have to say, garlic mustard just sounds awful! Ick!

  23. I think your plant this weeks looks like the buds on our lilac tree!

  24. I haven't got a clue!! Those buds are very particular, but without the rest of the plan or leaves, I'm clueless!!

    Thanks for visiting my WW @ Woven by Words


  25. I never knew chives flowered like that ... they're beautiful!

  26. Yikes that garlic mustard is a right royal pain.
    I'm guessing a rhodo bud ... my daughter has a plant in her garden and I was just taking photos of it a couple of weeks ago. I loved seeing the huge rhodo bushes out in British Columbia, ours just don't grow that big here.
    Hope your bush survives and grows once again.


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