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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Its stalk is bent, it hangs its head

in a bed of hearts so green.
Why lay in shade, it seems to hide its bed?
Show your colored faces, such delight to be seen! 
  (an attempt at prose to start off this weeks answer,
 written by me, Faythe)

What was our mystery last week? It brought out lots of wonderment and tease... I will show one more clue before I reveal the name and a new Wednesday Winning Wizard to announce as well! 

Can you see it hiding, like they sometimes do. A late spring ground flower that comes is shades of blue, purple and it family of cousins with more painted faces so cheery and bright!
This weeks Wizard correctly guessed a violet!

The wood violet is a small flower commonly seen in moist woodland and meadow areas, and along roadsides. This purple violet is very popular in the eastern United States and blooms between March and June. It is the state flower for Wisconsin, but it also holds this title in Illinois, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. 

Violets likes shade to sun and reseeds easily. Some consider it invasive for a groomed garden as it does seem to like even growing in lawns. Believe it or not, the leaves and flowers are very tasty and can be used in salads, candies, and jellies. I have not tried this and would suggest asking at your local University Extension office if the ones in your area are edible. 
It comes in white as well as the colors I already mentioned, but its cousins like the pansy have more of a tri-colored face. They all seem to bend their faces down especially when getting heavy with growing seed. I wonder if that is where the term "shy violet" comes from?
We had one winning Wizard this week, and many new visitors as well! I hope you all come back and enjoy the mysteries  (some silly, some pretty) I hope to befuddle and delight you with!
Blue Violet be sure to grab my Winning Wizard button to proudly show off your superior knowledge! (wink!)
I have been still experiencing daily rain showers and the occasional thunder and lightning show. I hope it is slowing down. It is getting harder to remove the mildew growing between my ears!
I have another pretty clue for this weeks mystery. Some of you that have been reading a while may remember it being mentioned and shown as well. 
This one also comes in a variety of colors and is one I call my heirloom plants. Please be sure to leave a guess in your comments, so you can claim the wondrous Wednesday Winning Wizard Award! (wink!)
Mr. Linky will also be below for those that play along and invite everyone to come see what they have to offer this Wednesday! 
I await your answers
as normal lately, 
with slightly muddy hands!
Enjoy your week!
And for all my fellow Americans
Happy and Safe 4th of July!


  1. Soooo beautiful! Happy WW, & Happy 4th of July to you!


  2. Anonymous10:45 PM

    No clue but pretty picture!

  3. I believe I've seen these planted outside my mountain cabin after I let it out when I had to move away to the city. I always wanted to grow them even got seeds but somehow I never even tried sprouting the seeds. Too bad because if they are what I think they are they would eventually grow taller than any of the meadow grasses that grow as high as I can reach. If it turns out I'm right I'd love some growing tips after all there is still time before I'm sixty. Is it true though they take 2 years to bloom? Do they only last a single summer, or bloom each year. Would they be compatible with sunflowers? Is growing from seed a good idea or do you buy year old plants. Am I on the right track with my thinking? H2O2L2 Ycks.

  4. Beautiful pics. Thanks so much for linking up. Happy WW!

  5. Have a great Holiday Faythe!

  6. Love the pictures!
    Happy WW


  7. those are such glorious blooms.

  8. Hmmm... you are inspiring me to dig through a garden book. First I need to get said book.

  9. Peony? And a pretty one too.

  10. Beautiful photos of the wood violet. They are pretty flowers and I enjoy seeing them.

  11. We have them taking over the lawn in the front. We love them. Don't need grass when you have such beautiful flowers.

  12. I like the arrangement of the buds on that one! So cool that I won last week!

  13. Maybe it likes being a wall flower.

  14. Anonymous5:58 AM

    beautiful shades of purple!

  15. Are many heirloom plants vari colored?
    Are there any that are solid?
    Happy W.W. (or mystery Wed) and happy Independence week.
    Blogger is not accepting my I.D.!


  16. Your blooms are always so pretty..my fave colors..just gorgeous!

  17. As I've mentioned before, I'm terrible when it comes to identifying flowers. It's rather embarrassing, actually. lol They are beautiful though. Great shots.
    Thanks for stopping by and linking up. Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  18. Thanks for stopping by. KNOCK-KNOCK ANYBODY HOME? Well, have a great time with your grandsons and drive safe, be safe, and be happy! {HUGS} Thanks for the linky.

  19. Very pretty flowers!

  20. well of all flowers I should have known a Violet!

  21. I missed your mystery photo of violets last week as I was out of town for a few days. This week's mystery is hollyhocks. They certainly grow tall in the garden.

  22. I love the little pansies, violas, wonderful dainty flowers!


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